iTunes, CERN and Dr. Who

Brian took John Barrowman ie Captain Jack from Dr. Who and Torchwood to CERN the other week. Those of you with iTunes will be able to listen to it here. Non-iTunes people can get it here. It’s very funny. And cheeky.

11 Responses to “iTunes, CERN and Dr. Who”
  1. Jas says:

    John Barrowman scares me.

    I saw him on the telly the other day. Charlie Brooker found a clip of him from about ten years ago. He looks exactly the same. He hasn’t aged a day. I suspect, therefore, that he is actually a fictional character.

    Here’s part of the (very short) clip:

  2. John Dodds says:

    Brian appears to be spending a worrying proportion of his time with pretty boys!

  3. giagia says:

    Yep…But in this case a pretty boy who promises to show him how to use his ‘big ring’… *ahem*…

    Jas, it *is* bizarre. I *totally* remember Barrowman from 10 years ago (slightly more, in fact) as he was presenting a teen entertainment programme. As *I* was presenting one at the time I religiously watched every other one and Barrowman being American stuck in my mind. I can’t remember which show he was on though- in my mind it was ITV Saturday morning, but as I’ve got to go and pack for my trip to Moscow tomorrow I don’t really have the time to Google…

  4. Amanda says:

    I think “holy moly” describes it perfectly. x)

    My favorite part about the podcast is that I can actually understand a lot of what Brian’s talking about. I have a feeling if it were someone else I’d end up completely lost, but he’s got a gift when it comes to explaining such complex ideas.

    I got a good chuckle out of the “I hope they appear tomorrow. I’d love it. I think.”

    Anyhow… I subscribed. It was wonderful. Excellent first episode! =)

    (By the way, the info for that episode says “Dr Brain Cox” instead of “Brian.”)

  5. whitearrow says:

    John Barrowman has definitely aged, he’s just gotten better looking with each passing year. Damn disturbing how some people manage to do that.

  6. Jen says:

    It was Live and Kicking that John used to present. :)

    And yes, it really is odd how little he’s aged…and despite stopping Physics after Standard Grade, I understood most of what Brian was saying – makes a very nice change. ;)

  7. vince says:

    if you can’t get your head around that /(contenu)/ contents corner.

  8. vince says:

    our boy Dr. B talks about the Big Bang in Edinburgh for the Glasgow Herald….

  9. vince says:

    Ok those who don’t have iTunes and are Flash can give it a try here but it’s under development and it’s 27min 33 secs long.

  10. vince says:

    John Barrowman’s website has been updated with photos of his visit to CERN and a link to the mp3 file.