I’ve add another widget to the sidebar – an Associative Dictionary– a dictionary where you define the words. Each one of the words in a definition then has to be defined, you can then travel through the words reading and adding definitions as you go… If you want.

I started it off with ‘Love’ last night and left the definition blank… I see this morning that it’s been filled in…

7 Responses to “Dictionary”
  1. dog of Dirk says:

    Hi Gia,

    I’ve fixed this bug in version 0.9.2.

  2. giagia says:

    Thanks! I’ll download it and reinstall it!


  3. R.J. says:

    Well, I may be sixty years old today but my eyesight isn’t that BAD! I can’t see the bloody thing anywhere!

  4. gia says:

    It’s on the sidebar. Just below the Sunshine bar at the top.

  5. Mark says:

    Dictionary would work better if it selected a random definition on every initial page load, otherwise it’s quite good fun and I’ve filled in a few definitions.

  6. giagia says:

    That *would* be better… hmmmmm… I’m about to go off to Manc for a few days. If I have time I’ll have a look (not like I’m in anyway capable of coding it… but maybe I could if I had a couple days away from London…)

  7. dog of Dirk says:

    Mark, thanks for the fine idea! It has been implemented in version 1.0, available now.