Brian On MPR

Minnesota Public Radio is one of the very best radio stations in the world. Of course, being from Minnesota originally, I could be biased… :) Brian was on today as a guest during an hour-long phone-in programme talking about CERN and physics generally. You can listen to the whole programme here. For more on CERN, […]


I can’t get enough of it. I. Cannot. Get. Enough. I’m even using it as my ringtone… See the original here…

Senator Sues God

This is so excellent. [The Lawsuit] seeks a permanent injunction ordering God to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats. … In the lawsuit Chambers says he’s tried to contact God numerous times, “Plaintiff, despite reasonable efforts to effectuate personal service upon Defendant (“Come out, come out, wherever you are”) has been […]

Unsupervised Play

This weekend I went out to the supermarket and left my son at home (cos apparently shopping is ‘boring’). After connecting most of my furniture together with string and finding seemingly hundreds of monkeys in the house and putting them in the livingroom, this is what he did: Mr. Monkey Trailer from spikedmo on Vimeo.

Me and Brian

Brian and I have been busy lately. Here are a couple examples of what we’ve been doing.

House Keeping

Since 28 Weeks Later was released this week, my work on it has wound down. I’ve got a bit of time this morning feel it’s time to update my blog. If it looks all messed up here, I’m just playin’ around. ******* OK, I’ve gone 3 column K2. Nice… I’ve also made it mobile-compatible, though […]

Spread The Virus

It’s up at HMV Oxford Street.

Code Red

Save the image to your computer (right-click/save as; on a Mac ctrl-click/save image as). Then go to this page where you can decode it (you can also encode your own messages and send them to your friends). In the decoded message is the url for a page you can only find by decoding the above […]

QR Code Hits The UK

Yes! My first 28 Weeks Later billboard is up!! Thanks to Iain at CrackUnit for the photo and the post, and thanks to John Dodds for telling me about it. OK, kids, I’ve introduced QR Codes publicly into the UK (and you’ll, no doubt, be hearing more about it in the coming weeks), it’s now […]

Spend Your Days In The Sunshiiiine

Well, today Sunshine was released on DVD. I thought I’d take this chance to just share some of my Sunshine memories (well the ones which come with photographs which I can more or less make public) from the past two years… During filming at 3 Mills Studios, I carried my ‘office’ with me to and […]

I Heart Jeremy Paxman

My first job in television was in 1992. I was hired as a presenter on a teenage entertainment programme. I reviewed films, interviewed actors and pop stars and had loads of fun with Gareth. Within the first month or two of me being hired, I was interviewed by the Head of Marketing at the channel. […]

Wow. People Are Funny

Following on from my previous post… I just saw this funny video– “If Business Meetings Were Like Internet Comments”…

Wow. People Are Crap

As you know, I started doing the Sunshine website two years ago. My role was to be the eyes and ears of the film for the fans. I was on set every day writing about the filming process. When that was finished and it entered its long post-production stage, I continued to write on the […]

Global Warming Y2K Bug?!

Wow. If this is true this might be a really big deal: 1998 is no longer the hottest year of last century. Fram Daily Tech: While inspecting historical temperature graphs, Steve McIntyre, ( noticed a strange discontinuity, or “jump” in many locations, all occurring around the time of January, 2000. These graphs were created by […]


I’ve been buried under a mound consisting of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and even, yes, Flash. I’m doing four different jobs at the moment and it’s incredibly difficult to juggle them all… Ugh. Anyone have any tips on how to actually do this many jobs at once and actually dedicate enough time to each of them? […]


I think this clip puts the whole ‘editing for dramatic purposes’ thing at the BBC into perspective. The people driving the cars in this clip are *amateur members of the public*…