Science Valentines

Scientists in love. I just read Phil Plait’s I Cardiovascular You post and he linked to Ironic Sans’ Scientist Valentines post. They inspired me to do my own!

Go on, you do one now!

5 Responses to “Science Valentines”
  1. Phil Plait says:

    You know he used to play bongos naked, right?

  2. giagia says:

    Heh. I don’t doubt it.

    When I first met Brian I was reading James Gleick’s book on Feynman and told Brian how I thought Feynman was a ‘horndog’. I think that and the fact that I only started speaking to him once I found out he worked at CERN and *wasn’t* – as I had thought he was – a dumbassed former “pop star” was why he fancied me. (Well, that or the fact that when we very first met I was dancing in a cage wearing PVC trousers and a fishnet top… but we’ll gloss over that for now)

    I’m *totally* going to give this Valentine to him. :)

  3. Christian X Burnham says:

    Feynman gets all the girls, even when he’s dead they still fancy him damnit.

  4. Richard B. Drumm says:

    I would think one’s uh, package could get in the way, so-to-speak…