It Is the Sunshine Of My Life

Last night during my regular Tuesday conference call with ‘L.A.’ it was made official: ‘Sunshine’ is being released on the 16th of March 2007… It had been announced several months ago that it was coming out on the 13th of October, but for various reasons someone decided that it should be moved- more than likely to avoid the release of another big film at the same time.

I’m so pleased for several reasons… mainly that we’ve got loads of things we want to do and getting them all done and done well by October was pushing it. Now, we’ve got more than enough time to do them. Weeeeeeee!

I’m also a bit bummed because… well, I’m a Sunshine nerd and I really want to see the film. :)

We’ve been working in a bit of a Black Hole for the past month or so. No decisions were being made about various things and we weren’t being told why… Now, we can get going again and ride off, happily, into the Sunset…

4 Responses to “It Is the Sunshine Of My Life”
  1. Tom says:

    Another big film huh? I wonder what that could be? Fox don’t seem to be releasing much at that time apart from The Marine (which looks like straight to video fodder) so it’s either Babel or The Grudge 2 – Brad Pitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    Am I even warm? ;)

  2. giagia says:

    To be honest I’m not sure what the film is… it isn’t necessarily a Fox film though… just something that will probably have a big push for the Oscars or something…

  3. Tom says:

    Possibly Babel then – Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett being all thoughtful and serious.