Professor Brian Cox Gay? Answered

**UPDATE** 02.12.08 More on Professor Brian Cox here.

Questions I assume people want answered based on various searches.

1. No, Brian is not gay. I’m his wife, not his beard. Amazing, eh?
2. No, Brian has not had botox.
3. Yes, Brian was in D:Ream.
4. No, Brian’s not evil. He’s really lovely actually. Doesn’t even kill bugs. Awwww.
5. No, Brian does not have a belief in God or Gods.

23 Responses to “Professor Brian Cox Gay? Answered”
  1. ProductBE says:

    1. Being his wife, doesn’t mean he isn’t gay, have you asked him? – I know of many a lady who thought the same of their husband, then one day…

    2. I thought he was much older! 45+, sorry.

    3. Considering it is the only reason he is celeb-scientist, milk it for all it is worth.

    4. Doesn’t kill flies, I’d question that – what is he hiding.

    5. Well I believe in Brian even if he doesn’t believe in me and my boyfriend

  2. Nik Butler says:

    I think we need only one more answer before we the audience can decide.

    Vi, Emacs or Notepad ?

  3. Mark says:

    Re: Prodcutbe.

    3. It’s not the only reason he’s a celeb scientist. He also starred in several Brut 33 TV adverts in the UK with Henry Cooper, Barry Sheen, and Kevin Keegan as a child actor.

  4. giagia says:

    Nik- Emacs. You’re not a Vi user, are you?!

    ProductBe – *I* used to be a gay man, but Brian’s not. Maybe that’s where the confusion comes from.

  5. Nik Butler says:

    Hmm a Emacs user. Clearly that explains the propensity for experimental physics. He obviously isnt happy unless his environment is more tweakable than Kylie Minogue !

    Yes im a Vi user. I believe power should be expressed in its simplest form.

    Also I just read on the internet that only Brian Cox can stop a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick!

  6. sdv says:

    killing wasps is not advisable – i refer you to the possiblity of ‘quantum tunnelling wasps’ – they would need higher air pressure but…

  7. Mark Grant says:

    All apologies, if I could take the post back I would, a valuable lesson was learnt, never post online after a few beers, makes me look like a twat.

  8. Valentina says:

    1. I think one’s personal life is sacred, so people shouldn’t ask such things.
    2. we are talking about a very talented physicist (is that in English?), so why waste time with questions like this? I would ask more interesting things.
    3. (and this is only to take joke of myself) When I first saw Prof. Brian Cox I tought he was 16 years old. LOOOL I said to myself: Oh look! There are also young jenius students from High school working at CERN!
    LOOOL : D I’m not joking….I’m not very good with ages…

  9. Lucy Freer" - Cox" says:

    i love brian cox. and once i emailed him to say this… and he replied.. with a :)

    Genius scientfic response!

  10. Simon says:

    1. Gay and straight is rarely black and white. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t stray into the middle ground. It’s really quite fun if you open up to your inner self ;)

    2. It’s all that time spent underground and in labs. My skin in ultra cooked from high altitude UV. I hate Brian’s ability to permanently look 16 years old!! Bastard!

    3.I’ve followed Brian since discovering an English bloke was working at Fremilab years ago. He’s a geek celebrity to other geeks. I only found that out today he was in D:ream on his Wikipedia page. Talented in both hemispheres of his brain!

    4. Depriving life unnecessarily of anything, plant or animal is, well, unnecessary. Sometimes it’s necessary. BTW, I expect Brian’s secret volcano lair to rise from the center of the LHC any day now!

    5. I think as a scientist you can’t rule out a creator because there is no evidence either way. Science is based on evidence so to decide there is no god is IMO closed minded. I often think god is some ultra physics dude, like Brian, and were just an experiment. Who created ultra physics dude? Who says that in their reality things have to be created to exist, that’s a law of our universe, maybe not theirs? I should add I don’t believe there is a god who answers prayers, gives a crap about your day to day problems, provides harps and clouds for eternity and I don’t follow any religion. I would like to start the Nice religion. A religion without a god to worship and it’s bible simple says “Be nice to each other!” Who’s in?

  11. rod says:

    Oh well, glad he’s not gay and married..

    I will always have the biggest absolute crush of this beautiful man…

    Sign me
    gay man, dr. cox’s age

  12. Donna says:

    Not quite sure why it matters whether someone is gay or not. However, I am sure that any man who can get my 12 year old son and 22 year old daughter to sit down together to watch a science programme is possessed of super human powers. Oh, and if I were you Gia, I’d be checking the attic for a hidden portrait…

  13. Matthew says:

    @ ‘ProductBE’

    Jesus, fella, don’t be so rude. That’s the lady’s husband you’re sniping at, and just because he has something of a celebrity status doesn’t mean you have a right to be rude.

    1: Being his wife means she knows him better than you. Therefore, he isn’t gay because she says so.

    2: Now you’re being a dick for the hell of it. I’ve just seen him on the J. Ross show and he doesn’t look a day over 35, so again his wife is correct.

    3: He’s a celeb scientist because he’s clever, has charisma and has a damned good face for TV. Do you think they put him on the LHC team because he had a couple of albums out? His past counts for nothing in the world of academia…I can assure you of that.

    4: I’m pretty sure everyone has killed a fly…so on that I’ll say no more.

    5: Well I got from him in interviews that he isn’t as closed minded as to say that a higher power categorically doesn’t exist, rather that he won’t put blind faith in one…like any good scientist. I’d say that makes him agnostic to an extent.

  14. Andy says:

    Awesome TV. Glad I stumbled across it. Watching from NZ and can’t wait until it’s on TV here.

  15. Sarah says:

    Gay is not scientifically definable. He made me laugh tho when he showed such interest in the butt plug on the Jonathan Ross show.

    Would be interesting to know if he has any South East Asian ancestry, looking at those distinctive eyes of his…

  16. Simon says:

    “Gay is not scientifically definable”

    Right now true, but the LHC is going to fix that. :p

  17. As a physicist and a Brit, I truly like B. E. Cox, a fine lad and great physicist. His choice of being discerning and fortunate enough to have Gia as his wife, places him in the class of super hetero. He carries an iron fist in a velvet glove.
    His celebrity as BBC series host is spot on. I would rather see him commenting on physics that that over ripe dongle guy named Michio Kaku. Kaku is nothing more than a self centred, head up his arse twit. Go search him out and you will beg for the presence of Brian Cox.

  18. French Fancy says:

    I can’t believe all these comments about his sexuality. He doesn’t seem at all gay to me and so what anyway? He makes non-scientific people like me watch science programmes and actually understand what the hell is going on in our universe.

    He’s also very funny – I love the story about finding where the red car was parked at Disneyland (youtube it folks)

  19. Emma says:

    @Sarah: you don’t need to be a gay man to find a butt plug amusing, intriguing or enjoyable. Just sayin’…!

  20. Niambh Scullion says:

    The one think I like about Brian Fox was that it was brilliant to see some one so smart and informative on TV. He make science fun and accessible to people of all ages..

    I feel for kids when their role models are Ceryle Cole and the like, at least my kids can see a presenter on TV and I can tell him he got there because he studied in collage – instead of having “won a talent show”..

    As for his personal life – is it important? No.. More importantly it’s no-ones business, but his and his wife’s.

  21. yvonne says:

    all i’m going to say is i think professor brian cox is lovely,and i should think that gia should know if her husband is gay or not,besides which that is not the point,i’m new to astronomy and it’s because of brian that i got interested in the subject after watching stargazing live and wonders of the solar system,i love how he explains things clearly,his enthusiasm is a joy to watch and i like how he doesn’t patronise the viewers,he seems to be a nice down to earth bloke and i look forward to seeing wonders of the universe on our screens soon,so just keep doing what you do brian! i for one think your amazing,and gia you are one lucky lady :)

    love and respect to you both xx

  22. yvonne says:

    oh and i look forward to seeing professor cox at the uncaged monkeys event at the alexander theatre in birmingham in may :D

  23. CanadianMan says:

    Gay or not, I too, have a crush on the man. He seems like a gentle soul who has such a passion for his work. Very attractive.