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Day Trip

When Brian was busy at his conference, I went off for a day trip…

Jostling For Fish


Beer, Porn, Business Cards and Technology

Just another day in Tokyo. My lack of updates has been noted. I’ve been busy, OK?! Here are my thoughts on Japan lately: 1. I LOVE Japanese “Washlettes” (the hi-tech toilets). I think I’m now addicted to them. I can’t use one- anywhere- without trying all of the buttons out. And as I’ve just now […]

Holiday? It’s a War Zone!

Japan? Pah! That’s for poofs like me. My friend Sophia is in Nepal… where things have been kicking off like crazy… read her travel blog…


We took the Bullet train to Kyoto this morning and spent the afternoon wandering the streets around the temple. Tomorrow we’re going to see the Geishas perform- they only perform for the public in April… so we’re rather lucky we’re here now. We’re going early to do the tea ceremony before their performance… I took […]

Lost In Translation

We were hit by jet lag today so didn’t leave our hotel until about noon. We first went to the Imperial Palace Gardens. I took loads of photos of flowers… then noticed that pretty much every person over the age of about 60 had a considerably better camera than I did, AND a tripod, and […]

Still On The Plane

We’ve got about 6 hours left of our flight… but we’re on broadband, baby… This is what we’ve been up to the last few hours.


We’re in the Business Lounge in Frankfurt airport. Our flight has been delayed by 90 minutes. The weather here was very bad earlier on and now there’s a bit of a backlog of flights. The lounge here is full – one third Japanese businessmen drinking beer and eating German food, one third European businessmen drinking […]


I’m off to Japan on Wednesday for two weeks (ish). I’m hoping to take photos and video while I’m there… but until then, to get everyone in the mood for Japan, I thought I’d leave you with a photo of a cute bunny rabbit I took the other week. I suppose to be really Japanese […]

£20,000,000 autograph

I took my son to Sunshine yesterday. I introduced him to Alex Garland and reminded him of when we were at Stonehenge and he said he was like ‘that Alex guy’. They talked about computer games for a bit. My son was amazed that an adult knew about Mario… He went around getting various people’s […]

Science Mash

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