Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions

This is just for Duluth people. Pass it on…

Dear current or former Duluthian,

Do you have a story about your childhood in Duluth? My siblings and I grew up in the Central Hillside of Duluth and feel that our experiences there were unique and are not often reflected back to us in the media. In the 70s and 80s, Duluth and the rest of Northern Minnesota experienced a severe decline in industry along with high unemployment rates. At the same time, Duluth was home to the most liberal voting caucus in Minnesota and the rest of the US.

Duluth gave rise to some of the most interesting and creative people we’ve ever known, as well as some of the most depressed and dysfunctional. Living in Duluth is a unique and distinct urban experience set in exceptional natural beauty, with the lake to mediate it all.

Please help us to compile stories written by people who spent a portion of their childhood in Duluth, MN. What are your memories and highlights of growing up in Duluth? How did your impressions of Duluth change once you moved or spent time in other places?

We intend to produce an anthology of stories of people’s experiences growing up in Duluth. We are currently asking for submissions of short fiction, non-fiction, prose, or poetry between 150 and 1200 words to be submitted electronically to by May 31, 2007. We will also accept photos, drawings or other representations of Duluth that can be sent by email. We ask that the names in any non-fiction compositions be changed to respect the privacy of our fellow Duluthians, unless of course the piece is en memoriam.

As we move closer to the publication process of the anthology we will:
1) Inform you about whether or not your piece will be included;
2) Ask you to sign a publication release form for your contribution; and
3) Involve you in the editing process of your work.

Thank you!

Rosey Jencks, Marey Jencks and Peter Leopold

I need time to do this…

2 Responses to “Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions”
  1. Kelsey Jones-Casey says:

    Peter (et all)!

    Do you remember me from Marshall? I’m interested in contributing to the anthology (if I can produce something by May). But I would like to see the finished result regardless. And what are you doing these days, Peter? I’ve been in Seattle since 2005…and am actually considering moving back to D-Town in the next couple of years.


  2. giagia says:


    You might enjoy this place for ’80s Duluthians’. :)