Another Pro Blogger

A while back I wrote about a friend of mine who had just been hired to do a professional blog. Someone at Conde Nast read her blogspot blog, loved it and decided to hire her to write a kind of Sex and the Single Blogger blog.

My friend is very, very funny and considering that a year ago she hadn’t ever written anything before, I think she’s doing an amazing job. When she started doing this blog, she had asked me not to share the url with anyone, but today I read her new post and thought it was so hilarious that I asked (begged) if I could link to it from here… so here is the link.

Note: It’s a “grown-ups blog” ie it’s about s.e.x. Anyone who is easily shocked should get over themselves, give themselves a good talking to… then read it.

10 Responses to “Another Pro Blogger”
  1. Nick says:

    I remember reading your original post about her, and I think I even asked then for a link to check it out. I also wondered why you ignored everyone asking for the link, but now I see! Haven’t read it yet, but look forward to it.

    P.S. Love the mustache. Now perhaps a goatee, you know, a pointy one that would make you look like a devil!

  2. Gia, that’s very sweet of you to be so nice about the column. Perhaps now you’ll know why I didn’t want anyone to see it, though – it’s total naff bollocks. I am a little embarrassed and want people to know that my original blog wasn’t a belle du jour or abby lee jobbie though – it was about cheeseburgers. Glamour asked for a SATC style thing and I gave it. And the job was through a mate – not cos Conde Nast stumbled across it and thought it was genius.

    I have never read SATC and hate all that shit, truth be told.

    Shall I shut up now, err.

  3. Beaver Face says:

    Gia, have a tip for ya.

    Go to Technorati and search for the tag “dumbasses”, someone you know shares the same tag. ;)

    Please don’t respond to this message here! Thanks!

  4. Beaver Face says:

    Sex doesn’t bother me, I never had any!

  5. doobyus says:

    The real reason he hasn’t called is because you have slack vaginal muscles and kept making squelching noises when he was doing you from behind.


    Oh, I like her…

  6. giagia says:

    Exactly, Doobyus! She’s very, very funny!

  7. Darcy says:

    Hilarious! She is a very good writer…i’m captivated and can’t wait to read more.

    “Anyone who is easily shocked should get over themselves”….

    hahaha…I love how direct you are Gia! Seriously, I really admire that quality in you!

  8. omih says:

    Since I’ve been in Hanoi, and been keeping track of my work with KOTO (, I reckon my blog has been responsible for raising upwards of $10,000 USD for the cause.

    Another local grass roots company, Blue Dragon has also started a blog, not sure if they were influenced by mine but I know the writer. He writes a fine blog.

    I am sure that it too, is paying dividends.

    I’ve been preaching blogs to every volunteer worker I know who works here. Recently I was talking to someone who is trying to save a local species of monkey and wanted to set up a monkey blog. It would be awesome. Rare sightings, kids pictures, interviews and ghosted pieces by park rangers, photos, etc etc…it could all be included.

    Anyway, I’ve a hankering to work for these people:

    I reckon it’d make a great blog and would bring both funds and much needed expertise to their door.

    Would love to find a way of funding myself to do this. The development world hasn’t really spotted the potential of blogs yet but they are tailor made for organisations where funds and technical expertise are limited. It’s a genuinely empowering tool.

  9. Starkraven says:

    I’ve been reading Miranda’s column too, and I think that it is developing and maturing nicely. Having started in pastiche chic-lit style, Miranda’s finding a much deeper, darker and funnier vein to explore – she could hit the motherlode if she keeps at it. It reads better and feels more original now. I’m proud of the little tinker.

    Very good comedy timing in The Rules with the showerhead.

    Miranda’s also right, not many men will contradict their valedictory “It’s not you, it’s me, really” line by mentioning the slack, noisy, vaginal walls. I know I didn’t.