UK Mobile Scam?

Note: update on this post here.
Note 2/6/07: Grumble Text or 07text0spam might be able to help

From a friend:

There I am this morning, minding my own business, when I receive some sort of ‘Service Update’ text thing on my mobile. Thinking it’s from Orange, I open up the message, which straight-away opens up GPRS and links to somewhere which I got suspicious of. Before I could quit GPRS it logged off anyway (ie it obviously connected me with their website, which was all they needed to set the ball moving). Seconds later I’m bombarded with 4 identical texts saying – “Non Subscription – Thank you for your order. Cost 150 pence. You can now download the whole top ten at no further cost. Provided by”.

I straight away phoned Orange Cust Services (held in queue for about 20 mins) explained to the guy there about my situation. He proceeded to look in to it (very helpful, but that took a further 10 mins) and gave me an 0871 number, of a company, saying explain again and check that you have no subscription and say you want all costs reimbursed immediately. I phone the number which is all automated interactive menus with long recorded messages. I had to ring that about 4 times to hear each option, in the end I get to a point where they offer another phone number to ring for cust service.

I ring that number and speak to a woman who is half informed, tells me they are only a service provider who this onegoallimited use. She says she’ll get her colleague to ring me who knows more (still waiting for his call!). She then says she has some info on onegoal, that says they only charge people who have requested the service and they have logs of what they’ve done (ie implying that I have requested their services!). She’s given me the number of that company (an 0870 number) saying they’re best people to speak to, but ‘people are saying that noone answers that number’. So a lot of people are having problems with this company then? I ask, to which she happens to get distracted and says she’ll get her colleague to ring me…..

All I did is open a text and I have now totally wasted my morning chasing my fucking tail! I know it might only have cost me £1.50, or possibly £6 if all 4 texts imply a separate order, but that’s not the point! I DIDN’T ASK FOR OR ORDER ANYTHING!!!! I”VE NEVER HEARD OF ONEFUCKINGSHITTINGKNOBJOCKEYINGGOALLIMITED!!!!!!

Anyone else had this?

I’ve just rung the service provider number again (something like ‘Zamono/Zamano’ is that company’s name) to see why I haven’t been called back. She said that he’s very busy constantly on the phone, seemingly dealing with it. I don’t know whether he’s dealing with queries from victims like me, or whether he’s contacting the company and trying to sort that side out. But she said they (the Z service provider company) have only just started getting these messages sent through them yesterday. It obviously is either some sort of scam or some viral sort of ‘legit’ business that’s found some loophole.

I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested. What I would say is to spread the word NOT to open any text/attachment stating ‘Service Update’ (unfortunately I can’t remember the exact words, and can find no trace of it on my mobile inbox or anything!).

Anyone know what to do?

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  1. Suw says:

    I’m on Orange too, so this is very worrying. Your friend might want to try calling Trading Standards, and I am sure they would want to investigate.

  2. RJ Adams says:

    I would suggest telling Orange how irresponsible they are for allowing such misuse of their service, and then moving to Vodaphone.

  3. giagia says:

    I’m on Orange as well… ;-/

  4. jas says:

    Yeah, get ICSTIS onto this quickly, before the one month delay expires. (Premium rate “service providers” are not given any of the money they are “owed” by the phone companies until one month after the charges were “incurred”.)

  5. bertie says:

    Hi folks, I am the ‘friend’. Many thanks firstly to G for putting this up, and secondly to the rest of you for your great advice! I’ve just filled out my ICSTIS online complaint form and will keep you all posted on developments. Still not been phoned back by Zamano, the service provider through whom are doing their shafting! Don’t exactly think it’s up to me to expend the time, energy and money to do the chasing, but certainly don’t want the bastards to get away with it! Thanks all.

  6. Lloyd says:

    Also take a look at grumbletext

    from the FAQ:

    What is Grumbletext?
    It’s a UK consumer complaints and action site – Grumbletext also has a special section, SOS Premium Rate, devoted to fighting premium rate scams, including spam and scam texts on your mobile

  7. bertie says:

    Update: Just had a call from a slightly stressed-out sounding Scots chap who said he’s from ‘Support’ at Onegoallimited. He was ringing to arrange for a refund for being sent text messages in error, because I had contacted them with a complaint. Strictly speaking, I hadn’t directly contacted Onegoallimited themselves, but had phoned both Orange and Zamano, the service provider, on Friday, and written an online complaint to ICSTIS yesterday morning, and therefore do not know which course of action has resulted in today’s phone call. I would presume that it’s too quick for ICSTIS, and would guess that Zamano had stepped in, and were pretty pissed off with what had gone on. Anyway, so long as this guy was legit (I did give my address, but nothing else in the way of personal details) and I receive the refund, all is good and people power rules! I just hope everyone who experienced this did the same as I did! Thanks all.

  8. Anthony says:


  9. Gee says:

    This company called OneGoalLimited has been sending me premium rate texts (88039) for ringtones. I have NEVER subscribed to their services or even heard of this company!

    I have checked my itemised 02 bill and it shows I have never sent a text to them requesting their services, but my o2 bill also shows I am being charged £1.277 vat per message, and that onegoallimited have now sent me 8 messages on 19/11/06. Their message says I can text “stop” to them, but I am concerened if I do this, it may be a scam to get more monies from me.

    I have contacted 02 but they say they cannot help and will not refund me for, in their own words, “a service I subscibed to,” but suggested I text Stop to 88039, (which would take 5-working days to register).

    02 said they could not bar 88039 or any premium rate services for me but suggested I complained to ICSTIS, which I have now done.

    On invesitgating the information o2 gave me on 88039, it took me to a website called I have tried to contact cool-mob unsucessfully – in fact the number on their website is an automated answer phone, which is also a premium 0871 number, and the number o2 gave me (08714 742 708), just rings out and then an automated answer phone say “call back later” (this too is a premium rate 0871 number) Looking at their website, I can confirm I have never contacted them before, and have never requested any of their services, and in fact, my handset is not even listed on their compatible list, and nor is my phone set up for WAP services, which is a requirement of theirs!

  10. giagia says:


    I’ve done a WHOIS search for OneGoalLimited.

    Tony Kelly
    Castlemilk, Castlemilk G45 9AA


    Administrative Contact:
    Kelly, Tony
    Castlemilk, Castlemilk G45 9AA

    Technical Contact:
    Technical, PIPEX
    Portland Street
    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 2LP
    44.1159170000 Fax: 44.1158770213

    The Server is IP
    Which is Layered Technologies in the US

    Layered Technologies
    1647 Witt Rd. Ste. # 201
    Frisco, Texas 75034
    Toll Free: 1-866-230-0800
    Phone: (972) 398-7998
    Fax: (972) 398-6454


  11. Gee says:

    Thanks for doing the WHOIS search on onegoallimited, but are you sure your findings are for the actual company that are the instigators of the scam? I went to and the site appears to be geared towards football training, and nothing to do with selling ringtones or premium sms services. Either this website is a fake “front” for the scammers, or the people involved in the scam are just happen to be using the name and have nothing to do with the domain name?
    I don’t really want to start acusing this company of scamming people unless I’m absolutely sure it is them and not someone using thier name…..

  12. giagia says:

    Er… I went to onegoallimted and there was nothing, but green. Then I found this swf in the code. It reads:
    “Where content and feeds become the goal scored.

    Enable your service to deliver content using our own developed HPTU-Smart, enhance the customer experience while focusing on revenue generation at the same time 241 New HPTU-Smart Allocations so far in 06.
    Make your service targeted with timely content covering England, Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and Eire.”

    Kinda sounds like it’s a bit dodgy to me.

  13. Gee says:


    Yeah that site does appear to be dodgy!

    But I’ve had more success with site – go to page and look under the entry 19th November. Theres a lot of information there

    I’ve contacted the one goal’s service provider which is Dialogue, on 0871 700 2211, and they agree I have never subscribed to the one goal limited service, and said they would send a cheque refund in a couple of weeks………..I’ll keep all here posted if and when it comes……….

  14. giagia says:

    Excellent! Well done… I’ll let Bertie know.

  15. Gee says:

    Encouraging news! Just received a cheque from “one goal limited” for the refund of unsolicited premium rate texts! Will keep you informed if the cheque is a rubber one! lol!

  16. giagia says:

    Yay! Result! Well done, Gee. Did you tell them they are evil crooks?… Though I guess that should wait until *after* the cheque goes through…

  17. Adam says:

    This is annoying – it happened to me as well. One single text from 88039 – apparently sent by a company called “767 media”

    I tried calling o2 customer services, but they were extremely unhelpful. They weren’t even able to access my bill at the time of the call, so couldn’t give me any details whatsoever – the best they could say was that I should text “stop” to 88039, and that I probably wouldn’t be charged £1.28 for the pleasure!

    From reading the above, I tried phoning the 0871 700 2211 number, but was told that it wasn’t sent by this company. As I was going to send a complaint to ICSTIS, I found that the company it came from was 2 Ergo Ltd – their registered details are:

    Phone: 01706 221777

    St Marys Chambers
    Haslingdon Road
    BB4 6QX

    I spoke to a very helpful woman who told me that it was “767 media” that sent the message, they had no idea where they had got the numbers from and they had been receiving hundreds of complaints about this. 2 Ergo Ltd are issuing the refunds directly themselves and are pursuing the costs from “767 media” via other channels.

    I’m told a cheque will be with me by the end of the week… I’ll let you know if I have any problems.

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the contributors – I found the above info very helpful in knowing who to complain to!

  18. Gee says:

    Good news! The cheque for the refund of the unsolicited premium rate SMS totaling over £10 came, and it didn’t bounce when I paid it in!

    Bad news! I checked my statement for another of my 02 mobiles, and found another £1.50 charge from (88039)!! Again, will try and get this sorted with the help of (I know its just £1.50 this time, but its the principle, besides if these crooks scammed £1.50 form even just half the mobiles in the UK, and most people didn’t notice it or couldn’t be bothered to deal with it as its only £1.50 – imagine how much these crooks would make…..)

    Also, got a letter from ICSTIS, with whom I initially complained to when got the texts – they said they would not help me, as when they contacted the service provider (onegoal) they advisted ICSTIS that I had requested the premium rate service, and they even sent a log to ICSTIS with “proof” that I requested the service!!!!!!!

    WTF!!! These people are such blantant scammers – the log they sent to ICSTIS is F***ING FAKE!!! I got my itemised bill from 02 and looked at the date I apparently requested the onegoal service, and low and behold, my 02 bill shows I did NOT sent a text to 80039 on the day (or any other day) their log said I did!!!!!!!!!! These scammers don’t even seem bothered faking evidence and scamming the industries premium rate services Regulator!!!!

    I will be sending a copy of my 02 bill to ICSTIS that clearly shows the log from 88029 is fake as it does not match my itemised statement from 02!!!!


  19. Anthony Porritt says:

    Hello I receved an unsolicited text on friday 02/02/07.

    The short code was 84243, as I was suspicious didnt open it.

    My daughter was ‘hit’ back in September 2006, with 44 downloads at two second intervals in 76 seconds she was billed £67.52!!(short code 87252)
    ICSTIS have been supplied all details, two reports from ICSTIS have been rejected, three email have been sent to ICSTIS Director Mr George Kidd, and to date some four months later this complaint has still to be resolved.

    In my view ICSTIS are not capable of policing and implementing the necessary action to remove these spineless scammers from the “system”

    Will keep you posted

    Kind regards Anthony Porritt

  20. ashlee says:

    i have had the same problem i have been topping up and as soon as i do zamano take all my credit within half an hour i contacted o2 and like yourself i got an automated response.i have lost nearly £200 in credit and no one seems to be able to get me reimbursed its a total scared to top up cause it just dissapppears an i dont even get anything for the money no downloads nothing.

  21. giagia says:

    Ashlee, that’s AWFUL!

    Try getting in touch with Watchdog at the BBC. Or the Guardian’s consumer writer, Anna Tims,

  22. matty says:

    Hi all,

    I just got my O2 online bill and I received one of these texts from 84243 on 17/01/07 billed to me at £1.28.

    My guess is that they reckon that the cost of all the 0870 calls you make trying to stop this will exceed the charge, so they get it coming or going. Big deal if I get my £1.28 back having spent £5 on hold to the company that sent it.

    Anyone had any more info recently on this scam?


  23. Yasmin says:

    Thanks offering this page.

    A company called ZAMANO is stealing all my mobile phone topped up credit immediately. I can not make any phone calls and it is so annoying, that even complaining does not help. ORANGE claims I subscribed their services and I told to the orange customer service I do not want to receive services from this company please stop it, Orange refuses to interfer. What a nonsense. I am not allowed to say I do not want their services. I do not know even what kind services they offer.

    Contacting zamano no response. If you look ICSTIS many people complained about the company doing bad business. Simply stealing peoples money may be not from your pocket, but from your mobile credit. And ORANGE is simply supporting this idea. Theya are collabrating with this company shamelessly.

    I do not want to know how many teenagers/kids are beeing victimized by this company ZAMANO and supporting phone providers like ORANGE.


  24. Yasmin says:

    This the trick they take advantage of you:

    Read this:

    Why they do not ask to cancel ZAMANO’s business liscence.

  25. giagia says:

    Thank you for your comments, Yasmin… There are loads of people who are reading these posts, so everyone’s help and information is greatly appreciated.

  26. Yasmin says:

    Just a final update on my mobile scam.

    ICTIS: this institution is supported/funded by (mobile/communication) industry and it does not protect consumer’s rights. After I contacting them several times and based their response by email. It proves to me they are backing up the mobile companies for their business practices against government.
    So please if you have any problem with your mobile don’t contact ICTIS. It does not help.

    Try this: write any involved comapanies(zamano,orange,celldoroda) that you want to make a complain by SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

    This helps, email from zamano confirms that they prefer to refund me. Which is great, but I am still very sad about this business practice(Reverse Billing). Which is very bad for consumers. You can easily get involved without even realising that the billing starts.

    Sample SMS which they send to your mobile phone, never confirm OK!!!!!, let assume you wanted to get a free ringtone as stated in SMS below. Even if you think it is a JOKE, you play around, confirm accidently.

    2007-03-08 19:08:20 80122 UK_80122_REAL_W1_WINNER Reply with OK to receive your X Factor
    real tone now and join. You will also get a FREE BONUSTONE. Info? Text OK now to 80122!

    After the confirmation with OK you get this and it will empty your credit account.
    2007-03-08 17:04:07 80122 UK_80122_REAL_W1_WINNER Freemsg: U have joined WINNER for
    gbp1.50/msg, 9texts/wk until you send stop to 80122. Helpline 0845 358 8000.
    You will receive your real tone now!

    !!!!As you can see 7 texts per week will cost you already 13.5 pound per week!!!! You will not even realize that take the money from your mobile provider for weeks!!!!

    Hope this helps to get an idea.


  27. Anne says:

    A similar thing has happened to me. I will explain later.

  28. Anne says:

    Hi Yasmin. That has happened to me as well. I got mine from the Internet saying “Get a Free Ringtone of the Leona Lewis Song of the X Factor fame and it is all free.” I gave them my Mobile Phone Number and they downloaded the Ringtone. To cut a long story short, they take £4 per time of me each time. They took £8 off me this week and sometimes they don’t let me know :o( It is a 81022 Number. I did sent them a text once telling them to cancel it etc. and they have ignored me :o(. How do I cancel it because it is costing me a fortune and I cannot afford i? Please let me know. I am on Pay As You Go

  29. Tracy says:

    Well I have a slightly different problem to what you have all published. 02 have been taking £1.50 from my PAYG account for the past two weeks on a Tuesday evening at 9.30pm – when I asked why they were doing this they said I was subscribed and receiving Premium Rate Text messages from Zamano. I refused to accept this as I’ve not signed up for anything nor am I receiving any such messages but yet 02 seem quite happy every Tuesday evening to deduct my account.

    I’ve reported them to ICTSIS and I’ve contacted Zamano but I’ve heard nothing at all from either of them.

    02 are utter rubbish and I’m having a long battle with them and I’m certainly constantly hassling them. Looking back on it I think this has happened to me a lot of times but I had only just noticed it because I had just topped up my account.

    Have you looked on the Zamano website 02 are both Clients and Customers – it certainly makes me think again about how my number has been given to Zamano – the only time I’ve ever downloaded anything was when I got my 02 sim card and I had free tunes to download from 02 as a welcome gift.

    I feel so annoyed and frustrated by being charged for something I don’t even receive.

  30. cody says:

    Rite i signed up for that GAY celldorado and 5 had £5.5p and then it took all my money away and now i only have 13p leftt!

  31. Nick says:


    Just to say I stumble on this website as I was looking up 767 Media and I cannot believe that there are people out there with the same problems as me! My service provider is completely useless and did not help but I kept getting these text messages 3 in a row at £1.277 a time. I have tried to write to them and ICTIS, so hopefully I will get a response and sort things out. I am really annoyed about paying for something that I have never heard of or subscribe to or use!

  32. Tom says:

    Tony Kelly of One Goal Ltd is a cronie of Ian Vaughan of, MMs3, Mobsi, Comms International et al. These guys are serious scam merchants and have been on BBC Watchdog after Ian Vaughan ripped off loads of customers at a flying school he owned called They continue to trade in mobile content and have the been the subject of numerous complaints and proceedings over text scamming. They operate globally, so please spread the word on other forums to stop them ripping people off.

  33. Amy says:

    I too am a victim. Zamano (on 80122) sent six texts totalling £7.66 to my phone (and I’m on Vodafone). The customer services contact at Zamano is Collete Colbert – firstname at zamano dot com. Having said she’d look into my case a month ago, I’ve heard nothing since. It’s really frustrating to be robbed in this way. Maybe we should all contact Watchdog this week – they’re more likely to look into it? To their credit, Vodafone said they’d refund half.

  34. Brian says:

    When I discovered the Unsolicited Reverse Bill Texts scam on my bill, Vodafone advised me that the scam did not & can not exist and I must have subscribed to the service. Far from happy I did some research and then called back with what I had discovered. A change of attitude, they immediately refunded the £4.50, the sum for which I was scammed. They changed my number, but not without a fight, and also gave me £25 compensation. Now it was not about a refund or compensation.

    I discovered that I had been scammed by a company called Dialogue Communications Ltd. (who was banned for 12 months, reprimanded and fined £50,000 by Icstis in August 2006 and still traded.) They had been acting for a company called PNC, who in turn were acting for a company called Moby Magic.

    Moby Magic first said it was an error and promised a refund, and then their manner changed when I demanded compensation. They then said that I had subscribed to their service, giving me a date and time of the texts which I was supposed to have sent the texts. I easily traced the texts to a non subscribing ring tone site which I often used. When I fronted Moby Magic with this info they admitted to me that they obtained my details by purchasing a customer / mailing list. I am also still waiting for my refund cheque!

    I contacted Ofcom, ‘nothing to do with us,’ I was told, ‘get in touch with Icstis’.

    Icstis are the (self) regulatory body made up of representatives from the self same Industry that they regulate. What chance do we have of justice? Icstis also told me ‘the scam does not exist, you must have subscribed’ In my research into the scam I found many forums where there are thousands of victims who have been treated in the same manner, but still no one will do anything.

    Why? Here’s the good bit. The premium rate industry had a turnover of £1.6b in 2005. This figure does not include the companies and scammers based offshore, there are countless.

    The Networks, Vodafone, T-Mobile, o2, Orange, etc can take up to 35p of the £1.50 text charge. Now do you see why they are reluctant to bar reverse bill texts. I have been advised by my own network, Vodafone, that although they can bar incoming premium texts (the perfect solution) they will not. Vodafone are under contract to the suppliers of premium rate texts (and scammers) to keep the network fully open and leave customers accounts at risk.

    The Government take 17.5% VAT from the ‘legitimate’ side of the industry, a percentage of which is scammed. Are you now beginning to see why we have a problem getting justice?

    The City of London Police have a file on mobile phone scams / crime and have met with Icstis and the networks to discuss the problem. In February 2006 the Networks were warned that if the continued to work with known scammers / criminals, they could be implicated under the ‘Proceeds Of Crime Act’ I found the CoLP very helpful and understanding but they are powerless to act and need, and want, a change of law to really come down on this type of crime.

    The Information Commissioners Office, who looks after the data protection act, told me that it was not their problem. Even though, without my permission, my details were purchased and my mobile phone account fraudulently charged.

    I contacted the DTI, the Government department who oversee the telecoms industry; no reply.

    BBC Watchdog & London Tonight (ITV), no reply. I wrote to several national newspapers & columnists, only The Mirror replied and took some interest.

    Moby Magic is based in Wolverhampton, so I contacted the Wolverhampton Trading Standards Office, they have passed my case on to their Scambusters unit.

    I have contacted Otelo, the telecom Ombudsman who have acknowledged my letter, but have yet to reply.

    In the HoC 20.02.07 Paul Burstow MP, for Sutton & Cheam placed a question regarding Unsolicited Reverse Bill Texts to Margaret Hodge MP, Minister for DTI who denied they were illegal.

    On the 2/2/05 Sir George Younger MP for NW Hampshire first brought these scams to the attention of the HoC.

    One shining light is my MP. He replied by phone and I was invited to go to the HoC to discuss the problem, sadly due to work this was not possible, and so I have a meeting next week at the local constituency office. He informed me there is a committee sitting in the House at the moment trying to sort out all aspects of mobile phone crime. At least someone has taken an interest.

  35. NIC says:

    I have just seen this site, I have also just received this months bill, to my horror saw these 6 unsolicited 80122 numbers on the bill at £1.28 each. they were for SMS texts that I did not open, merely deleted them and now i find these charges!!!!! I rang o2 who do not want to know – I wonder why – they of course have a financial interest and will not bar the number!!!!!!!!!! Have now sent complaint to ICSTIS but hey again I suspect they are toothless and have a vested finacial interest.

    all we can do is get more and more bad exposure untill the Police investigate it as fraud or Parliament gets off its backside and does something about it

  36. Brian says:

    Hi Nic,
    What can I say, welcome to the many that have been ripped off by these crooks.
    The code that scammed you 80122, belongs to a company called Zamano Ltd. They are well known to Icstis having committed many offences over the years and had their wrists smacked and told not to be naughty boys and then allowed to go out and scam again. Zamano are a service provider, in other words they physically send the e-mail (taking a cut of course). They were working with a content/info provider called Abinger to scam. On 20.4.07 Icstis imposed a fine & ban on Zamano for working with Abinger for one year for sending unsolicited reverse bill texts. Check with o2 to see if this was the set in your scam. If so you have 100% proof that a fraud has been committed, contact Zamano on or write Zamano. The Bridge. 12-16 Clerkenwell Rd. London EC1M 5PQ. DON’T phone it’s 12p per minute, tell that you have never subscribed to their service, they will refer you to Abinger.
    E-mail or write to them. They will remove your details and promise a refund, ha ha ha, I wish you luck. They never arrive. Complain to Icstis, but have a go at o2 as well.
    Zamano are also the company that are involved in the GMTV scam.

    Hope this helps.

  37. carla says:

    Just been scammed!! Got six texts stating “RB NON SUBSCRIPTION – THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. COST 150 PENCE. PROVIDED BY SMS4FUN.” Never heard of or ordered from this company! So phoned the provided number to cancel, then received a further two texts!! Again phoned the number, complained but the guy who answered did not sound interested but said would try to get someone to call back in four days!! Am disgusted – would never waste my phone bill on such companies!!

  38. Brian says:

    Error on 30.4.07 post;
    It was Opera not Zamano who were involved with the GMTV scam

  39. Michael L says:

    Well there was me initially thinking how good I was regarding spammers etc. Been caught myself on April 24th (and almost again on the same day!) and (Pipex) appear to host all the wap sites for these thieves/fraudsters – they are not spammers! Has anyone loked at 123 for ‘abuse’ email address – maybe because what was once a good company has done it’s AUP/TOS but ommitted their abuse addresses it appears.
    Okay here goes, on 24th April I get an unsolicitored text which tells me I can ahve a free ringtone with the address of (followed by the php codes etc)- a whois shows the person has elected to not disclose details – I wonder why? I click on the link and think, ‘hmm odd, nothing free here’ and quickly disconnect. At 17.20hrs I get 6 consecutive texts from (short code) 81404 thanking me for joining their subscription service (yeah right)! I call Orange (contract phone) and (for info) all mobile phone companies hold the codes to send for stopping a service. Sent the ‘syop-all- code and got a free text saying stopped. My bill arrives with the 6 @ £1.28 (plus VAT making £1.50 each) and I call Orange.
    The lady there gave me details as being ‘Weekly Prize Draw’ / Mobizar (listed on Orange as an aggregator!) – whose website does not work / Talia Mobile with a phone no. 0871 2403500 which I call. Do you know these companies (from what I find out are mere service providers) What really p**sed me off was when the man said he’d communicate my complaint to the relevant ‘technology provider’ and I retorted with ‘You do mean theives and fraudsters?’ with a no comment from him. I was absolutely livid and suggested I get my full refund or maybe they (probably some geeky one man band) will stop trading fast. BTW this link will probably give an extent of this fraud (and yet no criminal actions have taken place – why not?):
    If they can afford £1500 just like that they are in big business!
    Look at this link to amaze yourslef of how easy things are! –

  40. T. Rowan says:


    Zamano had been charging me £1.50 a month for spam mail. This I found out by calling my mobile company. They also very helpfully passed on the telephone number of zamano (08712779988).
    I said I wished to unsubscribe from their service, which they seem to have done because I haven’t had any spam mails since. I didn’t get my money back though.

    Hope this info helps someone.


  41. Hi iam in USA Miami Fla .after i Bit on a Rolex Watche.1,295.00 USD this company send me a (fikeRolex)
    the name of this company is .report this please! theare no longer on EBAY

  42. Dav Palmer says:

    Yes folks i have been scammed to it was a text saying free ring tone press this to receive but on that it went on the net and sedit was down loading it was my account
    ha.ha .Then i had a text sayin hope u enjoyed yoir content text stop 61610 to unsubscribe .Next text thank u for your purchase ha what purchase i sed.
    next mesage hope u enjoyed your content.. what o shit i thought .next measage
    premium text wating from 61610 by that time my credit had gone .i looked in to my
    messages to see what was goin on. Big scam i see …I went to get some more credit
    when it was on it took another 3.pounds oh shit and double shit i found the number it sed text stop 61610 tryed that message sed unable to send
    Shit shit o shit then i tried to phone the help line on 08712400602 3 pounds by Fun ah.what a bitch well i phoned the number and got a automated service entered my mobile number it sed it would stop .i received a message sayin it would take 24 hours to do what now. hoo should i contact im very angry.

    someone must now please. HELP.get my money back or try to stop this happenin to some one else.
    p.s.i am on vodapone cant they do enything?

  43. Dave Palmer says:

    Yes i was scammed from sms4fun i thought it was a free ring tone but found out it was not it took nine pounds of creadit and i could not send stop as it failed
    wat can i do about it the 0871 is not connected anymore the theifs have got my money can anyone help???…..

  44. Brian says:

    Hi Dave Palmer,

    Welcome to to the world of mobile phone scams from a fellow victim.

    Read my posting from April 25 2007, it won’t make good reading I am sorry to say. There is no one that will help us, especialy not Vodafone.

    I hope you will make a complaint to Icstis and inform them that the ‘stop’ reply does not work. That’s illegal.

    Good Luck

  45. Iain says:

    hi all,

    was duped by this shower of sh*ite, 6 messages etc, rung the helpline 08712400602 and told the operater i was well pissed, he said he would stop the ” subscription ” alls well so far!!, then i contacted vodafone told them about the scam, they said they would credit me the money next bill all i had to was give them a ring when bill came in. hopefully.

    so much for there website…. ….frig-all, icstis dont seem to investigate the o871 number to next year..anyone got a reply from them yet???

    cheers and good luck

  46. ANGRY PERSON >:-( says:

    ive been scammed!?!?!?!? i was stupid enough to order a phone ringtone from this 80122 thing and i then got a text from there service saying i dont have sufficient credit please top up to recieve this service. so i couldnt be fucked so i sent back ‘STOP’ later on i got the same text so i got angry and text back ‘look i said stop so fucking stop okay?!?’ i didnt get any more texts since.
    until now i just ran out of credit so i topped up i then got the same bloody text so i got realy fucking pissed off and went to text back. when i pressed send it said i didnt have any fucking credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    therfore they nicked 10 quid off me and i never recieved anything anyway
    now i dont know how to stop it its obviously gone to come back next time i get credit helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  47. Jas says:

    Call your mobile operator, Angry Person. Also, report these losers to ICSTIS.

  48. megan webb says:

    omdz i got the most messed up tet like horny babes gagging for it i have never heard of such shite i subscribed 2 nuffink!! newayz i had £10 credit a couple of days ago now down to 72p i get free txts frm 02 and i had phoned no1!! neway if u have da sme prob call icstus on 0800 500 212 they are great!!


    if you have sorted it out please mail me on!! thx

  49. megan webb says:

    by the way i unsubscribed but they are still taking credit

  50. Sarah says:

    I have just rung up about sms4fun.
    You should text in capitals!!!!! CANCEL to 86122

  51. Alex Funk says:

    I just received a sms saying that i can have a free mp3. It sent me to a sms4fun wap site. When it finished loading I started to read that it is going to charge me but seconds later I received 2 smss saying “Thank you for your purchase” and 1 to call 08712400602 for help. I tried to phone them and ask who are they but there was no one there /1am on Sunday/ and I left them a message to call me back as I want to speak to them about this. I told them that I havent downloaded anything and I didn’t enter any site except their home page :(

    I googled the number and found this blog. I had a similar problem in the past being charged £5 for something. A friend of mine told me that I will spend more just to compain about it and the probability of a refund is very low. I didnt take any action because he had these problems and spent a lot of money trying to make them refund his money with no result.

  52. giagia says:

    There are a couple places which might help. Grumble Text and 07text0spam both deal with mobile phone spam and scams. Grumble Text has some very good advice….

  53. Brian says:

    On the 11/6/07 Zamano were found guilty by Icstis of, not one but two offence:

    Case 1) Zamano & 2comm Ltd were fined £5,000 & banned for 6 months working together (joke) for send unsolicited sms text messages and wap push messages. They sent out 6 x £1.50 texts (£6 a time). The were also given yet another formal reprimand. Only 18 complaints were received.

    Case 2) Zamano & Abinger Overseas were fined £45,000, and banned from working together but only with with joke sms (???) , given a formal reprimand (Yet again) for sending Unsolicited Reverse Bill Non Promotional Texts. Only 19 people complained.

    They will be at it again today…………

  54. anony says:

    Anybody want Tony Kelly’s mobile number? well here it is 07957606683

  55. CJ says:

    Believe me, ORANGE have ABSOLUTELY CRAP customer services, be it internet, phone, or whatever.

    So watch out… and move to 3 or something where you get the latest phone for free when signing up on contract!!!

  56. Kev says:

    I had a similar thing about a year ago.
    I was with T-mobile and was receiving random texts and crap jokes from a 88xxx number.
    At the time i was working away from home and rarely saw a phone bill.
    When i got home and saw a phone bill for £250 i scrutinised the bill, and found 12 premium rate texts for that month.. at £1.50 a time.
    I contacted T-mobile and told them i wanted to know where this was billed from, how much they’d taken, and told them if they didnt block these things for the future i would cancel my account and move elsewhere. They told me that i had received around 100 of these premium texts over the past 4 months, totalling over £170.. they also gave me the number of the customer services for the company.

    I contacted this company and asked them where they had got my number. they said i’d signed up for a premium service which must have been a ringtone.
    After telling the customer service representative they were talking absolute shit and that i was reporting them to the ombudsman they admitted they had got my number from a list which all the ringtone companies etc share around but conveniently didnt know where the numbers came from… I was sent a refund cheque there and then. I also told them that if they didnt remove my name from this list, i would start court proceedings against them for breach of the data protection act. Needless to say apart from 3 stray messages while i was removed from their system, i have never had another premium text sent to my number.

    It pays to mention ombudsman and court… most of them shit their pants and give in after that.

    They just try their luck with as many numbers as they can with the idea that if one in ten catches the scam and pursues a refund, they’re still making a massive profit. Dont let ’em get away with it!

    Good luck to you all and keep fighting them.

  57. Tina says:

    I am on vodafone and have had about £20 stolen off my phone. Why the hell is there not a law against this?? It’s theft.
    I was in a situation where I needed to contact my partner as I was stranded and couldn’t, luckily I was in a safer area but had I been somewhere dodgy anything could have happend. I am getting texts from 61610 – Zamano for ringtones that my brick is incapable of downloading anyway!
    I am just as fucked off as the rest of you so what can we do about this??


  58. bof says:

    Just one more seriously fucked off mobile phone user, having got two premium rate texts from 81404 and 78181 at £1.50 a go, both trace back to the company tanla mobile not having ever opted in to or subscribed to or replied to any premium rate service. Thieving bastards. Vodaphone have so far refunded one of the message charges, I need to wait for my next bill and try to refund the second. I’ve reported both to ICSTIS and requested refunds from tanla. It’s utterly unbelievable that such an easily abused system as reverse charging SMS can be allowed to exist.

  59. Sephen Jones says:


    Thanks for informing people and, if in doubt, report them to ICSTIS.


    Stephen Jones

  60. mart says:

    People have to realise that this entire business is a scam.

    I received a spam text promoting, promptly followed by a text that I was charged £1.50 for.

    I followed up with t-mobile who basically said its tough tittie, its my fault for being scammed. After much arguing (i’m not pay as you go, so I said I wouldn’t pay their bill and they can sue me) they agreed to refund it, but warned me that if I am scammed again I’ll have to pay. It my fault apparently that tmobile are letting some crooks in turkey put charged on my bill. Its my fault, but tmobile won’t stop it, and will happily let these criminal plunder my mobile phone account – why? – because tmobile get paid each time they steal money from me. So tmobile don’t want this to stop since they are doing rather well out of acting as accomplice to this theft.

    So this is how it works.

    1) The “service providers” sign up people who’ve never requested their service. Then they start spamming texts to you, and making you pay.

    2) you mobile company gets a healthy kickback for each of these messages, so they are quite happy. If you call to ask your mobile phone company to stop these thieves raiding your phone account, they’ll tell you where to stick it. Your phone company is making too much money acting as accomplice.

    3) Tmobile did offer to connect me to the spammers, an offer I took up. The spammers are in turkey, speak only turkish and about 2 words of english, and clearly don’t understand the words “you fucking turkish crooks”, which i repeated clearly several times.

    4) Tmobile then point me at ICSTIS, an organisation staffed by people whose wages are paid for by – guess who? The very industry that is running this scam. Their part in the scam is to keep the government from stepping in… they provide a “cul-de-sac” for complaints so that MPs, Government and the Police can ignore the fraud on the basis that ICSTIS will deal with it. Of course, if ICSTIS did deal with it, the incompetent goons who work there would have no fraud industry to fund their organisation and hence pay their wages. So they file the complaints in a type of round cylindrical filing cabinet, commonly called a “bin”.

    There is nothing you can do. Your MP doesn’t want to know (he’ll refer you to ICSTIS). The Police don’t want to know (crime isn’t their responsibility any more, its ICSTIS). Your phone company will carry on assisting criminals to steal your money, and they get paid by the scammers for doing this. And therefore they won’t offer anyway to block these types of scams, since they make too much money from it.

    A complete rip off, and a sad indictment of how our country is run – incompetent politicians, correct companies, and the great british consumer getting absolutely shafted by all of them.

  61. Brian7 says:

    Sorry to hear your tale of woe, welcome to the club of the victims. The scam is called Unsolicited Reverse Bill Texts. One thing that you have in your favour, you are with with T-Mobile, they are the only network that will bar short codes on your mobile. That is the five figure number that these crooks use to send and receive these texts, at your expense. That is only of use if you don’t use any legit info services. Talk to T-Mobile again, and tell them that because of this scam you want to bar short codes. Let me know the outcome. Good Luck.

  62. RIS says:

    I too have just fallen foul to the above scams. Within a day of upgrading my phone through Carphone Warehouse (Orange Contract)I started to receive texts regarding music downloads/ringtones. I intially deleted them as I assumed they were spam adverts but as it was saying send STOP to unsubscribe (which i obviously hadn’t) I sent STOP back and thought no more of it until I got my phone bill and found i’d been charged £4.50. To my horror there was another charge a week later for 3 texts again totaling £4.50.

    Having checked online and finding this site and Grumbletext I found that the two companys involved were Zamano (61610) and Tanla Mobile (89160). I have just contacted Zamano who have assured me that I am off their list and they will send a cheque for £4.50 within 14 days – hmm we shall see. I’m about to contact Tanla but seeing the above messages hold little hope of receiving any money back. I will also be reporting them to ICSTIS but again hold up little hope of a reply or any action.

    However unless I am mistaken Zamano is a public listed company on the stock market (Alternative Investment Market) under the code ZMNO. In which case has anyone thought about contacting the Financial Services Authority? They have far bigger teeth than ICSTIS. Committing acts of fraud/deception must be under their remit? or at least they should be interested.

  63. Steve says:

    I’ve read with interest everyone’s comments on this and have also been scammed by Zamano, or rather my son has, who’s phone is on my contract.
    For the last three months his phone has been billed £47 a month (ex VAT) from 81022, a number he has never subscribed to. What he did get however was a ‘Service Update’ text which he opened thinking it was from Orange.
    Thanks to the info offered on this blog, I’ve at least been able today to actually stop the services, having spoken directly to Zamano in Ireland. I have to wait 5 days to find out if I’m getting my £141 VAT back, but if I don’t I will absolutely take this further.
    This company has no business being allowed to go public on the stock market. It’s investors need to be made aware of where the revenue comes from and the methodology behind it.
    PUSH texting should be illegal and I agree with many others that the ICSTIS are a waste of time as they’re funded by the industry.

    RIS’s idea baout the FSA is worth looking into.

  64. daveL says:

    A bit of inside information … I have come across both Zamano and Tanla Mobile (formerly Mobizar) through business (no, I’m not involved with any scams or spamming).
    Sadly, the telecoms industry can be very dodgy to say the least. People like Zamano and Tanla are no dodgier than any of the mobile aggregators – that’s not saying much, I know. And not to excuse what has happened to people, the problems are more likely a mixture of incompetance and carelessness rather than a deliberate fraud.
    Secondly, push texting is, in effect illegal. Before delivering a premium message, ICSTIS require a request from the mobile handset itself. They also require that the costs are clearly shown in advertising/publicity. If they have failed to do this then it is a breach of their regulations.
    Both Zamano and Tanla require any service provider using their premium numbers to provide detailed information about the service and the procedure for complaints or problems. If dis-reputable companies are using their systems contrary to the regulations then the aggregators have failed to do their due dilligence correctly.
    However, as the shortcode agregator, Zamano and Tanla are responsible to ICSTIS and liable to a fine. They cannot claim that it is a third party company.
    Given all of the recent scandals I would expect that ICSTIS will come down heavily on these companies. I would hope that the threat of that will ensure that you receive your promptly.

    If you are looking for contacts then try:
    Tanla – 0207 494 5607 – this is their sales dept, but they are more likely to repsond. There are only about a dozen people working in their London/UK office.
    Zamano – 0207 240 1692 – again, this is the sales dept and it is not a large office either.

  65. bill says:

    your post of Jul 18th, 2007 at 12:26 pm absolutely hits the nail on the head. The Icstis Adjudications and fines are little more than a publicity stunt to give the impression they are acting to protect the public. Not one single case of unsolicited text message theft has been prosecuted by the police.

    Icstis is financed by the Premium Rate Industry.
    The fines imposed on the industry go directly to help cover Icstis running costs. Icstis factors in the annual fines they expect to collect to calculate the amount that will be levied from the industry.

    Is this part of the problem? Icstis?

    Icstis Board member: Andrew Bud.
    Andrew Bud is Executive Chairman of mBlox Inc.
    mBox has been involved in no less than 21 Icstis Adjudications and fines in the last two years.

    Icstis Board member: Mike Short
    Mike Short is Vice President – Research and Development at O2.
    o2 Online has been involved in six.

    Icstis Board member: Mike Tully
    “He was invited by MGN to set up a new service provider, Voice Media, which flourished as a market leader in the media sector”.

    Voice Media was the company that run the Richard and Judy phone-in “You Say, We Pay” from 2001 until 2004 until Eckoh took over the contract.
    Icstis recently investigated Eckoh from 2004 until 2007 because it was discovered that thousands of callers had been swindled during that period. Eckoh claimed the swindle was already in place when they took over the contract in 2004.

  66. Sam says:

    I have found this page really helpful and informative, and I just thought that some may be interested to know (especially if you have been had by them like myself) that the company/site which has scammed me has its services/content provided by (who is handling our complaint at the mo), who’s Service provider responsible for compliance under the Code of Practice (copied from ICSTIS) is, surprise surprise Zamano Ltd, who is a good friend of all of us =]. Also the registrant of the site is a one Lorant Media, whom i cannot find any information on. All I know is that they are based in Budapest which is of no great help. I hope this info is of some use to someone.

  67. Sam says:

    Oh, also does anyone know how I can find out who certified the site because there is absolutely no info on it that i could see, and I thought that a certification logo thing always included the name of the company that did the certification in order to stop people from making it up. It all looks a bit dodgy (no surprise) but if anyone could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. =]

  68. Katie says:

    Someone Suggested Moving To Vodaphone But I Got A Scammed Aswel By Zamano On 61610 So Vodaphone Isnt Much Better.

  69. Kim says:

    Yes, I’ve been had too. It started with a ‘service message’ from 80122. These service messages continued to come and were utter rubbish, I just kept deleting them. I received my contract bill at the end of June with £61.44 plus vat of charges to this 80122 number. I called 02 to find out what the score was and they told me it was something I had subscribed to and was linked to a company Zamano. They explained about the ‘Stop’ procedure and advised me to call Zamano and also ICSTIS. I called Zamano 0871 277 9988, who said I was now unsubscribed and they would refund my charges within 5 days. Then I heard nothing. I left it a couple of weeks and called again. They said they were sorry no-one had got back to me, but someone would, within 5 days. I asked who would be getting back to me and they said the accounts department. I asked to be put through to them but they apparently don’t take calls. Still I heard nothing. Left it another couple of weeks and rang again. This time I got very angry on the phone and insisted they give me the number of the accounts dept. They were so sick of me thet they did 00353 1488 5823. This number rang and rang for ages and eventually cut off, I tried again and it was answered promptly. A very unassuming girl advised me that she would refund if it were their responsibility but the company I needed to speak to were Blinck, it was them I had subscribed to, not Zamano. So I called Blinck. 0845 3588000. Blinck supplied dates and times where I have apparently requested ringtones, wallpapers and logos, (I haven’t, my phone is old and doesn’t accept them), and said that any complaint must be in writing and would be dealt with. She advised me to write to:
    Blinck Mobile Ltd
    PO Box 10278
    Dublin 8
    or email
    She refused to give me a telephone number and hung up on me!

    I then found this site.

    I am appalled that this is happening. I know for a fact I have not subscribed to any such service, as I say, my phone is for business and does not accept these products. My costs, excluding the costs of calls to complain and my time, are about £100. I see this as theft and decided to see what 02 had to say. They are obviously very used to dealing with this sort of complaint as they knew exactlyt what I was talking about. They started on about legal responsibility and thet it was down to ICSTIS to investigate and Zamano to refund. I asked what had happened to the ethics of 02 and did they really think it was morally correct that they be taking a cut out of every one of these messages generated? Ultimately, the lady I was speaking to agreed with me and admitted it had happened to her children too. At least 02 have agreed to refund 35p plus vat for every message on my bill, and I have no doubt this will be forthcoming when I get my next invoice. I am now going to complain formally to Blinck and to Zamano. I am going to mention ombudsmen and small claims. I really don’t expect to get anywhere but cannot rest until I have exhausted every avenue. It is bad enough that this has happened to me on contract, I keep thinking of youngsters, whose parents have supplied mobile phones and credit for if they are in trouble and need to phone home. It is horrifying that they may not be able to do so because this cheating, thieving company has stolen all their credit. If someone wants to start the ball rolling with some sort of ‘Class Action’ to sue these fraudsters, I am happy to look into it with them.

  70. Brian7 says:

    Hi Kim, You have the details from these cowboys as to when you were ‘supposed’ to have subscribed, have you double checked your bills as they must be listed on the texts section. If you can’t find then call o2 to get confirmation that you have never sent texts on these dates and times. Armed with this info go to the Icstis web site and make an online complaint to claim the rest of you cash back that you have been defrauded. O2 have done you no favours by refunding you the 35p as they get a cut of the £1.50 you have been scammed.

  71. Steve says:

    Kim. I have had a very similar experience to you. I only ever send text or call people I know so I know that I couldn’t have subscribed. I assumed that it was just spam texts that I was receiving and deleted them. It was only when I checked my bills that I discovered that they had stolen £120 off me over the course of six months. I phoned O2 and they told me that it was Zamano that had been sending the texts and charging me. They gave me their Customer Service number 08712779988 . When I called them first they were very understanding and told me that I would be contacted back and refunded in five working days. However I called them about 10 times over the course of nearly three months before giving up and each time I was giving the same mantra “FIVE WORKING DAYS” I even got familiar with some of the people there as I got through to them several times although I doubt that they were using their real names. Caroline who was helpful and friendly when I first called but who got angry and hung up the phone on me when I questioned her on her earlier promise two months later, Oonagh and Susanne. As far as I can tell their Customer Service is part of the scam. I have tried the other number for Ireland but it just rings out every time I try it. It makes me angry that nobody is prepared to take any action against these gangsters.

  72. bof says:

    Just an update on my earlier post. After a lot of effort I have now received a refund of the stolen money. ICSTIS have been in touch for more details for an investigation of the theft, I got a BCC email from them from them which covered several numbers so clearly there’s been a number of complaints. I also wrote to:

    John Hutton, Secretary of State, Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
    1 Victoria Street
    SW1H 0ET

    complaining about the ineffectiveness of ICSTIS in preventing this type of theft by their members and got a pretty substantial reply. Perhaps everyone else who has money stolen from them could also write to DfBEaRR at this address complaining about the ineffectiveness of ICSTIS.

    Really, as a minimum, there needs to be a mandatory facility provided by the mobile operators to allow you to block all incoming premium rate texts.

  73. bof says:

    first excuse me for hogging the posting here, but another update:

    RESULT! (of sorts)

    just got a letter from ICSTIS to say that Tanla had been suspended and fined £50k ( see and ).

    In the letter ICSTIS state that the Tanla service was suspended on 19 July 2007 . . . given I received my SMS theft message in August ICSTIS’s service suspension is clearly not effective in any meaningful way. So see my post above for the address of Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform

  74. bof says:


    my mistake, I did not receive the theft text from Tanla after the suspension, but before the suspension. Apologies

    to the Board Mod.

    please could you delete the last paragraph in my post above, then delete this one.

    Many thanks.

  75. Leslie E Norris says:

    Between 13th May 2007 and 18th June 2007 I recieved text messages at £1.50 a text, total of £90.00, these were never ordered by me.
    It took about 1hr.30min. to find out they came from Zamano Ltd. They gave me an address to send details of billing to so they could “maybe” give a refund, The letter came back from Royal Mail Person/company not known, the company has never been at that address
    It seem now the company responsible is Blick Mobile Ltd.
    When will the regulaters do something about this type of THEFT

    Leslie E Norris

  76. Steve says:

    Hi all!! i have had the same problem with this company as well and are going to write to trading standards and John Hutton, Secretary of State, Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform. the amount this has cost me is not as much as other people but its still £45. I think that we all should send a geniric letter of complaint to the revelent people that can have this company prosocuted for the theft of money without prior consent, if any one has any ideas of how to put the letter together then please let me know

  77. I have this problem with Virgin Mobile but I didn’t even get the bloody text message! The £1.50 went straight out of my account and Virgin are not doing a damn thing to protect their customers from this! I’ve been told that I can stop it happening but it costs me even more money, so now this scam has stolen £1.50 and for the plesure of telling them to GTFO it’ll cost me another 10p if I’m lucky and I have a right to complain according to Virgin.
    This is mugging in disguise. The thief pulls you into an alley way, takes your cash and pushes you out and costs you money to replace your wallet. How come this form of mugging is allowed in the UK?
    Anyone else with this problem, Virgin advised me the company is called Mobizar and when looking up on the internet, it would appear this company has traded under different names; Mobizar, Tanla Mobile, Aggregate, Helio Taps.
    When looking Mobizar up in ICSTIS, it hadn’t been heard of, but their first four digits of their number (7003) looks up to be “a text message providing premium rate content such as ringtones, jokes, games, tarot and chat.”

  78. Brian7 says:

    For those of you that have had problems with TANLA MOBILE you will not be pleased to read below, a part of an article that I have just come across:

    ‘Europe UK : Tanla Mobile and O2 have entered into an agreement under which Tanla may sell or market commercial WAP services to any O2 Subscriber via PayForIt mobile billing services in the UK.’

    ‘Tanla Mobile – selected earlier this year as an intermediary granted ‘accredited payment’ status across all mobile operators–will work closely with O2 in the delivery of PayForIt mobile payment services’

    Tanla Mobile have had 4 Icstis adjudications against them in 2007, and there is 1 outstanding (see Icstis website) and 02 think they are good partnersto have free access to all our mobiles!

  79. Dan says:

    Just got one of these texts today, cost me £1.50 to tell me I could download sugababes from their website, from the number 81404. Deleted it straightaway, wish I would have kept it now so I could get it onto that 07spam :/

    I guess I’m gonna struggle getting a reimbursement with no evidence, guess I can just hope I don’t receive another.

  80. Brian7 says:

    Hi Dan,
    Re your problem with 81404 here are details of the cowboys that scammed you.

    Tanla Mobile Ltd
    0871 918 0999
    39 Charing Cross Road
    WC2H 0AR

    This is the same company that o2 have given access to all our mobile phones…………….

  81. Tomas says:

    81404 hits at O2 customer again!
    To my surprise on the monthly billing I got today there’s a SINGLE charge for a text received from premium number 81404.
    What I recon they’re doing now is they’re, instead of many/few messages, sending just one to make it inconspicuous and easy to overlook.
    Moreover some people may even feel that £1.50 is nothing worth fighting for, but multiplying it by say half of the O2 customers it gives a tremedous sum of money which we can’t let Tanla Mobile and other fraudsters get away with!
    I’ve already wrote to ICSTIS, O2 says the same as in cases of other people here (send Stop text blablabla).
    There’s a simple remedy for our problems: bar premium incoming/outgoing texts. Any idea how to force O2 to do this for us?

  82. Brian7 says:

    I received a letter from Mr George Kidd CEO of Icstis/Phonepayplus, Regulator of the Premium Rate Industry,(the thieves that are taking our money) about a long running complaint, in it he mentions an adjudication with Tanla Mobile & Dialogue Communications. This had nothing whatsoever to do with my problem but it may help you and all the other that have been the victim of fraud by Tanla & others.
    E-mail Mr Kidd direct to his desk to complain, don’t bother about the morons on the help desks, his e-mail address is:
    If we let these thieves get away with these crimes, we only have ourselves to blame. Contact Mr Kidd, NOW!

  83. Neana Lawson says:

    I have been experiencing a related but different issue. I receive an average of 2-3 texts a day that just say “message cannot be displayed”. They’re from number 80122. i texted back “stop” and was told I’d been unsubscribed from the rington service and would receive no further charges. A second later another message appeared. I’monly on state benefits and can’t afford £3-£5 a day being last in phone credit! Any ideas what I culd try and do?

  84. Carol says:

    You could try texting STOP ALL Neana, but it didn’t work for me, I ended up putting in a new sim card after they scammed me of £20 in 2 days earlier this week

  85. Dermot says:

    Neana, 80122 is operated by Zamano. not much you can do as these (extremely wealthy) sucmbags are untouchable at the moment. complaining to anyone is pretty pointless. your mobile phone company is not going to be of much help either as they are making a fortune from their cut. your best option may be to get a new Sim card as Carol suggested.

  86. Brian7 says:

    A call or e-mail of complaint to Icstis/PhonePayPlus would be in order as ‘The Scumbags’ are in breach of regulations by not cancelling the txts after after u have sent the STOP message. E-mail George Kidd at the address above with your complaint, go straight to the head man.

  87. Dermot says:

    If you go the Phonepayplus website you will see how many times Zamano has been caught deliberately acting illegally over the last two years. Such deliberate theft would normally lead to jail time, but instead they just get a negigible fine and a meaningless reprimand and are free to continue acting as before. Thats the scam that is making them massive amounts of money. Sure, ignoring STOP messages or sending premium texts to those who haven’t subscribed is in “breach of regulations” and illegal but this means nothing.

  88. bill says:

    We are all being conned by Icstis (PhonePayPlus).

    Icstis instructs the Network Operator to withhold the revenue (our stolen money) from the service provider.

    Icstis collects the fines from this withheld revenue. We are in effect paying the fines.
    Here’s an example:

    Does that explain why this type of Premium Rate fraud is as bad today as it was four years ago?

  89. Dermot says:

    from last article “Gavin, 28, drives a €150,000 black Ferrari” So whenever they get caught the penalty is that a portion of what they make from the specific scam is witheld. They retain the rest and have full immunity form any further sanction and are fully allowed to continue practicing similar near identical scams into the future. police and public are powerless as all complaints have to go to Phonepayplus which has responsibility for regulating them. The immoral get rich and the suckers pay up.

  90. bill says:

    “the penalty is that a portion of what they make from the specific scam is witheld. They retain the rest”

    If only that was the whole story. Unfortunately the ‘fines con’ gets far worse.

    The Premium Rate Industry is made up of companies like Zamano, Mblox,Opera Telecom, Dialogue Commnications….etc etc. They have to pay a levy to Icstis (PayPhonePlus) to cover the costs of regulation.
    page 23
    5.3 Fines and other income
    We expect to use any excess income over expenditure in 2005/6, any residual income from Financial Year 2004/5 and fines and administrative charges in 2005/6 to reduce the levy necessary in 2006/7 to cover our proposed budget.
    Based on our expenditure to date and our collection of fines this year, we are currently forecasting £1.5 million will be available for levy reduction in 2006/7. This is totally dependent, however, on premium rate service activity continuing at or above present levels.
    Any downturn in activity that affects the levy recovered in 2005/6 will reduce this figure.
    The fines are figured in to calculate the levy the Industry pays. The more the Industry is fined the smaller the levy they have to pay.

  91. Dermot says:

    oh thats pretty smart. these companies are legally obliged to pay a levy to support the running of the Regulator, but if Phonepayplus collect it in the form of fines for illegal activities then it gives the appearance to the naive that they are punishing these companies, whereas in actuality they are just replacing the levy with fines so it ends up costing the scammers the same.

  92. Cassie says:

    Welcome to the seedy world of the Premium Rate Industry!

  93. dermot says:

    Welcome to the extremely lucrative world of the premium rate industry

    “Digital entertainment company Zamano Plc has conditionally agreed to acquire the Dublin-based Red Circle Technologies Limited for €24.4 million.

    Managing Director of Zamano, John O’Shea said: “This is a transformational deal for zamano and brings together two successful mobile technology companies, creating an enlarged company which will operate on a global level”.

    Red Circle is zamano’s fifth acquisition overall and the second in 2007.

  94. danganr says:

    Ha,Ha,Ha. Face it suckers. They have won. You have lost. Game Over

  95. bill says:

    “Ha,Ha,Ha. Face it suckers. They have won. You have lost. Game Over”

    if they have indeed won, it was because of bent politicians,crooks and useless wankers like you.

  96. mcgrath says:

    I know that its not much but the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has just issued a large number of summonses against Zamano for sending unsolicited premium rate texts. The only catch is that compalinants have to agree to go to court and the maximun fine is a miniscule €3000. maybe a start or maybe just more window dressing to give the appearance that something is being done

  97. Cristian says:

    Hi everybody, another victim of these crooks here. My mobile contract is with 3, and I always check my bills every time i receive them. My last bill had a Premium Shortcode Text Message sent (apparently) by me to 81161 on 24 November at 16.12. That was just over 2 weeks ago and i remember perfectly what i did on that day, around that time. I called 3 customer services to enquire about this number, and they said me or somebody else who had access on my phone ‘definitely sent a message to that number’, otherwise i would not have been charged for it. I tried to find out at least what that number was for, they said they cannot tell me that, and directed me to this company called MBlox, who said they were just intermediates for Mobizar (also known as Tanla Mobile). Tanla told me that they were again just intermediates for another company called 3R Services, but did not want (said they couldn’t) give me a tel number for them. After many calls and arguments with them, today they called me to say they will refund my £1 charge. They did not want to say why, did not want to admit it was their fault, just said they will send me a cheque for £1 and that they have blocked my number from their database. So i suppose that’s a good thing, and although they did not want to admit it to me, i take it as they admitted it was their fault. Funny enough they did not want to tell me what the number 81161 was for, what kind of services it is supposed to provide. Guess it’s secret….

  98. Dermot says:

    The way that they operate is that they send a few hundred premium texts to a few hundred mobile numbers. totally illegal, but as we have seen there is not much of a penalty when they are caught. chances are that most of the people who receive them just delete them as spam without realising that they are being charged. the handful that do go to the trouble of following up may be refunded if they are persistent, but they still make a lot of money. They were not able to tell you what kind of service because there is no service. The numbers are usually purchased from contacts in production companies that run You’re a star, X Factor or radio competetion text in numbers. people who test to these shows are less likely to complain. Companies like Zamano will also try to pass you off to some third party comany which is often uncontactable.

  99. Sean says:

    After 7 months I have received a reply to my complaint to PhonePayPlus against Tones2U, Mobpat & Sms4fun. Tones2u have been found guilty of breach of the code of practice and fined £200,000 & give a formal reprimand. No mention was given against the other two ‘Cowboys’.
    Refunds for this scam can be made from TANLA MOBILE @ 02074945600 & 2COMM LTD @ 9 CAMPBELL CLOSE HAMILTO ML3 6BF.

  100. Ian says:

    I read with disgust how these con artistes can get away with htis – i have just started the long and probably futile process of betting my monies back from 26 texts (so far) costing me near £40 for a service i have not aksed for or granted anyone to give me. I feel like finding out the perpetrators addresses, going around and digging up their gardens and billing them £2000 – this would be an annoying service provided by me and at cost to themselves – sounding familiar??
    Tahnks for all the good info on here – keep it coming and we will win.

  101. sean says:

    Ian, Have you got the short code, the 5 figure text number, that the scammers used? I will try and trace them 4 u…

  102. DAWN says:

    I too have been scamed by Celldorado/Blinck/Zamano and am in the process of going to take this to court, as I happen to work for a leading intenational law firm myself, which is handy for me.
    Because Blinck are based in the Netherlands it would be a bit more difficult to do as normal county court won’t extend to anything outside the UK.
    But if you can find a UK address for any of these scammers, you can take your case to the county court for £30.00.
    I know it sounds like a lot of money, but the chances of getting your money back any other way are to say the least remote, and if you win the case this money is refundable by the defendant’s anyway.
    Just on pure principle I will do this, as I’d rather waste the £30.00 also, than let them get away with this to other inocent mobile users.
    The way to find out if they have a base in the UK is to look them up on either “companies House” or
    I also think you could insist to your mobile service provider that they block any of these preium numbers permanently from your account, like I have done on T-Mobile, so they have NO way of charging any future texts to your account.
    I will keep you updated on my court proceedings also, and if you can spare the money, do it yourself as it’s easy to do on line now, although you will need to keep all your proof etc., and may have to attend a hearing if they don’t settle out of the court first.
    I personally think it would also be a good idea for everyone who has been scammed by these various crooks, to put up a web based petition to force the MP’s of this country to take some type of action to STOP this once and for all, as there must be a more honest way of conducting this type of business, without having to scam inocent people like us.

  103. Dermot says:

    Blinck and Zamano have their offices in the Digital Hub in Dublin Ireland. This is an Irish Government owned complex (it is run by the Digital Hub Development Agency which was established by the Irish Parliment)and they pay negligible rent. something to do with payback for 800 years of oppression I think

    nobody has ever successfully taken a private court case against these scammers so don’t waste your time.

  104. Owen says:

    I sympathise with you. I have been caught too!
    I ‘signed’ up thinking I was getting a free compass! It was only later I realised that I was being conned.

    I am still trying to figure out how this scam works. I think I now know. They send you useless messages which contain utter rubbish like: This is today’s webpage.Enjoy! followed by a long web address.

    Fuck them!

    Luckily for me I have no money in my phone at the moment so the bastards haven’t and won’t get a penny from me. I am going to chage my SIM card. I have several free SIM cards.

    I advise anyone caught by these gangsters NOT to ring their number and NOT to send them any text messages!

    Just change your SIM card and fuck them!


  105. Owen says:

    If they are based in Dublin perhaps they need to be paid a visit?

    Bíodh eagla ort!

    Bíodh an-eagla ort!

  106. Dermot says:

    Zamano have just been fined another £20,000 in the UK for acting illegally (again), a drop in the bucket. Its all a sick joke considering the massive amounts that they are making. How can the Irish government get away with continuing to subsidise and support scamming of UK residents by these amoral gangsters.

    The board of the Digital Hub ( government appointees)

  107. Lewis says:

    I can’t believe I am reading so much about these scammers with little done by authorities and regulators – it is utter shamefull.

    I am a retired pensioner with Virgin pay as you go. I recently had 82600 Get-Tone Club with the usual crap. I have tried STOP, but now I find I have a contract with them for £4.50 a week!! I have contacted Virgin with no success. Virgin gave me a contact email for the scammers but delivery of my email complaint failed. I can’t top up my mobile as the bastards will take my credit – what the hell can I do? It seems there regulators are sponsored by crooks.

  108. Dawn57 says:

    I have lodged a petition with no 10 Downing Street, to request that they stop the ringtone scammers and force them to get a signed contract for ringtones instead of just entering a pin number on a web site, as it is now.
    That way they won’t be able to set up subscriptions without a signed legal document from the users, so there will then be NO doubt about whether or not you have subscribed.
    So if you agree with me on this simply type in the link below and it will register you to sign up for my petition, and then if you forward the e-mail to everyone you know.
    The more names I get the more likely they are to take notice, it may not do anything, but at least we’d have tried.

    I am taking them to the county court myself, but thought this scam needs to be STOPPED for good to prevent other poor saps falling for it in the furture.

    Dawn Shelton

  109. Dermot says:

    maybe a petition to the Irish government might be in order as well seeing as they are the ones using taxpayers money to provide them with offices.

  110. Suan says:

    A very good idea Dawn, but the ringtone scammers are the same cowboys that are involved in stealing from those above who have posted here. Perhaps we need a petition which demands Government legislation to control the PR industry as a whole, to protect all mobile phone users. This is a good start, well done Dawn.

  111. Lewis says:

    Well done Dawn. Hope you get many signatures.
    Best regards,

  112. kayleigh says:

    i didnt require a service and you took about 10.00 off me and i would like a refund and want the service to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. TJW says:

    well done Dawn and all of you who have harassed (or tried to harass) these criminals
    i have just spent half a day on to Vodafone and the Zamano/blinck gangsters – talk about ducking and weaving – but at least Vodafone, when confronted with the facts about their knowledge of the scams and the fines that have been imposed on Zamano etc., started to cooperate and even totted up the amount we have been charged, made an allowance for the 0870 calls we had to make to them and ‘credited’ the sum to our a/c (after we told them that we had no contract with anyone else in the matter and thus had to act contractually ‘through’ them).
    The crucial thing is that one must be sure that even by a trick one has not ‘accepted’ or ‘subscribed’ to these services and one must send the STOP ALL text to the crooks and then tell your MSP – Vodafone for us – that one has done so and that they must refuse any further reverse charges.
    It seems criminal that these operators simply take the crooks’ word for it and debit ones account without even a ‘by your leave’.
    So go for the petition and harass your local Trading Standards Dept. as well, to say nothing of roasting ICSTIS ’till they act.

  114. keith t says:

    the scam is still going on, orange dont care. fucking makes me mad as hell .

  115. Karen thomson says:

    my 11 year old daughter for whom i run an account with vodaphone . bless her ,she didnt realise that all these messages she has been receiving and hadnt subscribed to werte costing £1.50 each . I have just had a bill for £70.00-her contract is £10.00 . Neither zamano or netsize seem to pick up their phone . Though vodaphone assure they are the culptits. Any suggestions?

  116. Dave says:

    TJW & Karen,

    Sorry to tell you but Vodafone will do nothing to help you stop these theives from stealing from both your accounts. They flattly refused me to block these unwanted incoming chargeable sms and virtually told me I was on my own. It cost me qite a few bob. I have been reading about the problems on a few other forums.

  117. Margaret says:

    I spend an hour today on the phone to Zamano and I am so angry. I have never been spoken to in such an insulting way. The irish woman kept telling me that I had subscribed and implied that it was to porn and I know that this is totally not the case. I have a copy of my phone bill and no texts were sent from my phone to this company last month when the texts started. It is disgraceful that they are getting away with this

  118. ken says:

    I wouldn’t bother calling their customer support in Dublin which is the worst that I have ever come across. They will either blatently lie, make false promises or direct you elsewhere. In addition they seem to be uniformly rude and ill imformed.

  119. Katie Boot (Corey Halls Phone) says:

    I have topped my sons mobile up by £35 on 3 different occassions and everytime its been taken by stupid text which you cant reply stop to! Hes only turned 6 on 2nd feb he only uses it for music and to text his uncle which we have to help him with so i know he hasnt requested anything off internet! I am trying to find out how to apply to get it refunded!!! Please help
    Kate Boot

  120. Dave says:

    Katie Boot,
    What was the five figure short code number that you received the text from? (eg: 87654)

  121. susan serjeant says:

    I have had the same problem with tanla mobile who sent me 18 text messages at £1.50 a time without my subscription. My network orange have agreed to take the £27 off my next bill but other people have not been so lucky these companies are no better than thieves and the goverment should do something about this.I have had to contact them again today as even though they have been told to STOP yet another text came through ther website is should be .con

  122. bernie foy says:

    i am sick of topping up my mobil each time i top up they empty my calling credit this has happened on many occasions. i phoned up the customer help line for 02 and they told me that it was a service called zamano that was taking the money out my phone they gave me the number so a phoned them when a finaly got threw to them they put on hold for ages. after speaking to a member of there team for about 20 mins he told me that a could request a full refund and he gave me the website to go onto but a dont seem to be getting any where can anybody help me please

  123. bill says:

    hi bernie,
    what’s the web site? have you any other info? the short code number for instance.
    have you text TOP ALL to the short code?

    why won’t the government do something about this thieving ‘industry’

  124. peabod says:

    hope this helps. reply to text with STOP in capital letters, i’ve been assured this will stop further texts. like me though, say goodbye to the money they already screwed you out of. cheers

  125. bill says:

    Has “The Scream” been censored? All comment on Zamanos activities has been removed from the site.

  126. Dave says:

    Bill – Re Zamano

    Why post this question on The Scream and lets see the response ?

  127. Dave says:

    Bill – Re Zamano

    Why don’t you post this question on The Scream and lets see the response ?

  128. Bill says:

    I did. My comment was deleted and my account and ISP barred.

  129. Dave says:

    Hi Bill,

    There something going on at The-Scream, unless you log in you cannot access the ‘Telcos’ section. It seems that new members are not given access until they make their first post on the forum, which is screened. Also the Admin get very touchy when asked what’s going on. I am told that there was a full scale ‘war of words’ on one thread last week when a memeber asked a question about the situation. Like another forum someone has put the pressure on, it seems that someone is a little upset about the truth of their dodgy dealings, but who?

  130. P*doff says:

    Have you posted on Martin Lewis’s forum They seem to be all in favour of the consumer, as long as you don’t mention Mercury Telecoms………

  131. Tom says:

    I came here purely by accident as on my monthly o2 bill there is a mysterious 800 number. I dont call 0800 or 0845 numbers, no one else uses my phone and I am perplexed so went to see if I could track down or do a reverse lookup of this number (same every month) that appears on my bill. Needless to say Im shocked at what Ive read and Im really just chasing up a few pounds that appear magically every month from a mystery number. Some of whats happening to people here would make me tell my ISP to whistle for their bills, make them sign for their phone returned registered delivery, point blank refuse to pay the outstanding contract and carry on with someone else. The thing is the consumer doesnt realise how much power he has. British Telecom tried to extort £90 from me 7 years ago. I never paid, told them I never would. They passed the debt to an agency, they in turn never got paid and were politely told if they sent heavies round to force their way in and later claim they were invited in one of them would lose an eye with my kitchen knife. Also that should they be lucky enough to get in the house, theyd have a problem getting back out, and that reciepts could be provided to show that all the furniture and PC equipment was my brothers who lodged with me and that if they wanted my property theyd have to take the clothes off my back. I never heard from them again. In fact when I switched to ADSL i got a BT line same address and same name.
    Im drifting from the point but dont feel impotent in these matters. Give them a frig you attitude, cancel direct debit, let them know you know they will hire an agency for debt recovery and that it doesnt scare you, you’ll be ready and that they will lose. They are only as tough as you allow them to be.
    Regarding this comment early on in the post “Thanks for doing the WHOIS search on onegoallimited, but are you sure your findings are for the actual company that are the instigators of the scam? I went to and the site appears to be geared towards football training, and nothing to do with selling ringtones or premium sms services. Either this website is a fake ?front? for the scammers, or the people involved in the scam are just happen to be using the name and have nothing to do with the domain name?”
    I can verify that the address of The Braes is in Castlemilk in a rundown part of Glasgow. Its rough, voilent and drug ridden. Its certainly not the kind of place youd want to start up a business, unless it was selling crack, in which case youd be a millionaire within months.
    This also backs up the poster who eventually got called back from a peeved Scottish chap. Yep sounds about right. The peeved Scottish chap is the one taking the heat, the complaints, a large chunk of the cash and occasionally dealing with refunds. And all from his pipex account, with his yahoo email address. Very businesslike. No doubt about it this is a scam, it could be classed as a legit business but its the false subscriptions and the brazen forging of subscriptions never documented by any other medium than theirs that takes their scummy business to new heights. Gypsies of the phone scam industry. Now you dont even have to subscribe. They just tarmac your drive and swear to the authorities you asked to have it done, although unlike gypsies I dont think theyve resorted to threatening to bash the old granny over the head if she didnt pay for the tarmaced drive. Problem is when complaining to o2 or whoever your asking o2 to stop profiting from the massive quantities of tar they sell to the gypsies.
    Yes I know its a whacky analogy but it kind of fits. The phone company turns a blind eye because its lucrative for them too and bad for business to kick them into touch. Always the bottom line folks. Just wait till we get a New World Order run by corporations, all conspiring with each other to screw the little guy. And if we all get microchipped complain too much and your chip gets wiped of all funds. Free market capitalism is one thing, but at some point it gets close to a less than 10 men owning everything. Rothschild, Rockefellar, JP Morgan. Im not against one world govt, just the slime that are leading us there. Diabolical scum. Now Im way off topic. Just fight back is all. When they say sorry, say so am I, your not getting this months bill, can you whistle Dixie?

  132. Mike says:

    I am pleased to say that The Scream at: has reopened. The closure was not to do with Zamano BTW as was suggested above.


  133. ben says:

    i also have had this experience,i on 16.05.08 i topped up my o2 for with £10 and then only sent bout 4 text messages at 10p each….within the first 3 hours of toppin up my phone i received 6x premium rate texts from 88844,costing me £9 really it wiped the whole of my credit.i rang my provider and they said that its to do with a company called zamano..and then said he’s going to forward me to them direct to there customer service team full a full refund also to get my details and mobile number removed from there database.(unsubscribe)…but when i got throught to them all i was gettin told told id that they have been tryin to stop it for bout week and for me to email for a full refund of £9.00 via cheque or bank of yet i have yet to contact them as found this site first..


  134. bryan says:

    Their so called “customer service” is very much part of the scam. They will either

    1 Tell you that someone will “look into ” your complaint and get back to you
    2 promise you a refund that you will never get.
    3 Pass the buck to some other company which is usually either uncontactable or will give you another runaround.

    They have years of experience at fobbing off angry victims and millions in profits from doing so successfully.

  135. Mobgizmo says:


    I write for a mobile industry blog. I recently wrote a blog about Celldorado and how they are frauds. I uncovered a little scam they had going in Australia.

    Read more about the Celldorado scam here:

    Also, by the way, I hate the fact these rip off companies make other content providers look bad. Not every ringtone company and content provider is out there to get you. In fact, a lot of them actually provide legitimate subscription services that consumers actually enjoy and use on a regular basis. It’s the bad apples in the bunch that ruin it for everyone.

    Celldorado needs to be stopped! They are owned by Blinck

  136. bryan says:

    Zamano just received a £20,000 fine for their Celldorado scam (they will pay it out of the millions they made) but c’mon “an X Ray scanner that can see through clothes” maybe the suckers deserved to be ripped off for stupidity

  137. bryan says:

    Are Australians really that stupid? just read through the link above and Zamano would never think that engish mobile users would fall for something so ridicolous (although I stand open to correction) instead zamano usually promises free MP4 players to english suckers

    from the aussie forum
    “Celldorado deliberately created this fake Xray product to confuse the Australian public and taint all future Xray products released by competing mobile content providers. Not only are Celldorado taking your money, they are also using dirty tactics to bring down their competitors. They need to be stopped!”

  138. onnsein says:

    There appears to be another scam. I have been charged £5 for a service (presumably ringtone ) 3 times on the same day via virgin mobile. I contact Virgin Mobile and complain about such charges and they give me a phone number of MDLox to call as their records show that i had texted for this service. My wife calls up the phone number of this company as provided by Virgin Media and they keep you on hold for 15 minutes. After enquiring for name of this company, she is am told it is TWO WAY TRAFFIC. Then someone answers and says hold on. Nobody answers and after a few more calls, the same long wait and nobody answers. The text no i allegedly sent to was 85115. I did not sent or at least did not request for such services- whatever it was. My wife who was in charge of the phone said she did not remember this service but there may have been a text promoting this service – to which she would have replied no. It is amazing how this scam is growing and the phone providers are not cooperative in investigating the scam or alleged scam. Will appreciate any advise on how to get refund.

  139. adri says:

    this is crazy this morning ”’7-11-08” i top up my phone and all my credit as gone in 4 text mesages from this number 66033 i whent to vodafone shop and the guy said they can’t do nothing and advise me to text STOP back to them
    and where is my money???? now i dont have money and no credit on the phone to send STOP and i dont know how much they charge me to text them

  140. Paul says:

    I started receiving these texts from 85115 in October but only today looked at my bill. At least £4.25 every day since Oct. Contact vodafone and they say they know its a scam but can’t do anything except give me the company name “M Blox ltd and telephone number 0203 0262817.
    MBlox say I agreed to the subscription and am now removed. They say someone will contact me within 36 to 72 hours to discuss. But I don’t hold out much hope. What a scam and it seems condoned by Vodafone.

  141. Vik says:

    I am on Orange PAYG and recently topped up my phone with £10. I made 4 phone calls (….to family) and all my credit has gone.

    Called Orange who advise I have subscribed to a service and the texts received is from a company called Tanla Mobile. They have charged me £1.50 a text. Orange advised me to send the text STOP ALL to 78181.

    They also gave me the number for Tanla mobile 0844 8845050.

    I have sent the text and will also phone them.

  142. Joanne says:

    Put 10 euro on my phone on the 3rd of January and after one text and a quick phone call me credit depleted by 7.50 I was angry to the point of distraction blaming myself???????? I forgot about it KINDOF and put it down to a one off mystery (dumb yes) on the 9th of January four messages offering some servive provider message came up on my phone. I deleted them and 7.50 disappeared . Fifteen euro down i contacted vodaphone who were able to see the money exiting on the two days and that i was paying for three message service messages on both days at a cost of 2.50 euro each. I insisted i didnt ask for them and she said she didnt know how they were getting away with it and that if she was running a business like that she could retire. Great. She told me to text STOP to 57030. I asked her what was I getting for my money anyway and she told me nothing. i asked her if she had a name and address attached to this circus and all she had was the name ZAMONA and the phone number 0818 300048. I rang this and when asked for a 10 degit number realised I had to punch in my mobile number to talk to a human. This human insisted i had somehow subscribed to all of this nonsense and I insisted I had not. Then she was able to say it linked to a text I had sent on Christmas day. What the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had texted XMAS to the number 50015 on christmas Day to enter a competition for a holiday or something. Hardly ever do it but hey it was Christmas. SO this lady was insisting in the small print it told me I was in for all of this. I told her i entered a competition for a holiday off the tele and hardly got to read such terms plus I told her this was nonsense. She could not tell me what you were getting for fifteen euro and I mentioned how if I was on a bill phone I would never have spotted it in the first place. She promised someone from accounts would ring me back….still waiting. I think the competition may be providing the phone numbers maybe unknowns to them dont know. Will ring Zamona tomorrow armed with the knowledge that I dont seem to be the only one.Now I wonder if this opperator from Zamona could quote the text I made to the Christmas competition , a link that was not made by Vodafone do they have access to my address book aswell. Will be ringing Vodafone also tomorrow. What a bloody inconvienance. Thank you all for the information.

  143. Toomas says:

    Again another recent mobile scam coming from UK! They trap consumers through a website (, and then pressurize consumer to send money through Western Union. After getting money they just disappear.

    Here is some of their conversation:

    please be aware of them


  144. Jack says:

    I was sent FOUR messages from zamano saying that I had 600 free messages a month. Each charging me £1.50 per text message. Thats £9 for something I didn’t request for, I called up vodaphone and asked why this has happened and they said it was a scam and gave me the email address of zamano so they could arrange a re-fund. I emailed them but the messages they send back are automated and all you get is a reference number, (which you can’t do anything with). Has anyboyy sucessly received a refund and how?

  145. lewis says:

    Unfortunately the regulators are toothless tigers, sponsored by the very ones they regulate. They take an age to bring the crooks to court.

    The fines by regulators are a joke and do not deter the crooks.

    The government/trade and industry departments are not interested.

    Despite standard reply letters from service providers expressing that they are taking these matters seriously – they are conspicous by their inaction. The revenue they get through routing 3rd party messages are above any morality they feel for subscibers.

    It is easier to get a politician to answer a direct question than to contact the crooks like Zamano, Tanla, 2Comm…..

    It’s in our hands, we have done without mobiles before and we can do it again. We all should stop mobile usage for a month or two by announcement of a certain date.

    Me – since doing battle for months with all the above have not topped up my mobile since June last year. Do I miss it? Is it inconvenient? Hell no – just peaceful and more money in my pocket.

  146. solitair says:

    this has been going on a long time hasn’t it? I say this because my daughter has just come complaining about this 801022 txt and I found this site through google. No one has mentioned if their Orange phone is a contract phone or a pay as you go one but tomorrow I phone Orange and the other numbers.

    Thanks for the information which will help me I’m sure. Where the hell they got her number from I’ve no idea.

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