Science Mash

Needs Quicktime

Play with it.

7 Responses to “Science Mash”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Oooh! Noice! I do love buttons in the abstract – reminds me of the Handle Project from a few years ago, in which somebody I tragically forget photographed every door, drawer, appliance and other handle they used in an ordinary working day. Genius.

    How are you compositing these, anyway? And what’s the magic voodoo involved in click-to-play-linked-between-regions-within-QuickTime? Or is it all Flash, packaged up within QuickTime? Geek minds need to know!

  2. giagia says:

    Jonathan, they are interactive Quicktime movies and there are several ways of creating them… some more expensive than others, some more difficult than others… I’ve emailed you… :)

  3. giagia says:

    I’m trying out a new anti-spam ting.

  4. Lloyd says:

    Gia, you fill my soul with joy. Thank you.

  5. giagia says:

    Well, I try, Lloyd. I try. ;)

  6. Jonathan says:

    Aw, as if the snowman video wasn’t thoroughly charming too, Lloyd!

    Group hug!