£20,000,000 autograph

I took my son to Sunshine yesterday. I introduced him to Alex Garland and reminded him of when we were at Stonehenge and he said he was like ‘that Alex guy’. They talked about computer games for a bit. My son was amazed that an adult knew about Mario…

He went around getting various people’s autographs- actors and crew- then drawing a picture and signing his autograph for them. Just before we left he asked Alex for his. Alex signed his name a few times then chose the one he thought was the best autograph, then drew a rocket. My son asked him if he drew comics when he was a kid so Alex drew Judge Dredd…

Then my son asked producer Andrew Macdonald for his autograph. Andrew said, ‘I only sign cheques.’… so Alex drew a cheque for £20,000,000 made out to my son… and Andrew signed it.

We gathered our things together to leave and my son said, ‘Bye, famous people’ and we left.

6 Responses to “£20,000,000 autograph”
  1. Lloyd says:

    Sheesh, don’t these film guys know anything? I’ll bet they’ll be completely surprised when they find that bank account 19974992 has been totally emptied, like 400 times over – lucky they’re with Coutts – they’ve got loads of cash just lying around. And it’s a good job you’ve got Dredd on your side.

    You gotta teach these guys about the inkerwebnets, gia.

    ps i love that your anti-spam makes me do arithmetic.

  2. giagia says:

    Heh. If you look closely you can see that I actually altered the sort code and account number… I’m no dummy.

    But…hmmmmmm… Is it true that you can write a cheque on *anything*? If I suddenly disappear and shortly after you read in the papers that Danny Boyle’s film wasn’t able to be completed because they ran out of money… don’t say a word to anyone… ;)

    The math-based anti-spam has worked a treat. I was getting bombarded with crap last week… and now… nothing.

  3. MeLuvCill says:

    Oh, Gia, you are so lucky! Beautiful family, exciting life! You have it all, girl! Did your son met actor Cillian Murphy?

  4. giagia says:

    Hiya!!! Nice to see you here!

    No, he didn’t meet Cillian. Cillian was in the next day… He did get a great picture of himself drawn by Troy Garity though… :)

  5. MeLuvCill says:

    Still, lucky kid!

  6. g says:

    Sounds good.