Indiana Jones on Seesmic

I mentioned the other day that I was going to Cannes. At that time, I was fully expecting that I was going to be blogging, Tweeting, Seesmicing and Qiking my whole journey there. It just didn’t happen. Too busy.

There was also a big chance that the thing we were going there to do would fall through so that all of the build-up Mike Atherton, Dan Light and I would create beforehand would be for nothing…

But it happened. Oh, did it happen…

After about 3 hours’ sleep, I got into a cab to Gatwick at 2.45am. We got the first flight to Nice, cab to the Carlton Hotel at Cannes, rushed up to room 738 and spent the next hour working out exactly what was going to happen… All the while, in the backs of our minds thinking ‘this isn’t going to happen, surely’.

Then, an hour or so after I arrived at the hotel… In walked, Steven Speilberg… After him Shia LaBeouf… then George Lucas… then…

Holy Mary Mother of Freakin’ God. Harrison God Damned Ford. *sigh*

We also spoke to Karen Allen and Cate Blanchett. Both Seesmic and Twitter went completely insane during the whole thing. There’s loads of reaction about this all over the web which is cool.

Seesmicer ‘Delboydare’ was watching it all with his daughters and their friend, his daughters asked Cate Blanchett a question via Twitter, so when she came in I asked her that question (and we weren’t sure whether her answer included a spoiler or not… but we posted it up immediately anyway;)

This morning ‘Delboydare’ left a message to me about the whole experience.

Now, I need a rest.

8 Responses to “Indiana Jones on Seesmic”
  1. Shakir Razak says:


    Congratulations on getting through the complex logistics and not counting your eggs before it happened Gia, but I’m still not sure the technology itself is anything new or more than the same hosted solutions that have really existed since the 90’s or what us mere mortals have been able to do directly since earlier this decade (various webcam communities).

    What I think is the only difference is where new media/direct audience-participation has moved nearer the centre of the thinking of old-media’s thinking, where they were once an absolute after-thought, if they were even remembered.
    They now realise that they have to go after every eyeball and will go after every potential viewer wherever they might be -and that all comes down to people rather than any technology, the evolution of their mind-set as a consequence of web-tv/piracy-chasing.

    I reckon this will be common-place within 5 years, but already the spectrum of participation of media-makers stretches from Kevin Smith at Viewaskew and Michael Bay @ Shoot For the Edit to the way things needed to be set-up/hosted for the Indy Chat or Channel 4’s Andy duncan.

    As in other aspects, there are some people who think they are set-apart and aloof from the masses, and then there are people who are absolute egalitarians – you’ll know social-media and sincere engagement has caught on when there’s the minimum friction between strata of society and some old star/director has a twitter account!

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak

    apologies for the meandering -writing it while watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ;)

  2. Hugh says:

    I just saw this article, and my first thought was “oooh, seesmic”….

    Congrats on all the hard work! I caught up with it all at the end of saturday – all very exciting…

  3. Amanda says:

    !! Congratulations! That’s amazing and so exciting!

  4. giagia says:

    Amanda, isn’t it though?! Wow… Now I fear that talking to Harrison Ford will be the highlight of my geek career… Though… I do have David Duchovny coming up… ;)

  5. Calraigh says:

    Hi Gia,
    I’m so happy for you and the whole crew!Congratulations!!
    It’s really exciting and Delboydare’s response was really touching and kind of brought home to me how we’re definitely teetering on the edge of another kind of technological revolution. I don’t know exactly how to articulate it and I’m a luddite at the best of times but the impetus behind Seesmic is genuinely thrilling!

    Way to go with Harrison Ford-god that man is hot!!
    As for David Duchovny, I really can’t believe you’re going to get to interview him.If there was ever an incentive to get Seesmic-ing, it’s him.If you can get through the interview without fainting, first rounds on me.Can’t wait- the X-Files ‘stuff’ you’re so enigmatic about working on is becoming ever clearer to me.Love your blog and congrats again!

  6. Calraigh says:

    Hi again, I’m gonna mention your David Duchovny comment on Idealists Haven, just to brighten folks’ day over there because of ‘The Great Hack’ and everything.Hope that’s ok?

  7. giagia says:

    No problem! I just tried getting in, but it’s being ‘tested’. I’m not sure about getting David on Seesmic (I still don’t have details about how and where I’m supposed to be meeting him)… but I’m talking to Frank this week so maybe I can find out a bit more. (I’ll record the conversation so you guys can hear it)

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