Lord Vader, Rise.

I’d thoroughly recommend the Star Wars Exhibition in London. We had an excellent time… I want to go back.

4 Responses to “Lord Vader, Rise.”
  1. Jas says:

    I would, but Star Wars is dead to me now. George Lucas killed it with his horrible, horrible writing and utterly terrible characterisations.

  2. Penny says:

    Interesting juxtaposition of Brian with Yoda. He has the same gleeful, mischevious expression in his eyes that Yoda had during his first scenes in ‘Empire’.

    If you think about what 800-something years of aging (and living in a REALLY moldy house) would do to one’s looks and apply a little (ok ALOT) of extrapolation, one could perhaps see that pic as representing an old man reflecting upon his vibrant youth, i.e.: ‘Yoda remembering his youthful heyday before he became short, bald, and green and went to live in a swamp’.

    Well, okay maybe not…;)

    Jas, I agree with you somewhat. I had great hopes for ‘The Phantom Menace’; these hopes were dashed as soon as Jar-Jar came onscreen. The best aspect of the second trilogy was the visuals. I know what he was trying to do with the storyline (the rise of Palpatine, etc, etc), but he needed somebody to come in and clean up that dialogue and direct the movie for him. The third installment of the trilogy was the best, I think, but the best ‘Star Wars’ movie would still have to be ‘Empire Strikes Back’.

  3. Braylin says:

    @Penny – Sure Jar-Jar spoiled the prequels for you, but imagine having a family member who perfectly resembles him! *sigh*

    @Gia – I love Star Wars (old & new)! More reason to go back… *sigh some more*

  4. james says:

    star wars is the shit………period.