Friday @ TED

Well, Brian did his talk. It was very well received. I was so happy for and proud of him.

Here are a few photos from the past few days.


Dork Dressed up

Two Dorks Ready For Dinner
Getting Ready For Dinner @TED

Brian @ Dinner @ TED

It’s Freakin’ Sputnik, For Christ’s Sake!!!
It's Freakin' Sputnik!!!

Brian On Stage – The only photo I took. I didn’t even look at the camera when taking it. I hope we can get copies of TED’s photos!
Brian on Stage

2 Responses to “Friday @ TED”
  1. mitchell porter says:

    Gia – do you know about BIL A follow-up to TED, also in Monterey. The founding sponsor is SIAI, who are the center of Friendly AI research. Perhaps you could pay them a visit.

  2. giagia says:

    Yep. BIL starts today. We, however, are going back to San Francisco for a couple days before flying back to London. We need a holiday after TED. :)