Lost In Translation

We were hit by jet lag today so didn’t leave our hotel until about noon. We first went to the Imperial Palace Gardens. I took loads of photos of flowers… then noticed that pretty much every person over the age of about 60 had a considerably better camera than I did, AND a tripod, and was taking exactly the same photos as I was… I stopped taking photos of cherry blossoms and took a photo of carp in the pond instead. (click pics for big versions)

We went to a couple department stores so Brian could look for some clothes… but he’s at least a third taller than the average man here… so it was an unsuccessful shopping trip.

We got back to our hotel, showered, changed and then headed to Shinjuku…. again. This area was Ridley Scott’s inspiration for Blade Runner and where Lost in Translation was filmed.

We had booked a table at the Kazue restaurant on the 40-something-th floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. When we arrived Brian said we had a table at ‘Kazoo’… I couldn’t stop laughing for about an hour.

Along with all the usual raw fish, seaweed and pickled vegetables one comes to expect from Japanese food, we ate:
*Whole baby squid which Brian was more freaked out than I was to eat.
*What we were pretty sure was cooked chicken brain dipped in raw egg. We definitely dipped it in raw egg and it was all folded up, greyish and small and looked like a brain, so we figured that’s what it must be as the rest of the chicken was there as well…
* About 10 glasses of sake each.

We then headed up to the New York Bar on the 52nd floor… which is where Lost in Tanslation was filmed. We sat right behind Bill Murray.

We had 3, maybe 4 cocktails… stayed until closing, hopped in a cab… and now we’re back at our hotel, pissed…. and ready for bed.

17 Responses to “Lost In Translation”
  1. Jase says:

    With Japanese food outside of Japan I’d expect raw fish, pickles, etc. *In* Japan I’ve learned only to expect the unexpected…

  2. john says:

    Given the alcohol consumption involved, I think it’s more likely you sat right behind two Bill Murrays.

  3. Ian says:

    Enjoying the travelblog Gia but how about you give Brian a shot with the camera and include yourself in the occasional photograph? Or don’t you want to be seen in your kimono? :)

  4. giagia says:

    Welllll… I have given him the camera… the last photo in this post is me. On the whole I tend to prefer my photos to his…

    He, however, is videoing more so I will pop up on the video when I get to edit it.

  5. Ian says:

    Sorry Gia, somehow missed the last photo-must be sympathetic jetlag syndrome or something…..

  6. giagia says:

    Man, do I *ever* have jetlag… actually, I think I’m just catching up on sleep I’ve missed out on over the past 8 months…

  7. Ian says:

    Is this the first recorded case of “Sunshine” lag? :)

  8. Tom says:

    ‘Sup sat behind Bill Murray buddy :). The New York Bar is awesome, if hellishly expensive. I had a fantastic night out there when I visited last summer, though from what I can establish, the doorman only let me in because he was a Gundam fan and I was wearing Gundam T-shirt at the time. Being the scruffy bastard I normally am there’s no way I’d have met the dress code requirements.

  9. giagia says:

    I was let in cos I looked fucking GORGEOUS.

    Oh, and I was willing to spend £10 per cocktail…

  10. vinnie says:

    I first thought that was brian.. but noticed it was your dress… and in that you look fuckin’ GORGEOUS YES of course… with that little gesha girl thing too…

  11. giagia says:

    Vinnie, did I tell you what happened when I got home the other night?

    Well, after I got terrible motion sickness in the cab, I got home ran upstairs and threw up… then said goodbye to Jo (who was babysitting) from my hands and knees, head peeking around the bathroom door.

    It’s always the cab ride home that does it to me… Ugh.

  12. vinnie says:

    oh sorry I knew you looked a bit tired or sleepy but didn’t know you were sick. I stayed on bottles of beer so I felt fine….xx

  13. giagia says:

    Well, I had a fab night anyway!!!

  14. MeLuvCill says:

    Hi Gia! It’s me again… i’am sorry but i’ve been dying to ask you how did you managed Japan without speaking japanese? English was enough? I remember you expressing some concerns about this matter on the sunshine blog prior to your trip to Japan…

  15. giagia says:

    It was absolutely fine! I had a phrase book which I would use every once in a while… But the main problem was reading things and finding addresses…

    Oh. I want to go back…

  16. MeLuvCill says:

    Thanks Gia!