Achtung! Cat Blog Alert!

Tiger still doesn’t have much hair. It might take about 18 months for him to get his full coat. So when the temperature drops outside he’s not a happy little guy. I decided that he might benefit from a jumper. He’s too tiny to fit into a store bought one… so I cut the fingers off a wool glove. Seriously. He’s so little he’s wearing a glove

Come on. That’s cute.

18 Responses to “Achtung! Cat Blog Alert!”
  1. marilyn says:

    A glove? That is cute!

  2. Jas says:

    I know how he feels. It is bloody parky here in Zurich. I will not be here long though…

  3. giagia says:

    Where are you going, Jas?

  4. R.J. says:

    He looks really happy to be wearing that. There’s gratitude for yer!

  5. John says:

    And this sells wine and movies how?

  6. Lloyd says:

    awww, even I’m chuckling at this one :P

    btw – best. header graphic. ever.

  7. giagia says:

    RJ – Devon Rex’s all seem to photograph grumpy/evil.

    Lloyd- which image was up there? I’ve got them on rotate so that a different one loads for you each time you load the page…

  8. Jas says:

    I’m bound for the Bay, woo :-)

  9. vince says:

    Hey is Tiger scanning his bum for the office cats?

  10. Suw says:

    You could always use the chopped off fingers as ear muffs for him. Waste not, want not… although I’m not sure Tiger would appreciate that sentiment.

  11. Michal says:

    Hi Gia , how you doing?
    Tiger is so cute, what an interesting outfit he got as well ;).

  12. giagia says:

    Michal- hi! I’m doing v well (despite my subtle annoyance elsewhere ;). How are you?

  13. Michal says:

    I’m doing fine as well.
    Will take a wild guess where the subtle annoyance is taking place .

  14. Jas says:

    Wouldn’t the chopped-off fingers make good leggings for a small cat?

  15. giagia says:

    They would, Jas… Yesterday I saw some child’s mittens connected with yarn on the pavement. They would have worked as ear warmers…

  16. Lloyd says:

    eew – you see, cats don’t get human clothing, they read this stuff and they go “chopped-off fingers”…blah blah…”ear muffs”…blah blah…”leggings” and they get it into their head that human mutilation is acceptable for the benefit of the felinocracy. Well they’re not chopping my bloody fingers off!

    gia, it was the dreamy one of you (with your hair down and therefore unrecognisable) looking up and capturing your essence of innocent peskiness.

  17. giagia says:

    “innocent peskiness” heh… That’s me.

  18. Jas says:

    A cat would never ask a human to cut their fingers off; how would they operate the tin opener then?