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Wow! My unboxing of the X Files script video has got about 2,000 views in a day. X Files fans are talking about it all over the place. Most are excited and supportive. A few, however, are very negative. Hostile even.

It makes me think about ‘belief’ and how our own personal attitudes colour our view of reality. Some of the X Files fans who think that my video is fake and that I a) didn’t really get the script sent to me b) am not working for Fox c) invented ‘the hoax’ myself for some unknown reason, are unwilling to accept any ‘proof’ I give to them. They remain ‘unbelievers’ in the face of ‘the facts’.

I’ve signed NDAs forbidding me from releasing *any* information about the plot or the characters unless Frank Spotnitz personally approves it, so, I couldn’t tell the ‘unbelievers’ anything from the film to make them believe me, anyway… BUT even if I could – let’s say that in the new film David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amada Peet and Xzibit are part of a quintet of ghost hunters who drive around in a green van unmasking villians. Did I say ‘quintet’? Yes, the fifth member is Scully’s dog, Queequeg ;)- then how would the ‘unbelievers’ know if I was telling the truth or not? They wouldn’t… until they see the film for themselves. Until then, they would still be able to remain ‘unbelievers’.

I think you might be able to see where this is heading…

This is very much like religious fundies who have chosen to view the world in one way and not accept anything that doesn’t fit perfectly within that view. They can be given facts and proof and logic ’til the cows come home and yet until they are able to ‘see’ those things for themselves, they can easily, happily and comfortably remain in their own little world, ‘unbelievers’ of science.

I do wonder what the hostile X Files fans will do as it becomes more and more obvious that I am telling the truth? Will they become even more hostile – like religious fundies do as the space their beliefs can logically exist becomes smaller and smaller? Or will they face the facts, accept that I am telling the truth… and apologise for their hostile words…?

I shall wait and see. :)

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  1. Liar! Queequeg was eaten by the giant croc.

    And you worry about YouTube commenters? Heh. I learned long ago to not read YT comments. Many, of course, are fine, but a solid fraction are from people who really should… well, to be polite, shouldn’t be allowed unfettered access to a keyboard.

  2. giagia says:

    Shit. You caught me. I was lying about the Queequeg-Doo film. Jeez, now my credibility is totally in the toilet.

  3. I thought he was eaten by a whale? But don’t believe you, who’d call their dog Queequeg, can you imagine calling that in the park???

  4. giagia says:

    Wasn’t it some kind of water monster? That episode’s not one I’ve watched recently. ;)

    I love silly names for dogs. Mr. Muggles is a great one.

  5. Mary says:

    I believe you. :)

    I think the reason for the hostility is that the fans are getting a little restless and are dying to see more promotion done for the movie. At the moment, the trailer seems to be the biggest thing. They are dying to see the trailer, officially in the movie theater and/or on TV. That could partially explain why some are a little…hostile right now. :)

  6. giagia says:

    Thanks, Mary!

    I have to say that I worked for two years on ‘Sunshine’- from pre-filming to the DVD release- and have to say that some of the marketing decisions Fox made were… frustrating to say the least. So I TOTALLY understand. Totally. Totally. Totally. And I didn’t keep quiet about it. For example, I made a fake poster which voiced my feelings about their decision to put back the release date by 6 months… :) (my husband sent it to Andrew Macdonald, the producer of Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later, who then sent it on to the head of Fox Searchlight!)

    So, despite the fact that I work for Fox – though I’m not ‘staff’- I don’t think they are beyond criticism…

  7. Calraigh says:

    Hi Gia,
    I have to say I find your recent foray into vlogging and your blog fascinating.I believe!INow!I think initially everybody is just naturally skeptical and especially in relation to X-Files spoilers as the fanbase is completely inured to it at this stage.Delayed gratification is something I think Chris Carter has made an art form out of!I’m curious as to the trajectory of your involvement however; are you just beginning work on the campaign now?If so, in light of the fact that you are open to criticism your employer, do you not think that it’s quite late in the game to be beginning marketing in earnest?I mean, there has essentially been absolutely no campaign up to this apart from leaked images,a never-updated official site and a one sheet which doesn’t seem to be anywhere.I know there’s budgetary constraints, isn’t there always these days but I’d be interested to know if you had any insight into how Fox intend to proceed with the campaign.Are they relying primarily on the fanbase and word of mouth or will there be a more concerted effort in terms of broadcast media in the months to come?
    I look forwards to your efforts and your words,I like your take on the whole X-File fan experience!

    P.s I followed the trail of breadcrumbs here from your vids on YT and I agree with some of the previous commenters here; some of the commenters there are just fundamentally unhinged.Perspective, not to mention irony, doesn’t seem to be a concept they’re familiar with.Don’t sweat the small stuff!

  8. giagia says:


    I’ve only worked with Fox on a few films, but the ‘proper’ marketing campaign has always taken the same form, more or less: they start their marketing in a small way 3 months before the film is released. It starts with a handful of images released, then magazine articles, maybe some big websites get some images or videos, magazine cover stories, more web stuff, cinema teasers and trailers, interviews on film/entertainment programmes, tv teasers, more magazines and newspapers, tv trailers, product tie-ins, partnerships with shops/companies/websites, billboards, print ads, interviews on chat shows/radio shows, crazy insane last couple weeks of madness when suddenly everyone in the whole world wants something of the film, anything, why didn’t they want this earlier??! aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!I’m going mental!!!!!!!…

    That’s a ‘normal’ way of doing things. It’s pretty difficult to do things *too* early because a) publications aren’t that interested until closer to the release b) Fox doesn’t want everyone to get bored of it by hearing about the film for too long…

    Remember, most people don’t even know this film exists! There are LOADS more people who will end up going to this film than the fans who are active online. And, for Fox at least, they are the important ones to reach.

    The build is slow, but it gets big very quickly from around now. In just under 3 months’ time I can assure you, it’ll be everywhere you look. :)

  9. Calraigh says:

    All I can say is-excellent!I was really interested in if/when the publicity kick-off would happen.It’s great to have such personal feedback from someone directly involved with the project.As a writer I’ve always been a huge fan of the X-Files and am in awe at the skill on display in the rendering of the characters Mulder and Scully and their relationship dynamic.A writer can wait a lifetime for such creative impetus and so I’ve always watched with a mixture of admiration and envy.That said I can’t wait for the film.Christ, I can’t wait for the ad campaign!
    Cheers for the reply Gia,

  10. Lisa says:

    Don’t even sweat it, G. Most of us believe you, and those who don’t probably do and are just jealous :-*

  11. Alyssa says:

    Yeah, seriously, there are always going to be a handful of completely irrational folks out there. Don’t worry about them. The rest of us are excited for you and excited to see what “online things” you have in store for us. :)

  12. Anne says:

    I believe!
    Anyway I understand that you can’t reveal any hints about the plot or characters. But from an objective perspective, is it good? Do you think it will do well in the box office?

  13. Tracy says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the video, Gia — it was quite a lot of fun to watch you open it and to imagine just what is written on those pages. I think anyone who suspects/suspected the video is fake is just jealous, plain and simple. ;) Thanks again for sharing your moment with us!

  14. Val says:

    My question, and the reason most people have a hard time believing this is real, is “Why make this video at all?” What is the motivation behind it? Seems a bit like the purpose is to brag or rub everyone else’s nose in it. Seen in that light I can see why some would have a negative reaction to your video. It doesn’t matter to me whether it is real or not as you can’t reveal anything in the script, either because you don’t have it or because you really do and you signed the NDA.

  15. giagia says:

    Val, I recorded it with no real intentions other than ‘to record it’. ‘Unboxing’ – filming yourself opening a package- is, according to The Register, a new kind of ‘geek porn’. It’s normally done with some new bit of tech that you get.

    If I genuinely was expecting to use the video OR if I thought so many people would watch it, I would have put on some freakin’ make-up! Heh.

  16. Jim in San Francisco says:

    Hi Gia:

    1) Am so happy that a true X-phile will be working on the online marketing for “I Want to Believe.” I hope Fox will listen to your ideas and strategies– they haven’t shown much imagination and/or respect for movie-goers over the last few years, so they definitely need your help. (The way they’re handling the new Shyamalan film has been less than inspiring.)

    My one request is that you avoid the kind of Byzantine viral campaign that Warners has done for The Dark Knight. (Not that you have the time.) While I look forward to any film by Christopher Nolan, I personally find that kind of viral campaign annoying as hell since it’s aimed at the pre-converted: anybody who spends that much time following those bread crumbs is guaranteed to see the film three to five times anyway, so what’s the larger point?…

    2) I’ve been shocked by the hostility and nastiness of a lot of boards regarding this new film. Frankly, I think even if you’d identified yourself on your vlog as someone who has done online marketing, PR, and consulting, you *still* would have gotten a tsunami of shit from some of those morons. It just seems to be part of the new, regressive, and nasty context of postmodern techno discourses in which anonymity and physical isolation and insulation promote and nurture thoughtlessness (not just lack of empathy but also lack of most kinds of reflective thinking) and cruelty.

    Keep us updated when you can…

  17. BKF says:

    Hello Gia,

    I loved your unboxing video :-) I may be in the minority here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more as you go through your XF2 assignment1 ;-) … I think it’s a great — and entertaining — way of keeping folks updated about any backroom promo activities for the film!

    And before I forget, thanks for all the little bits of info you’ve been mentioning in your blog about XF2… keep ’em coming… I really appreciate them!

  18. giagia says:

    Jim, Thanks for your comment! I completely agree with you about the effect the ‘net has had on certain people’s behaviour. It’s not exclusive to X-Philes, I can assure you!

    I have had someone contact my agent and tell her downright lies about me, because they disagreed with my feelings about the state of the British television industry, which I voiced on a tv industry messageboard. I had a fundie Christian post a stream of libelous statements about me (that I peddle pornography, for example) on an extremely high profile website with the aim of getting Fox to fire me after they’d hired me for ‘Sunshine’… because she and I have differing political opinions which we discussed on my blog. A friend of mine received a tsunami of death threats from wingnuts and was offered protection by the police because he made a joke about George Bush which was put up on a website. My husband has received umpteen threats of legal action because he says things like ‘a necklace can’t protect you from electromagnetic radiation’…

    My mistake, always, is that I continually assume that everyone exists within the same logical framework as I do. They clearly don’t.

    One day, I will learn!

  19. giagia says:

    BFK, Thanks!

  20. sean says:

    Hey gia, only rational people believe proof. Believe me, it took me a year to realize that some of the fans aren’t rational. It doesn’t matter if you have Chris Carter standing beside you, they will say its a hologram or a card-board cut out ;o) Ignore them! You just can’t get through to crazy people ;o) Good luck with your job!

  21. Shakir Razak says:


    I thought everyone done that!!

    -isn’t that what camcorders are for??

    1st rule of Internets/comments:

    “prove it”/”where’s the link”

    Isn’t the whole thing about x-files fans, that they want to believe -is that irony?

    Yours kindly,


  22. Kat says:

    Queequeg ftw. I loved the original video. I was dying to know what made you gasp while you were flipping through the script! ;)

    It’s difficult not to be bothered by the crazies. Hell, it’s difficult not to be bothered *for* them. That was an apt analogy that was made about religious fundies. Some particular ones just constantly look for reasons to get upset. For whatever reason they need to project. >.>

  23. Dedra says:

    I just saw your ‘unboxing’ on youtube and I don’t know what kind of reaction I had at first. I was sorta like ‘well, that script certainly looks real’ but I was sort of neutral about the whole thing. All the negative and any bad comments are probably because you’re revealing you have secrets to the FREAKIN’ X-FILES MOVIE! and superfans are, rightly, jealous and interested. The idea of having some behind the scenes knowledge on a franchise you actually care about is mindboggling to me. If it were. I love XF and Buffy so if I were in a position like this I’d just hyperventilate and die. So, I understand how you feel and why you’re so excited. It seems like you posted because at heart you’re just a big XF fan and wanted to share, so I can’t blame you. You shared as much as you could. The only problem with the video is you say nothing of who you are, why you would be getting the script, how you got it, nothing, so you, pardon me, look sort of nutty. Not that you should care, but by saying nothing you’re sort of inviting bad comments. But I’m happy for you, good to be working on something you actually want to be working on.

  24. Antonella says:

    Hi Gia!
    I heard of your youtube video unvailing of the scrip on the X-Files MSG board : X-Files Ultimate.


    I for one can’t wait for the publicity of this movie to be EVERYWHERE! I’ve never stopped being a HUGE fan of this show and this movie is gonna be the best thing of the summer!

    I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU READ THE SCRIPT! Can you at least tell us if as a fan….you loved it or not? Can you tell us how you personally felt about the story or is that against the contract? LOL i guess so but man i would LOVE to know.

    what do you do with the scripts after you are done reading them?

    i need to learn more about you and what you do at Fox, sorry I just saw your vid, clicked on the link to this page and here i am commenting.

    lucky girl!

    p.s. i subscribed to your videos ;)

  25. Caroline says:

    I found your youtube vid while looking at all the Cannes interviews and I thought with all the crap people are throwing your way you could use a bit of support… little did I know how “cool” you actually are. You have quite a following on here…

    and for the record (about your script unboxing): I believe you! Don’t pay any mind to the trolls, they’re just jealous.

    I’m so excited for you! Getting to work on such an awesome movie! Lucky, lucky girl!

    P.S. If watching you unbox the script made me freak out… what is going to happen when I’m actually in the theatre? I can’t even imagine…

    Keep on updating! ( and I subscribed to your vids too…)

  26. Vic says:

    Hi Gia – I happened upon this entry via Google.

    I agree with Val about the sour grapes. There are an awful lot of people out there who made the X Files their lives a long, long time ago. Certainly there was a very popular X Files chat forum on Yahoo more than 10 years ago and we were, quite sadly, fanatics who would have sold our souls to get their hands on a copy of the first X Files movie script!

    It must be great to be involved, but inevitably there are people out there who feel that your video comes across as a bit smug. If I were 10 years younger, I know I would be one of those people!

    I’ve not seen the movie yet but reading this has given me a kick up the arse to buy the DVD.