QR Code Hits The UK

Yes! My first 28 Weeks Later billboard is up!!

Thanks to Iain at CrackUnit for the photo and the post, and thanks to John Dodds for telling me about it.

OK, kids, I’ve introduced QR Codes publicly into the UK (and you’ll, no doubt, be hearing more about it in the coming weeks), it’s now up to you to start getting creative with them… Who’s gonna be next and what exciting things can you get it to do?

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  1. Lloyd says:

    I was thinking of using them on membership cards/badges for the social media café or, err… something

  2. Dave Medlo says:

    Uh oh, it looks like a suspicious device to me… just to be on the safe side I had better call homeland security.

  3. Kosso says:

    That’s a GREAT idea! nice one!

    I’ve been looing at these for a while. I recently saw some flyers on a lampost in Boston with them too for a band.

    Are these compatible with the Nokia Barcode reader? You can generate the Nokia ones at

  4. It looks great! Can’t wait till I see such an campaign here in the Netherlands.

  5. giagia says:

    Thanks, Marc! All it takes is a company with a willingness to just try something new… admittedly, there aren’t that many of those companies around. Luckily, the people I work w in Fox in the UK are very cool and keen to try new things.

  6. Dragon says:

    Excellent! Now if only I could get that software onto my mobile…

    Incidentally, are the contact details on your blog still correct?

  7. giagia says:

    Dragon- Try i-nigma for a reader. They’ve got a UK number which you can SMS then they send instructions on what to do… They have the reader that’s on something like 60% of Japanese phones…

    And yes, contact details are correct. :)

  8. giagia says:

    @ Kosso – I just found your comment in my spam! Those codes are called Datamatrix codes and I *think* the Nokia N95 decodes those as well (I’ve not tried yet). QR Codes, however, are the most popular ones in Japan.

  9. Penny says:

    Gia, I gather from the bit of text from your Facebook page visible on your blog that you fell down something, off of something, or over something and hurt yourself. I can sympathize, as I am recuperating from a sprained ankle at the moment.

    I hope you are feeling better and on the mend. :) I’m not on Facebook, so this is the only place I could think to put this.

  10. The Nokia reader will read QR and Datamatrix codes. So will the Kaywa reader and the i-Nigma reader. I just relocated to Amsterdam after 5 years in Tokyo and there are a load of applications for 2D codes. Most common is to direct someone to a mobile site or transfer contact information. I was a little surprised to find that the code in the picture above only contains a text message. I guess the code itself brings more intrigue to the campaign than the message.

    In Japan QR is king, but here in the west there is a lot more fragmentation in the technology (shotcode, trillcode, mcode, aztec, etc.). Personally I hope QR and/or Datamatrix win out. The Pondering Primate has a great ongoing list of companies that work with this technology.

  11. giagia says:

    Thanks for that, Stephen… Yea the code in the image is *very* basic on purpose. We were very concerned that we didn’t want people to have to pay to access the internet on their mobile at this point… at least until they know a bit more about QR Codes and what they can choose to opt into.

    We are, however, launching *another* code on Monday which *does* have a url in it which contains a link to a ‘secret hidden page’ where there are some extras from the 28 Weeks Later DVD and some short 28 Days/Weeks Later films…

  12. Hugh says:

    Of all the phones that i-nigma supports, mine isn’t one of them….. ah well – will have to wait until I get a new phone…

  13. giagia says:

    Hugh, have you tried Kaywa? They might just do the same phones, but it’s worth a try.

  14. Hugh says:

    Unfortunately no…. I think I’ll just have to accept that I’ve got a crap phone (it makes phone calls and sends and receives text messages…. what more should I want? ;-) )

  15. Roudoudou says:

    Take a look at http://www.jaxo.com. It’s all free!

  16. Duncan says:

    Hi Gia,

    Very randomly, loved what you did with the 28 days later QR. Prompted me to do a lot more reading about it and to put the Kaywa reader on my phone.

    So unsurprisingly I’ve now been looking out for any I might see on the street (mainly because I’ve been toying with the potential for QR sticker guerilla – for want of a better word, guerilla is awful… – campaigns).

    So – I was intrigued to see, on a phone booth near Russell Square – such a sticker. The sticker also has a number on it, and it’s the same number that the QR reader brings up. It’s this:


    Have predictably tried it as a phone number and tried Googling it, but to no avail… So certainly overly exclusive, but still intriguing. ANy ideas anyone?

  17. The problem with QR Codes use is that most people dont bother to send people using the code to a website specifically designed for a mobile platform. Not all websites are compatible with all mobile devices. We offer our clients true mobile sites, that are dynamic and built to function across all mobile platforms making the web browsing function just as easy to use as the qr code experience. Please see more about Brand Attention’s Services Below:

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  18. Nick says:

    We’ve just built a very simple (no configuration required) qr widget for wordpress. Its handy as it provides a mobile version of the site provided you are using a recent build of wordpress.

    Check it out and we would love to hear what you think:



  19. Max Waterman says:

    I use QR codes to make it easier for phone users to install my application – it links directly to the sis file. See http://emz.yi.org/emdigo/sis/C3D-auto.png for more :)

  20. graham says:

    I just heard the BBC World Service radio programme and heard about a 3G video dating agency. I went onto the bbc site to get more information and they were using a QR Code. When i clicked on it with my phone i went straight to a mobile optimised site that gave me a voucher and let me sign up straight away – AMAZING!

    Try it yourself it’s brilliant… http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/digital_planet.shtml

  21. Manchester Art Gallery is trialling QR codes in its Remembering Slavery: Revealing History display. From 1-29 March visitors will be able to use their mobile phones to retrieve specially designed web pages. The pages invite visitors to submit comments on six works on show, and listen to and read poems and comments on some of the objects.

    More information on the display is at http://www.manchestergalleries.org/whats-on/community-programmes/current-projects/

    The project was initiated by Julian Tomlin, a freelance consultant who is undertaking a review of machine-readable technologies in museums for a consortium of London museums.

    Come to the Gallery on Moseley Street, Manchester and try out your phone. On Saturday 1 March there will be people on hand to offer some guidance. Let us know what you think of this emerging technology.

  22. Ian Foster says:

    One limitation with printed QR codes is that the webpage the QR Code points to is static. If you change your domain name or want visitors to go to an alternative webpage after you’ve printed your QR code on your T-shirt, literature then your stuck. http://www.qrme.co.uk allows you to point your QR code to any webpage and allows you to update your QRme profile anytime to point your QRcode to a new website. Effectively giving you a dynamic QR code.

    Give it a try. its free.


  23. Alex says:

    I found a good website on QR code. You can generate barcodes, decode them with mobiles, etc. : http://www.jaxo-systems.com

  24. Perry says:

    Cool Stuff!

    Check out these free embeddable QR code flash players that enable people to download the video clip that they are watching or the song that they are listening to using a QR code!

    Basically, people watch the video clips or listen to the songs, and if they loved it, download them directly to their phone by scanning a QR code or by typing the shown Checkout link on their phone’s browser. They then land on a page where they can find more info about the content they are about to download. Furthermore, the composers of these video clips or songs can charge the users for their content using Google Checkout, PayPal or Bango. See the demos below:



  25. Perry says:

    Google Maps with QR codes! Check it out – http://www.ventipix.com/qrcodemap.html

  26. lazaro says:

    hello, in the picture said …

    SEPTEMBER 10 th ”

    jejejej greeting for all


  27. Damon says:

    Ive heard a lot about these things thru iPhone apps, but have never seen one on any form of packaging in the UK. Why are we so far behind what constitutes “normal” in the US and especially Japan.

    Cmon UK, get to it so consumers can pricecheck instore!!

    BTW Gia, just found your site, looks great. :)

  28. ken says:

    When QR codes first came out in Japan companies like DoCoMo had to teach the public how to use them

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