Americans, Are You Proud?

via New York Times:

In surveys conducted in 2005, people in the United States and 32 European countries were asked whether to respond ”true,” ”false” or ”not sure” to this statement: ”Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals.” The same question was posed to Japanese adults in 2001.

The United States had the second-highest percentage of adults who said the statement was false and the second-lowest percentage who said the statement was true, researchers reported in the current issue of Science.

Only adults in Turkey expressed more doubts on evolution. In Iceland, 85 percent agreed with the statement.”

Thanks to the ever lovely Bob Z

15 Responses to “Americans, Are You Proud?”
  1. vinnie says:

    yes Hey Hey we’re the Monkeys…. some are Arctic Monkeys

    by tomorrow I might be a leather covered monkey riding a Monster soon!!!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Where do you place the blame for this, though, when you have typically highly religious countries such as Spain, Malta, Italy, and Ireland fairly high up the list? Is there simply a poor standard of education in America, or is there not enough exposure to worldwide events, facts, reports, documentaries, perhaps?

  3. Nick says:

    Well yes, I’m still rather proud to be an American, just not too proud of this though.

  4. Tim Clague says:

    Most Americans are still trying to work out where they came from 2 generations ago. Any further back is too difficult.

  5. Jas says:

    It never fails to end a discussion, among Americans, if they are discussing their family history and
    your family has three thousand years of history.

    I’m Welsh. We’ve got noticably taller.

  6. Jase says:

    Iceland tops that list, yet supposedly one in ten Icelanders believes in elves. Hopefully they’re in the same 15% that doesn’t back evolution, otherwise I’d have to question their judgement a little.

    Also, isn’t the question slightly loaded by saying “*earlier* species of animals”…

    Still, if anything it would skew the results in favour of evolution, so getting a low score ought to be pretty embarassing. I’m mildy ashamed we’re only scoring around 80%…

  7. giagia says:

    Fuckin *Romania* scores higher than America… I’m still completely freaked out by this…

  8. Jase says:

    It would be nice to see a current and more global table. I suppose it would also be interesting to see if the American results are the same across states and if not (as I suspect) how that maps to voting trends…

  9. jas says:

    Romania has extremely good science and engineering education- you should see the number of Romanians we have here at work. These ex-Eastern Bloc countries are completely caning the US at the game of producing good grads.

  10. giagia says:

    Interesting, Jas… I guess I figured as the country is so relatively poor that they mustn’t be big on education… Ya learn something new…

  11. Jase says:

    Actually I’ll back that up too, having worked alongside Romanian programmers. Fantastic accents too, it’s like working with Count Dracula.

  12. Nick says:

    Speaking of the Eastern Block educational system, I read somewhere (probably either Business Week or the Financial Times) that a student from Poland won some sort of computer competition….damn I wish I remembered the article better! One of the thrusts of the article though was that the Eastern Block was producing a lot of highly educated and highly skilled technical graduates.

  13. jas says:

    Yeah, a Polish guy won Google CodeJam this year.

  14. oliver says:

    The old soviet state put some good accessible educational institutions in place, but there are still some of the best unis in the world in the US, only amongst the elite. Also the question doesn’t deal with all those people who believe in evolution and God at the same time. Darwin himself continued to believe in God, even after he began developing his theory when he returned on The Beagle, up until his daughter died. Then he claimed to be agnostic, never atheist. Hmmmmmm.

  15. nameless says:

    i think americans are TOO proud of their country