Catching Sunshine

In one week’s time I’m going to start this on Sunshine, but I wanted to let people know about it here first.

I’ve been taking loads of pictures of the Sun since I started working on the film. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I took some really cool photos of my son holding the Sun…

Catching Sunshine 1

…and thought it would be great idea to try and get everyone to start taking pictures of themselves, their friends, their family ‘catching sunshine’ ie a photo of you holding the Sun, kissing the Sun, kicking the Sun, drinking the Sun…

Then upload it to your Flickr account, join our Catching Sunshine group and add the photo there.

Ideally take photos at dawn or dusk in order to get a shot of the Sun and your subject (add a fill flash to be sure), though if you want to take a photo with the noonday Sun – be sure to:

A) lower the exposure of your image. -2 exposure seems to work rather well for me. You will end up with your subject in shadow, but it looks pretty cool.

B) DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN. Get your subject to cast a shadow over the lens of your camera with whatever they are using to catch the sunshine, count to 3 and have them move their hand/foot/face into position and take the photo.


I’ve got some good photos with my mobile phone as well (I’m going to upload them to my Flickr account later on), so you don’t need to have a flashy camera to do it…

I’d love it if you could mention it on your blogs to try and get more people to do it…

**edit** Here’s one of the photos I took with my phone camera

Catching Sunshine Over the Thames

17 Responses to “Catching Sunshine”
  1. vinnie says:

    I tried catching sunshine in Zurich but it was only a boring one in the trees… maybe I’ll give it another go when it stops raining.
    p.s. I was handing out some business cards on Monday to someone infamous, the one of your D profile and one of Hannah.. I am thinking of getting some more perminant ones done. I’ll let you know and if you want some too.. or a new version pic of you as the England or Euri Euro mascot…

  2. giagia says:

    “Infamous” oooooooo. Who was it?

    I’d love it if you could take some Catching Sunshine photos…

  3. vinnie says:

    infamous Mike Hollandsworth (Anne Diamond’s famous x) he seems to like them young!!!!

  4. vinnie says:

    sorry it’s Mike Hollingsworth (misspelled as usual)

  5. giagia says:

    That image isn’t coming up for me – I don’t have permission to view it. Is it for friends/family? I’m logged into Flickr under my Sunshine account at the moment, not mine…. Oh wait. I’ve just logged into my account and can see it… :)

  6. vince says:

    hmm you are listed as a friend so it’s suppose to show up…

  7. Jas says:

    Vince, you’re in Zuerich? So am I!

    It might be worth pointing out that you shouldn’t point a camera at the sun if you value its image sensor. Sunlight focussed to a point on the CCD or CMOS sensor can destroy it; exercise care.

  8. vince says:

    no I’m in London, I was in Zurich last week Thursday, and Friday a show for our company hosted at a university.

    Ausstellung “speak to me” – 15 Jahre Dalton Maag – in Zürich, 9. bis 23. Juni 2006

    BMW, TUI, Sparkasse, Thyssen Krupp, Coop Schweiz: Für diese und viele weitere Brands wurden in den vergangenen 15 Jahren bei Dalton Maag in London Schriften gestaltet. Dalton Maag zeigt nun in einer Ausstellung die Werte von gutem Schriftdesign auf: Emotion, Design, Nachhaltigkeit und Sprachenvielfalt.

    Die Ausstellung wird vom 8. bis 23. Juni in Zürich an der Ausstellungsstrasse 104 (Berufsschule für Gestaltung) gezeigt (täglich 7-21, ausser Sa/So).

    Die Vernissage findet am 8. Juni ab 18.30 Uhr statt.

  9. Jas says:

    Neat, I can see that from here…

  10. vinnie says:

    Jas you can see what from where? g- I added Hollingswhatever and his toy girl (back head) cheeky photo to friends flickr

  11. Shannon says:

    beautiful, beautiful photography.

    one day… i’m going to travel around the world and take pictures of the sunset from various locations. until i have a collage of sunsets.

    (i think that’d be pretty cool.)

  12. Jas says:

    I can see Ausstellungsstrasse 104 from here. :-)

  13. vinnie says:

    ooooh we stayed at X-tra Hotel on Limmatstrasse 118 just around the corner and down the street from Migros.. and the bells in the Church next door go off at 5am along with the Tram… and a special bell rings service at 7:00 just to make sure you didn’t miss the 5, 5:15, 5:30, 5:45, 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45 wakeup calls….

    do they sell alarm clocks in Zurich?

  14. vince says:

    you live near here? It’s behind the university

  15. Jas says:

    I live on Seilergraben, in fact, just down the hill from the university- if I happened to blow my house up, the wreckage would land on Limmatstrasse. The church bells are particularly heavy at 7pm, I find, but only on Saturdays and Sundays.

  16. Michal says:

    awesome idea Gia :).

    i’ll try my best to contribute

  17. giagia says:

    Thanks, Michal! That’d be great!