Film Blogging

I was interviewed for the ITV News tonight about film blogging and using the ‘net to promote films. *coughsnakesonaplanecough*

Who knows if they’ll use any of the interview or not. All I really care about, of course, is getting Sunshine promoted. :)

**edit** They wanted to push the idea that SoaP was going to be the first of many ‘blogger written’ films and that ‘blogger written’ films are a good thing… I, however, don’t think that. :)

17 Responses to “Film Blogging”
  1. vince says:

    gia your hair looked long and black and WOW…….sexy well done.

  2. john says:

    I missed you – but I think you should have promoted rocketboobs

  3. giagia says:

    Thanks, Vince! At least I looked good.

    John, Rocketboobs don’ts pay da billz.

  4. Rockchild says:

    Gia, when is Sunshine coming out? Is their a trailer yet? I bet Rocketboobs would be a hit on YouTube, then you can make money off it by advertising here! Think of all the Suzi-Q’s you can eat!

    I closed my blog, just wanted to let you know. Take care of yourself, Gia!

  5. giagia says:

    Did you close your blog because of your mom? :( :( :(

    Sunshine is coming out in March. There isn’t a trailer as such yet, but there’s a really cool video on the site… The rest of the videos will be starting next week…

  6. vinnie says:

    Hi G…

    couldn’t resist shooting some shots of the sky box…

    put 5 interlaceyy shots up here:

    You look great even with the scan lines.


  7. H says:

    Haha the Samuel L Jackson emails/ phonecalls are stunning!

  8. giagia says:

    Thanks Vinnie

  9. Rockchild says:

    Gia, I didn’t close my blog because of my Mom.

    I’m gona check out the video of Sunshine, and maybe I’ll make some more videos to post on YouTube. :)

  10. Jon in Manchester says:

    Using the net to promote films – Cool idea!

  11. vinnie says:

    Wow Gia’s first TV photo already has flickr 47 views. Unpromotional topper without weird search tags like ‘tits’ or ‘naked’ tags…

  12. ahhh, here you are.

    I know I’m old on this, but I have to do the same thing with my site (leave blogger) … tres annoying.

    Just checked out rocketboobs, amusing. I loved the artist vlog. I would definitely stay tuned to that.

    where’s the interview? what did you have to say?



  13. giagia says:

    TAN!!!!!!! Hey!

    Yea, you’ll have to leave Blogger. I recommend WordPress for so many reasons…

    The interview: I had lots to say, only a tiny bit of it was used. Hey ho. I looked hot though:


    Nice to see you xxxxxxxx

  14. vince says:

    here you looked very hot. what where you wearing? it’s a low cut top.

  15. Daisy says:

    Dammit, I missed it, will check the 10:30 edition and keep my fingers crossed. But thanks for posting pictures Vince!

  16. vince says:

    We are at 76 view of Gia’s photo/ITV snakes on planes…. I’ve added to Flickr pool of snakes on a plane so let’s get it to 100 or more!!!!

    and added some cheeky tags to try to nab some more views……..

  17. vinnie says:

    We’ve stalled at 99.. view of Gia/snakes on a plane….

    come on do go the way of Pluto!!