Video Test

OK. This isn’t any great masterpiece- it’s me cooking dinner last night- but I’m just learning how to make skins and interactive QT vids. This is my first attempt to get everything working. Let me know how it works for you.

You need Quicktime.

Click the pic.

And no, Lloyd, this really isn’t a cat vlog.

12 Responses to “Video Test”
  1. Mark says:

    Worked for me; skin was basic but fine. Music was truly dreadful. Dancing was a joy.

  2. giagia says:

    Yay! I will definitely do a different skin. I just wanted to check that it works for people so didn’t want to do anything time consuming if I totally screwed it up. So, good. I get it now.

    And as for the music… you get what you’re given on iTunes in shuffle mode. :)

  3. john says:

    Now that’s what this interweb thingy was made for!!

  4. Daisy says:

    Sorry but I love the skin, both colour and shape. It would maybe be better if it was positioned higher up (over the picture you’ve just clicked?).

    And the dancing was brilliant but not as brilliant as the cat’s body language as s/he watched you. A kind of “What the feck are you doing?” look. Heh.

  5. Daisy says:

    Ah, I just clicked on the video again and this time it positioned itself in the top left of the screen but it’s hanging for ages while the bottom status bar is stuck on a “Read” message (which I find a problem on many blogs, especially those with the quilt style display). [I’m using Firefox on WinXP] And now I’ll shut up and go make some tea…

  6. giagia says:

    Yea, the Flickr Flash thing is annoying pretty much everywhere… but it looks v nice.

    I’m still going to do some different skins. That’s the fun bit…

  7. doobyus says:

    Very cool but how do you close the window? I am soooo glad the movie stopped before you licked the cat.

  8. doobyus says:

    Ach, it’s OK… I found the HUGE ‘x’.

  9. H says:

    Haha what was the music? It sounded a bit like an electronic version of ‘Bardot’ by Pearl Lowe (aka the music used on the Always Contour ads last year “I’m just walking along, singing my song, turning you on,”).

  10. giagia says:

    H, it was a Daft Punk/Chemical Brothers mash that I (sssshhhh) downloaded from t’internet like a bad girl.

  11. H says:

    Ahh yep I remember, the ‘original’s on the Homework album. Thanks innit.