I Am A Gay-Basher

Yes, apparently [name removed] thought my facetious post, which was wondering whether or not a man might be gay if he orders white wine in a bar, was “gay-bashing”. I kinda forget that there are a lot of people in the world who really want to be ‘good people’ and think that means that they […]

An Early Christmas Pressie

I get quite a few emails from people asking me about how to set up a blog. I tend to tell them to start off using a free blog (Blogger or WordPress usually) and then if they enjoy it, they can later choose to have their own server and domain name. Now, as lots of […]


I’ve had a migraine on and off for several days now. They haven’t been so bad that I’ve been unable to move or get out of bed, but I’ve been very sensitive to light and sounds along with having a terrible headache… I’ve only ever had two migraines before in my life, both considerably worse […]

1350th Day

Today we’ve been in Iraq longer than the United States was in World War II. In the over three and a half years after the Americans finally entered World War 2, the allies defeated Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese Empire, suicide bombers and all. How friggen great were our grandparents (my grandfather is mentioned in […]


Please read my previous post entitled UK Mobile Scam… I’ve been getting several hits a day from people searching for OneGoalLimited. Clearly, a lot of people are being scammed by this company. In the comments section of my previous post I’ve included information I’ve got from a WHOIS search, including the name, email address, work […]

Checking It Twice

It’s coming up to that time again. As a self-confessed window shopping addict I’ve got a pretty good idea of the kinds of cool pressies out there. For those of you who hate shopping, I’ve created a little list of some of the best things I’ve seen, so that you can simply click and purchase. […]

Boy Genius

My son has a blog. We’ve been putting up some of his drawings – he’s got notebooks full. The latest one makes me wonder whether he might be another David Shrigley one day.

Achtung! Cat Blog Alert!

Tiger still doesn’t have much hair. It might take about 18 months for him to get his full coat. So when the temperature drops outside he’s not a happy little guy. I decided that he might benefit from a jumper. He’s too tiny to fit into a store bought one… so I cut the fingers […]

UK Mobile Scam?

Note: update on this post here. Note 2/6/07: Grumble Text or 07text0spam might be able to help From a friend: There I am this morning, minding my own business, when I receive some sort of ‘Service Update’ text thing on my mobile. Thinking it’s from Orange, I open up the message, which straight-away opens up […]

You Always Knew It Was True

Bush’s “Significant Announcement”

Is Rumsfeld going to be sacked?! Is Bush pulling out of Iraq? Whatwhatwhat? **edit** 18:00 YES! Rumsfeld is resigning!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! We were right all along.

It’s Not A Damned Cat Blog.

It’s just so fucking cute.

Film Blogging

Colin over at Hallam Foe put up a copy of a piece about film blogging in last week’s Marketing Week. Both Colin and myself were interviewed about our experiences of blogging Hallam Foe and Sunshine respectively. Have a read.


In a couple weeks I’ve been invited to do the first UK 20×2, the question is, “Where am I?” There will be 20 different people (some very cool people doing it with me) who get 2 minutes each to answer the question in front of a live audience. Tickets are only available at the door […]

Bri ‘n’ Blair

Some of you may have even seen it, most of you won’t have, I certainly haven’t, but Brian was just on telly talking to Tony Blair about “Science”. The programme, ‘Central Tonight’, was on ITV Central at 6pm this evening. One things for certain, Blair will look considerably older and Brian will look considerably more […]

And On The Third Day

There was licking. Rocky seems to be taking to unclehood rather well. We’ve had a couple days of growling and hissing, but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Today, Rocky woke up very curious and not particularly threatened by Tiger. He’s been making the ‘mmrrrrrp!!’ chirping sound that cats do with both their […]