YouTube Response

If you’ve not seen this hilarious response to my X-Files script unboxing video, you must, you must, you must!

Frank Spotnitz

NOTE TO X-PHILES: That was not me in the XFN chatroom last night. I don’t know what was said (I arrived an hour late!), but it was just Maru messing around. So, don’t think you’ve got some ‘inside scoop’… Remember, trust no one. ;) Frank Spotnitz, producer of X-Files: I Want To Believe, answers some […]

I Believe

One thing I’ve been finding very interesting since I started doing stuff for the X-Files is the almost obsessive need for some of the fans to not believe anything, yet neither do those ‘unbelievers’ attempt to seek out the ‘truth’. They think they’re being ‘a Scully’, when, in fact, they are merely being a ‘reverse […]

My Favourite New Podcast

Wow. You Look Nice Today is kind of the funniest thing I’ve heard in a very long while. Subscribed.


I just had an email from Phil Plait with a link to a very funny reaction to the season finale of Torchwood. Oh! How I laughed. Obviously, if you don’t know what happened and don’t want to know what happened, don’t watch. Yes, yes, I’ve seen the other ones using the same clip.

More Indiana Jones on Seesmic

The lovely VinVin has made a video talking about his personal role in getting the whole Indiana Jones on Seesmic thing to happen. He did so much that was unseen internally within Seesmic that I just want to thank him here. Thank you, lovely VinVin! For the record: my son said that ‘Indiana Jones and […]

X-Files Social Network

Frank Spotnitz, producer of the X-Files, has started up a social network at his production company today. If you want to stay in touch with X-Files other fans and hear firsthand news about the new film join the network.

Indiana Jones on Seesmic

I mentioned the other day that I was going to Cannes. At that time, I was fully expecting that I was going to be blogging, Tweeting, Seesmicing and Qiking my whole journey there. It just didn’t happen. Too busy. There was also a big chance that the thing we were going there to do would […]

Brian Cox, Horizon: What Time Is It?

TX: December 2, BBC2, 9pm *UPDATE* 16/11/08 The teaser is out. NOTE: UPDATES TO THE POST ARE BELOW Brian is off filming a new Horizon at the moment. His last one about Gravity was rather popular (thanks for watching, everyone!) and was very well received indeed. They asked him if he’d do another one. This […]

Because I Cannes

Unlike Sizemore who’s going on Friday, I am heading out to Cannes on Saturday morning. Sizemore and I, in Cannes, at the same time… Hmmmm… What could be going on there? Some kind of internerd conspiracy? Sizemore says: “Should be seeing a few familiar faces out there…” Watch this space. And this one. And this […]

X Files Trailer

Screencaps below the fold. Visit YouTube to view the full screen version.

Better Red Than Brain-Dead

I am Dana Scully.

Chris Morris at CERN

Chris came out to Geneva with us recently and recorded a podcast. Have a listen.

Better Television

YouTube is great for stumbling upon my past. Way back when life was simpler, my lovely friend Gareth Jones made a children’s programme for the BBC on the 25th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, called Afternoon On The Moon. He was lucky enough to get to talk to Buzz about his trip. When Afternoon on […]