X-Files At The LA Film Festival

First, for TONS of videos, photos, conversation on the X-Files, join Big Light. It’s for fans, old and new of the X-Files. Now, this video gives an idea of what kind of fun was had by all at the X-Files Sneak Peak at the LAFF. It was made by the lovely Mya. Music: Walking in […]

Interview With Brian On O’Reilly

I can’t keep up with all of his interviews. This went up a few days ago. My favourite bit is in the intro: “And in listening to him you’ll get the sense … that you’re listening to he world’s leading candidate to replace Carl Sagan.“

X-Files Clips

The first clips from X-Files: I want To Believe have been released online. They are shorter than the ones shown at the LA Film Fest, but they are the same ones.

X-Files UFO Sighting

Apparently, UFOs have been sighted in Merseyside. Nice to hear the X-Files theme tune used for that!

New X-Files Poster!

I met loads of people at the LA Film Festival last night. It was remarkable how many people there came up to me to say, ‘Hey! You’re the one who got the X-Files script on YouTube!’ I had a tiny taster of what it must be like to be a WebCleb. :) A few people […]

Brian’s On Facebook

Yes, he’s now on Facebook. I’m sure it’ll just end up being me updating it all the time for him, but if you want to stay in touch w what he’s up to, then friend him!

My Fabulous Husband

Brian wrote an excellent article for the Mail on Sunday magazine. It contains what, I think, is my favourite thing he’s ever written: “The particles of your body have been around for the entire life of the Universe. They are spending the blink of an eye in the pattern known as You.”

Movie Marketing vs The Lawyers

Anyone who does online marketing work for a media behemoth knows that ‘the online copyright issue’ is an endless source of frustration. I’m working with Fox on X-Files: I Want To Believe doing online marketing and promotion. As a geek film fan, working on films that you love is just the best thing in the […]

Non-English Speaking X-Files Fans

In the next few weeks there is an X-Files DVD coming out. Up until today, I thought it was going to be called X-Files: Revelations (and in the US it still is), but in the UK, at least, it seems to be called X-Files: Essentials. Ah, who cares about what it’s called, it’s what’s on […]

Jesus Is Lord…

… of the Dinosaurs. Artwork by Derek Chatwood

New X-Files Movie Uses Real Aliens

I can’t break my NDA at all, but I can link to a webpage. Can’t I?

Am I Green Enough?

I’ve been pinged for a ‘green meme’ in a blog post entitled ‘The Greenscam Part II’. I’m supposed to “write about the ways in which [I’m] consciously “green”, and also the things [I] know [I] should do in a more ecologically friendly way but don’t.” First, what I find interesting is how being green has […]

Professor Brian Cox on Horizon

Here’s the first behind the scenes clip from Brian’s new Horizon on Time. He’s still afraid of creepy-crawlies.

Sunshine Popular Culture

We arrived back from New York late last night. This morning I got up early-ish and started my regular tour through all my places online. On YouTube, I’d noticed that someone had put up a video response to the ‘Sunshine’ trailer in my account. At first it looked like a fan video – the song […]