My Brain

Is almost gone… again… I’ve got to get all this stuff out of it…

I want to iChat to Euan about some personal stuff. I just keep forgetting to open the damned iChat. **edit 15 minutes later. Euan’s emailed**

Suw I know you’re busy… but email me. I’m really busy too, but there will be a brief moment where it all stops for both of us.

My son was just diagnosed with dysgraphia. Rather than be worried about it, I’m relieved. There’s finally an explanation. And a solution: he needs to use a laptop.

Vinnie, you know that “thing” I spoke to you about? I’m still wanting to do it. Finally had the time to figure out the final two. Bug me.

Wireless is never having to get out of bed.

Mark, you just fucking rule.

Thanks to those of you who have been taking part in the Potential Energy discussions… Does anyone have any idea what side of the discussion I’m actually on?

It’s taken over 6 months, but the spambots have arrived at Sunshine. They really suck.

Spammers should be castrated.

Brian and I still can’t work out where to live. That’s sucking almost as much as spammers.

7 Responses to “My Brain”
  1. Nick says:

    With regards to the Potential Energy discussions, as one of the moderators, are you supposed to express your opinion? Looking through your posts, you seem to do a good job forcing people to clarify and justify their opinions. If the responses seem to be heavy for one sider versus the other, I would expect you to take on the role of devils advocate to keep the discussion going, and you seem to be doing a good job at that.

  2. jas says:

    If you’re on WordPress, you can save yourself the spam hassle by installing AKismet. Automatic Kismet is awesomeness.

  3. giagia says:

    Nick- I am supposed to investigate the subject and keep an open mind. That’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t know much about it (none of us do) and I’m not sure if what I hear or read is “true”…

    Jas- We *are* using WordPress. Christian has installed the little maths test I use at Sunshine now. I should just get an API key and be done w it ?

  4. Jon in Manchester says:

    Gia – With the correct support these things needn’t be as life limiting as they first appear. Though I’ve never been formally tested this entry on dyslexia (, especially the characteristics section, reads like my personal psychological profile. Despite this, I like to think that I’m doing OK.

  5. giagia says:

    John- it actually sounds exactly like my son. :)

    I know enough dyslexics to know that, once you’re an adult, it’s not really a problem at all… The real problem is ‘school’ and the fact that *still* our kids are being taught how to thrive in a Victorian world rather than being prepared for the future… which is coming really, really fast.

  6. jas says:

    API keys are free and all, so it’s not a big deal…