There’s going to be a ‘titted geek’ (according to Charlie) on the next series of Screenwipe… Unless, I was completely shite… If I wasn’t shite I’ll be talking about video on t’web. Here’s me and Charlie the other day: Here’s us about 2 years ago on the set of Nathan Barley: Here’s us about 6 […]

Celebrity Big Brother Jade and Shilpa

Yes, I’m watching it… fairly obsessively. Yes, I think it’s racism… fairly obviously. Someone from Acetate Cowboys has made a song using the best line from last night: Your Claim To Fame Is This

Sunshine Trailer

This isn’t supposed to be released until tomorrow’s big-huge-worldwide-massive surely-everyone-is-going-to-explode-with-excitement launch of the international trailer on loads and loads of international websites. It’s all so secretive that even *I* haven’t been told what all those sites are… And then a Sunshine reader goes and finds it on a video sharing site… in the Searchlight account. […]


I’ve got to take a break from blogging here for a bit. I’m not sure how long. :-/ Apart from work-related things, I just seem to be overwhelmed by life at the moment. And not by the kinds of things I want to write about. It’s all a bit chaotic and I’m frazzled. It’s been […]