They Say It’s Your Birthday

Mark Neonbubble just reminded me of a year ago tomorrow when I asked for my Wikipedia page to be first created, then defiled as a birthday pressie. At one point it read:

Gia (born July 11) is neither Italian, Serbian or English – she’s a Minnesotan (short in stature, but loud, very loud) who came to the UK in search of fame and big-haired rock stars and settled for presenting on the telly, writing blogs, being married to Dr Brian Cox and being mum to Alex.

She loves cats, blogs, cat blogs, gently fondling her extraordinarily large but often well-hidden breasts and despite being a pale basement dwelling techno geek is a mean shot with a wine cork.

Gia has spent so much time connected to the interweb that her hands are immersed inside her computer’s innards much like a child’s fists in a vat of custard, and by wriggling her digits in that delicious cybergoo she can make all kinds of wonderful things happen. Of course, fondling one’s breasts while your hands are deep within electronic soup is a feat in itself, thus proving how amazing Gia actually is.

It is a little known fact that in the late 80s, Gia invented the Human Skull. Up until that point – although they’d never admit it – most people were just wearing a form of reinforced balaclava. 99% of humanity are still waiting for her to invent a kind of Human Brain to put inside it since theirs are a little bit rubbish.

This year, I’ve actually got a proper Wikipedia page (started by Neil Turner. Ta!)… though it’s a bit sparse. *ahem*

13 Responses to “They Say It’s Your Birthday”
  1. Happy Birthday Gia!
    I hope it becomes one hell out of wild and adventurous day!

    I’m still waiting for someone to begin on my wikipedia page ;)

  2. Hi Gia – Im cracking myself up finding out (from your wikipedia page) that Brian played keyboard in D:ream… THIIINNNGSSS CAAAN ONLY GET BEEETTTEERR!… hilarious.. and serious of course =)

  3. Neil Turner says:

    Actually it was me who created the page, if you look at the first entry in the history log…

    Anyhiw, happy birthday and best wishes for the rest of the year :)

  4. Penny says:

    Happy birthday, Gia! I hope you are getting a lot of birthday presents, eating many sinful goodies, drinking a lot of wine, and getting whatever else it is you want.

    I hope you don’t have to work today! ;)

    I’d seen your wiki page earlier, but somebody must have updated it, as I can’t remember it mentioning D:Ream.

  5. giagia says:

    Neil! Sorry. I vaguely remembered the name Turner. Sorry. I’ll change my post.

  6. giagia says:

    Penny, it’s Brian’s page which mentions D:Ream. Heh-heh.

  7. Penny says:

    Holy shit! Brian’s hair was the same length as mine is now! :lol:
    My husband can’t grow out his hair like that–it turns into an afro, and he gets that ‘hedge-head’ look

    I’m glad Neil put up a link to your updated CV, as I hadn’t read it recently. You’ve added quite a few things to the ‘presenter’ category that I hadn’t known about.

    We get BBC America as part of our shitty cable network package (Verizon–sucks the big one, but they have a monopoly where we live). I’ll look for your new stuff on the BBCa website to see if they are either airing it or have downloaded YouTube clips.

  8. giagia says:

    Penny, I’ve not added anything to my Wikipedia page! I *want* there to be ridiculous things on there that one day someone will take as fact!!

  9. Penny says:

    Gia, the stuff I was talking about was on your CV at Sue Rider’s website.

    Now, I’m confused…

  10. Penny says:

    Your CVs are different from website to website too. The one on Sue Rider’s site (–which the wiki page links to–has the following stuff which I hadn’t seen previously:

    Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe – BBC4 (2007)
    Sex Court – E4 pilot (2007)
    The Cinema Show – BBC Four (2006-07)
    LBC Radio – Contributor (2006-07)

    I knew about the Screenwipe, but the other stuff is new.

    Your other CV at has everything up through 2006, but I’m guessing that you may not updating that one, as it links back to your old blog.

  11. giagia says:

    Ahhh. *My* CV on my site. Yea. I tend not to put “little” things on it. The CV on Sue’s site is for tv only so she has all bits and bobs I do on it.

  12. RC says:

    Happy belated birthday, Gia!

  13. Titi says:

    Better late than never … Happy birthday