Attention TV Professionals

You are no longer needed. This is better than anything on ITV. Pack your bags. Goodbye.

**edit** This post has made Scoble Pissed Off With Me **edit**

19 Responses to “Attention TV Professionals”
  1. Lee says:

    The revolution will not be televised it will be on YouTube and they will be our leaders.

    Are you coming tonight? Your anti spam math questions get harder – how about some long division?

  2. jas says:

    Was that Ant and Dec? Did some sort of Star Trek accident turn Shaun Ryder and Bez into small children?

  3. giagia says:

    I am coming tonight, Lee…

    Jas, it totally is Shaun Ryder and Bez turned into little Scandinavian kids (I assume)… I love the tall kid loads. I want him on a tshirt.

  4. Tim Clague says:

    Actually this is an early pilot for Extras with Ricky and Stephen

  5. Diego Barros says:

    You’re kidding right? People being stupid in front of a camera while miming? TV professionals have nothing to worry about. I’d rather a good episode of House, West Wing, The Office (UK version) (insert more here) than this stuff.

    Sure it’s fun for a few seconds, but it has no substance. I watched this for 15 seconds then stopped. Couldn’t be bothered sitting through the whole thing.

  6. ice says:

    These young gentlemen ROCK! The use of the rope was inspired.

    Both boys had a good grasp on the characters they were portraying. I liked.

  7. omih says:


    Agreed. But then again I agree about presenters too.

    Where do all the old presenters go?

    Podcast heaven I guess.

  8. Diego Barros says:

    omih: ex-MTV DJ’s go to podcast heaven too. Hi Adam Curry! :)

  9. giagia says:

    Ah, se, Diego, I work in telly and agree that tv can do drama very well. This isn’t drama. This is ‘reality’. And I for one think these two kids miming to a song I loathe to be a million times better than Big Brother, Love Island or whatever other crap is on tv… These two have far more passion than anyone working in TV. Fact.

  10. Gary says:

    Damn, there goes the day! I just can’t turn it off; help me!!!!

  11. giagia says:

    The worst thing is, no matter how muc you hate the song, you’ll be singing it all day now and have that tall kids face at the forefront of your mind. He RULES!

  12. Simon says:

    Isn’t that Bill Gates?

  13. The Rooster says:

    Lets hope that the switch from TV to Streaming media thing happens very soon… Still inspiring and no doubt the next viral video that will drive people nuts… the frog is bad enough!

  14. giagia says:

    I showed this video to my 10 year old son last night. He loved it. He’s having a friend stay over this weekend and as we were leaving for school this morning he said, ‘We’ve got to show [his friend] the Crazy Frog video. Maybe we can make one when he stays over!’…

    So there’s my Saturday night.

  15. Gugon says:

    This is pure, uncut entertainment. When the kid in red swung in on the rope, I thought I was going to lose it.

  16. Blogscrapper says:

    Good fun. These kids don’t take themselves seriously, don’t care what anybody thinks and are just being kids. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  17. BGB says:

    Note to their big brothers, capture this video for when you do the toast at little bro’s wedding.

  18. Diego Barros says:

    Gigia: Ahh well, I don’t like ‘reality’ TV. So that must be why it doesn’t do it for me. :)

  19. mozamb1que says:

    I want to shoot the kid in the background.