Three Day X-Files Extravaganza

I’m going to be attending all the X-Files events over the next few days in London. In order to let everyone *not* attending get a flavour of what is going on, I’m going to *try* and film and broadcast live from my mobile. I will be at the Q&A with Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter at HMV tomorrow evening, the premiere is on Wednesday (I’ve got red carpet access and am guaranteed time with David and Gillian) and on Thursday Frank and Chris will be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet.

If you want to keep track of what I’m doing, check back here over the next few days.

Video from the Premiere:

Video from the Forbidden Planet signing:

10 Responses to “Three Day X-Files Extravaganza”
  1. mel says:

    can’t wait for ur vids, pix and/or comments about all the X-Files related stuff. Thx for keeping us up to date!
    I really do hope that this great time with the X-Files and all the other Philes will last a lil bit longer. It’s just too good right now, just like it was years before. I really just recognize how much I missed all this.

    So see u in London at the premiere!

  2. Calraigh says:

    Yay! So excited to see all the London stuff- it’s like it’s being translated into language us folks on this side of the pond can understand! I can feel the squeees starting again already!

  3. jessie says:

    Hello Gia, can’t wait to hear (see) all about it.

    Enjoy it. Thanks!

  4. Mistina says:

    Hey!! Please let them know how much the fans LOVED the movie and if your could slip it to DD and GA about their FANTASTIC performances we’d all be very thankful….

  5. RC says:

    Hi. I know they must be crushed with how the film is doing in the US. Please let them know that the fans over here still love them and appreciated their hard work.

  6. Agreed. Forget about the reviews and performance stateside. I thought the film was great. Pass on some love from the fans;-)


  7. Gomnitus says:

    Hi Gia,

    I’ll be seing the movie today on 29th but I’d love to come to London too… but I can’t :( Please let DD and GA know how much we love them and support them as well and especially FS and CC… I haven’t seen the movie, but I am sure I’ll go all nuts once I see it. It’s so exciting, it’s finally happening for us too. Will be checking back here to see what’s going on :D

    Cheers, Gomnitus.

  8. DebB says:

    Let DD, GA, CC & FS know how much we love the film and them for doing it. I really feel like it is such a wonderful gift to the fans! I really can’t get over how much the movie feels like a love letter to all of us.


  9. Gia,

    I’m getting badly blog addicted, but excuse me nevertheless.

    Check this out…


  10. Amanda says:

    What a cool idea! I caught the very end of everyone inside the premiere just before Gillian and David came up, so I got watch for about five minutes. Argh, timezones! How did you end up liking it once you saw it?