I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inga Muscio is coming to England. Why does that excite me? Well, she’s written one of my favorite books, she’s one’s one of the best people I’ve ever known in the world, one of my most important friends…. but most importantly, she saved my life.

Yes, Inga Muscio saved my life.

Blogspot doesn’t have enough server space to even go into how she saved my life, but wanna know what’s weird… I’ve never met her face to face. Seen her pictures, heard her lovely California girl voice, but have never seen her in the flesh. I love the Datasphere. We really don’t even need to leave our homes to have deep and meaningful relationship with others… but it sure will be nice to finally meet her.

La di da

NOTE: I have kept most of my earliest blog posts private. They are mainly crap. I have, however, tried to make live at least one from each month.

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