Save Jonathan Ross

**UPDATE** 26/11/08 Jonathan thanks everyone again for their support. If you’ve not heard already, he’s on Facebook now. Search for Jonathan Stephen Ross and friend him. Also, there is another petition in support of Jonathan and Russell, please sign it!

**UPDATE** 02/11/08 I just emailed Jonathan with the messages and told him about the Facebook Group which now has over 34,000 members. He replied immediately and admitted that he’s being worn down by all of this and the messages of support and the active support of everyone is a really big help. Please, keep doing everything you can. We want Wossy!

OK. I have to stop my self-imposed exile from blogging for this. I just went out into Brixton and was confronted with the real world for the first time since yesterday morning.

All the headlines are about the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand hoo-haa. Last one I saw, as I was leaving Sainsbury’s, was something about Gordon Fucking Brown ‘demanding action’ or something. I hope Gordon is actually spending a bit more time and energy on working out what can be done about the Congo, which is on the verge of all-out war, rather than stoking the fire being used to light the torches in the tabloid-led witchunt… but I fear that mightn’t be the case.

Now, as regular readers will know, I have a bit of a history with Jonathan Ross here. Very briefly: 18 months ago I was working on a film, one of the stars of said film was on Jonathan Ross’ show, I recorded it, edited out all references and clips from other shows/films and only left stuff about the film I was working on, put it on YouTube (where I also had trailers and short videos from said film)… and Jonathan Ross’ production company had it taken down. So I got a ‘mark’ against my YouTube account.

I wasn’t happy.

I blogged about it and Jonathan got in touch, came on here, talked to people in the comments, was generally a decent guy and, long story short, changed his company’s YouTube policy because everyone here convinced him it was the right thing to do. So now dorks all over the world can see their favourite stars being interviewed on his show. Fab.

We’ve emailed each other a bit since then, about the X-Files, about CERN, and recently, he did something about my husband on his show that ended up not making the final cut. He had got in touch beforehand to invite us both to the recording…

He’s a lovely guy. I’ve been a fan of his since the 80s and genuinely think he’s hilarious.

To counter the tabloid hysteria, I’d like to collect some messages of support for Jonathan Ross here in the comments and I’ll email him later to let him know about them. I ONLY want messages of support. If you are Outraged from Ipswich, then why not go vent your spleen at the Daily Mail’s site instead? K? I will delete negative messages.

So, please, leave comments and let others know they can leave messages for him here, too.

**UPDATE 30/10/08**
I was just sent these photos from Dave at Karmarama of their protest in ‘solidawity’ for Jonathan today at the BBC.

Support Jonathan Ross
Support Jonathan Ross

*UPDATE 2 30/10/08 **
Join the Facebook Group supporting Jonathan and Russell
Lodge your complaints against Jonathan’s 12 week ban here.

201 Responses to “Save Jonathan Ross”
  1. almost witty says:

    For my money, Ross is a talented broadcaster, able to mix cult and mainstream with almost easy aplomb, and Friday nights won’t be the same without him on the BBC…

  2. Campbell says:

    I think people wanted to get at Ross and Brand because they don’t uphold middle England values.

    I can’t help wondering if that is what the protest is really about, and their so-called ‘over payment”. people get paid what they are worth and what they ask demand. Or is it that they think they are two men who don’t have an Oxbridge/middle classness about them so should not be on the BBC?

    There were only 2 complaints when the programme went out and then the Daily Mail took it up and caused this hysteria!

    I support Ross and Brand as artists. They are still loved and respected by me and many of my mates.

    They have apologised – the Wossy alone!

    And I am really pissed off they pulled Friday’s Ross. Ugh.

  3. Ed says:

    I think some people really need to develop a sense of perspective regarding current events and how the media in general shapes public opinion. Two guys making a daft prank doesn’t warrant anything more than a simple apology. Hope if anyone gets the sack it’s a media editor somewhere and not Jonathan or Russell. My full support to the guys.

  4. Greg says:

    18,000 complaints to OFCOM and counting, but there probably weren’t even that many listeners to Russells show in the first place (no offence Russell).

    This is people jumping on the outrage bandwagon as they have nothing better to do with their empty suburban curtain twitching lives. Jonathan and Russell are 2 of the best comic presenters on air and while I havent personally listened to the program this seems to me like a bit of misguided fun gone wrong AND Jonathan personally apologised to Manuel. Nice to see his grand daughter milking all the publicity she can off the Sun though.

  5. Swineshead says:

    It’s a damned shame, this suspension. A victory for those bumholes over at the Daily Mail.

  6. Kim says:

    I refuse to be subjected to the morality terrorism of the Sun & Daily Mail. Bring them back!!

  7. giagia says:

    Thank you so far, everyone. Please let other know they can leave a message here for him.

  8. I really dont think jonathon needs saving. I think he’ll be fine.

    Silly joke, blown out of all proportion.I listened to it live and thought the show was hilarious. russell does have a tendency towards this sort of thing though but usually he has matt morgan to reign him in.

  9. soulmining says:

    It’s crazy, it’s just been blown out of all proportion by the tabloids. 18,000 complaints? I don’t think so… all but a handful of these are a result of the tabloid outrage, rather than a direct reaction to the original broadcast, it’s just become a witch hunt by individuals who don’t approve of Ross & Brand and the salaries they get paid. Whilst their ‘stunt’ may have been misguided, the pair have apologised, as have BBC who are surely as much to blame for allowing that segment to go out on air. Let’s leave it at that. Both Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are both valued broadcasters (and genuinely nice people) who entertain millions of viewers/listeners with their shows. Let’s put this whole issue into perspective and move on… I wish all the very best to them both and hope this matter does not escalate further.

  10. Rachel says:

    This whole thing has been completely blown out of proportion. Apologies have been made and that should have been the end of it. I hope everything works out well for Johnathon and Russell. My full support to both of them.

  11. james says:

    Much like your experience – he’s a very approachable, friendly bloke on the occasions I’ve worked with him; as always, it only takes the voracious press to get their claws out and remove all sense from the situation.

    As for the phone call..? Like Chris Morris used to do on his Radio 1 show, just less amusing.

  12. B P Perry says:

    I can’t say I’m a fan of Ross’s stuff, but I will happily lend him my support over this issue as I think what’s happening to both him and Russell Brand is nothing short of a witch-hunt. The bullshit ‘outrage’ of a bunch of journalists makes me sick. These fuckers only get truly outraged when their dealer gets arrested and they can’t get enough coke in for the weekend. Fuck them, fuck the politicians jumping on the bandwagon and fuck the small-minded baboons pelting shit at these two simply because they’re jealous of their salaries. The arseholes.

  13. What Ross and Brand did to Andrew Sachs is between them and up to them to resolve on a personal basis.

    The fact that it was broadcast is not ‘their’ fault. That is purely a BBC hierarchy issue – the editor or whoever has final say in what is broadcast. They are responsible for the content that is broadcast surely, not the presenter of a pre-recorded show?

    More to the point – on the presumption that Brand has actually slept with the girl (which no-one seems to be disputing), they didn’t actually say anything that wasn’t true!

  14. James W says:

    Is this really page 1 news and the lead piece on all news programmes. Who cares. Russel went out with her, therefore shagged her so they are only telling the truth. And anyway, it was pre recorded so what muppet at the BBC let it be broadcast in the first place!
    Ross is one of the best broadcasters we have. Brand is one of the best comedians. Leave them alone. Also, how many complaints do you think there were when the shows was originally broadcast? You know what you are going to get when you listen to his radio show. Have heard far worse before.

  15. Shinykatie says:

    What a load of nonsense this whole thing is. It may all have been very childish and silly, but that doesn’t merit this stupid witch hunt.

    (And I have to admit, if I rang someone up who had agreed to an interview and they didn’t bother to pick up, I’d probably be tempted to say stupid things into their voicemail as well).

  16. Mike R says:

    Jonathan is good fun, and good at what he does. He doesn’t deserve any of the stuff the media has been throwing at either him or Russell. They both have my support.

    How this has become headline news is beyond me. Ridiculous.

  17. Laura W says:

    Agree with many others here and also convo’s on twitter earlier. There is no need for this to be front page headlines, nor for the PM to be involved.
    Okay JR and RB may have overstepped the mark, but am not convinced that ‘suspension’ is the right way forward. JR will be fine whatever the outcomes as he’s a star in his own right. Same for RB.

    It’s all a nonsense. We want our Jonathon back, and especially by Friday evening please.
    (pretty please, was really looking forward to this weeks show.)

  18. I think people should start complaining to the bbc that they will not be on. if all the people who are fans complained that would soon outnumber the 18,000 sad fecks with no sense of homour.

  19. Mcschmesh says:

    I am intrigued that the BBC Seem so willing to vilify one of their biggest cash cows.
    As a previous post pointed out, surely the decision to broadcast the piece was entirely the producer/ editor who work on the show?

    The whole thing smacks of the BBC trying to cover their backs and maybe an attempt at trying to unload on of the most controversially well paid presenters?

    In the long run any publicity is good publicity and I’m sure that the two will only benefit from extra exposure. In the short term this will hardly affect Brand, but will affect viewers and listeners who enjoy both Brand and Ross, and how couldn’t care less about what they did and didn’t say.

  20. Leigh says:

    I so sooo depressed by this story, the power of the bloody Daily Mail, and the middle England lynch mob mentality. Ross and Brand have been totally stitched up from various quarters, and I am deeply suspicious that this Georgina person has hired Max Clifford…no-one had heard of her a few days ago, and she’s now had the best publicity. The bandwagon-jumping of Brown and Cameron is beyond ridiculous.

  21. freebird says:

    Has the world gone mad? Its all too politically correct these days, where has the humour gone? Grow up world, let go of your ego’s and have a little laugh at yourselves. The comments were a bit below the belt but so are a lot of things these days. The hours of laughter and intelligence these two bring in these days of gloom and ‘density’ is worth so much more than sacking the pair! Love them both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx keep up the good work

  22. Rhys says:

    I’m going to be negative for a slight introduction, I’m not the biggest fan of Johnathan Ross or Russell Brand. I do listen to them on the radio occasionally, but it’s background to wherever I am and I usually don’t want to be there.

    I will also (shock horror) defend Gordon Brown. Probably some hack stuck a microphone under him and said “What do you make of the Brand/Ross situation?”, how was he to respond? Even a “Haven’t you got anything better to worry about?” would show he’s out of touch.

    It’s a HUGE tabloid witch hunt against two talented performers by a newspaper that probably started a witch hunt against Andrew Sachs in the mid 1970’s saying he was “racist stereotype against one of our best loved allies”. It’s a bloody joke, and it annoys me that papers will get off scot free, for something that they’ve caused.

  23. Rachel says:

    Far too overblown. There’s been far worse on the BBC with less complaints as it never got stirred-up by a tabloid. Discipline them, make them say sorry (which I know Jonathan has already) and let them get on with their jobs. There are far bigger issues in the worl than waht 2 radio presenters got up into in a misjudged prank

  24. Dark_Boy says:

    It’s been announced that Brand has quit.
    There is no excuse – it was them on the radio, they have not been stitched up – they’ve been shamed!
    Granted it has been pushed out of proportion, but they are adults, and I felt that that kind of humour was very infantile.
    The production team are also to blame, not vetting the show before broadcast.
    It’s not a case of Save Jonathan Ross – it’s a case of Eat Humble pie Jonathan Ross.
    All flaming will be deleted.

  25. neuro says:

    Hey Gia, I posted some comments earlier – – about what I think of the situation (you use the same wordpress theme as I do!). I’m pretty sure this will blow over in a few days once something more important comes along to dominate the news, and Jonathan can get back to entertaining us – surely the preferable way to take our minds off financial downturns and wars!

  26. giagia says:

    Dark-Boy – if you’d paid attention you would have seen that yesterday Jonathan had personally delivered both an apology and flowers to Andrew Sachs who graciously accepted the apology. Sachs also admitted that a producer had phoned him up and played the offending material to him down the phone asking for his permission to broadcast it. He said the line wasn’t entirely clear, but he clearly gave his approval for it to go out.

    The programme was edited and approved by a producer, probably played to a senior producer and played for BBC lawyers who approved it for broadcast.

    The hysteria has been started by the Daily Mail who ALWAYS takes every opportunity to go after the BBC. This whole thing is entirely based in mindless, anti-BBC, right-wing shite.


  27. giagia says:

    Neuro- snap! I saw a video on YouTube of the granddaughter spanking another of the Satanic Sluts with a whip for the titillation of their viewers. I’m afraid her indignation at all of this smacks of Max Clifford stage management.

  28. Michele says:

    Just heard that Russell has ‘resigned’ and I just had to come here and state my support for Jonathan, one of the greatest all round entertainers that we have in the UK.

    This is yet another example of ridiculous public hysteria being created and fanned by the good old tabloid newspapers. Why do people allow themselves to be manipulated so obviously?! It all smacks of knee-jerk reactions, hidden agendas and witch-hunting!

    People are just jumping on the bandwagon to condemn, but I’d love to know how many of these people actually heard the broadcast?

    Jonathan, you have my support and my best wishes. Thank you for many years entertainment and laughter.

  29. Huseyin says:

    Yet again the media is whipping up a storm in a tea cup. Both Jonathan and Russell have apologised to Andrew and quite honestly it should be left at that.

    From what I understand, only two people made a complaint against the show at the time of broadcast, the rest after it was reported in the press.

    It’s a shame that these 18,000 + people who objected to Jonathan’s and Russell’s behaviour didn’t apply that same energy when it comes to the Government and the running of this country. Perhaps if they did, we wouldn’t be in the financial mess we’re currently wallowing in.

    In fact, what an earth does the Government think they’re doing debating this in The Commons? Surely there are vastly more important issues that need resolving over a practical joke gone wrong?

    While I’m not a frequent viewer of Jonathan’s Friday Show, I do enjoy his other programmes especially where he focuses on cult entertainment and Japanese culture. The odd juvenile prank aside, Jonathan is a talented entertainer and this incident should not be cause to remove him from the screen. If it does then I’m sure the BBC’s loss with be another channel’s gain.

  30. FITZ'S says:

    All tomorrows chip paper. Look forward to the next show. XX

  31. ace says:

    generally, youth is tolerant to this prank (joke) and older people are not.

  32. Jed Hallam says:

    Just to vent my anger at the 17,998 people that complained AFTER the program had aired (therefore actively seeking out the program to be offended) – ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH.

  33. Sylvester Fox says:

    Look on the bright side. History will record the it was Jonathan and Russell who saved us from the media hysteria about the credit crunch. I’m wondering how long it will be before Robert Peston is blogging on the subject.

  34. Geoff Coupe says:

    Sorry, Gia, you’re going to have to delete this comment, because I don’t feel that I want to support either Brand or Ross.

    **Gia: And your reason for commenting is… what exactly? I think I was clear in my post. There have been way more than enough negative comments on this. I’m interested in showing Jonathan that not everyone is a mindless, humourless sheep…**

  35. Biglig says:

    I can’t actually see that they did anything wrong – which is not to say that what they did wasn’t offensive, mind.
    But for the BBC to turn round and act shocked (yet again in JR’s case!) that they *were* offensive is like them acting shocked that Bill Oddie talks about birds a lot. That is what they were hired for – their particular brand of humour, which is no secret to anyone.
    Now, if you’re going to play the game of hiring people who use offensive humor to up your ratings, fair enough. The BBC have always done this.
    But it then becomes *your* responsibility to make sure they aren’t too offensive. They can’t do it themselves – thats not how creative minds work. That’s why there’s a job called “editor”. Someone who can step back and decide what is appropriate for the medium. Someone who sets boundaries for the performers to push against.
    Many of the comics I most admire who have written for the BBC – people like Milligan and Chapman and Cook and Morris – wrote offensive stuff for the BBC sometimes. But in those pre-Birtian days the BBC knew enough to reign them in when they went too far. Neither of them appreciated it, but it was the price for being on telly. Sometimes the BBC censored too much, sometimes not enough – it’s not easy to judge the public case. But I don’t think the BBC of those days ever pretended that it wasn’t responsible for deciding what got broadcast.

  36. S Smith says:

    I actually bother to watch Jonathan Ross (no comment about Mr Brand) so think it’s a damn shame that a prank, that was apologised for, has gone this far.

    Keep your head up high Jonathan!

  37. Calraigh says:

    I’m so upset. Upset that Russell’s show doesn’t exist anymore, upset that he looked genuinely shocked and upset himself in the vid he did for MySpace, upset that he’s resigned. Because we now are denied a brilliant, unique, HILARIOUS radio show, the best chatshow on TV, and we have to be subjected to blanket Daily Mail-esque ranting from people who denigrate Russell and Jonathan with one hand and hail Bernard Manning with the other. What are they going to be offended by now,
    these readers of a tabloid paper that is so morally upstanding itself that it’s being sued for £2 million pounds for printing wholly unsubstantiated rumours about a an actor’s private life?
    I still can’t believe Gordon Brown commented on it. It obviously means nothing is as bad as it seems; so much for people’s economic woe, or victims of a Pakistani earthquake, or another civil war breaking out.
    So much so that the Daily Fail can go ahead and run with a front-page of comments on previous articles that are then – commented on.

    Jonathan Ross is the only person worth watching on BBC; Russell Brand is the only person worth listening to on Radio 2 (apart from Jonathan); now I’m being denied my right to listen or watch either of them -when does my offence get a comment from the British PM?

  38. Sarah says:

    Jonathon Ross has always struck me as a genuine guy; he’s sometimes a little cruel doing stuff at awards ceremonies, but he aslo seems to be compassionate and is genuinly knowledgeable about the people he interviews

  39. Glenda Wisdom says:

    It was a prank, a little silly but a prank, whats all the fuss about if you dont want to listen, then turn off the radio – it’s simple.

    All thats happening is the lady is getting her 5mins of fame and the press are out in force as usual.

    Even Russell Brands apology was hysterical, lifes too short.

    Johnathon Ross is one of a kind, very very funny and most of the time he makes fun of himself – wheres the bullying in that!!

    Get a life all those who are critical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jayce says:

    People seem to be way too moralistic these days and way too ready to complain about things on TV or Radio.
    Why not simply turn off what you don’t like and leave the rest of us to enjoy?

  41. Joanne E says:

    Keep your chin up Jonathan. 27000 complaints (after the event)? How come there is no figure to show how many messages of support there are. I am outraged. They have removed the only good show on the BBC (apart from Medium) so that some granddaughter of an actor that was once famous (is his name actually Manuel?) will be guaranteed to be flown out to Australia this time next year for a stint on I’m a Celebrity!
    There are alot of people out there who think you deserve the licence payers money. I am one of them.
    Can’t wait to see you back on screen.

  42. PRESTON says:

    I’m not a huge fan of either but I’ll support and defend their right to test the bounds of comedy and make people laugh, which isn’t an easily defined formula. They are paid well to be creative and entertaining, and it should be the editors’ job to decide what should and shouldn’t air. Unfortunately their salary and profile is leading this witch-hunt. When Chris Morris announced Michael Heseltine was dead on Radio 1 and started courting obituaries – did anybody notice & complain? And this Brand/Ross incident seemed to be based on a truth – but that appears to be irrelevant to the Daily Mail brigade. An apology here should be sufficient, and these guys should be reinstated otherwise the BBC will turn into the Bland Broadcasting Cooperation. I find most “reality TV” offensive, but I don’t demand it taken off air. On second thoughts …

  43. Jo Westcott says:

    Hi everyone, please come and be proactive and join my facebook group with a link to where to complain to the bbc about Ross’ suspension. It’s called: Save Jonathan Ross- Complain about his suspension!

  44. Jo Westcott says:

    ps. click my name for a link straight there.

  45. Amie says:

    I listened to the so called uncut broadcast on you tube a few minutes ago. I laughed. i could tell they were not intending to be offensive to Andrew Sachs in any way. It was a silly thing to do on reflection, to call back to apologise a few times but we’ve all done things that we regret. Andrew Sach’s has apparently said it’s not him they should apologise to. It seems the Daily Mail have caused this hysteria. Everyone likes a good gossip. i don’t think either should go but there do seem to be many that think they should go. I personally want JR to be kept on as I really love his show on Friday Night and his Saturday radio show.

  46. OLLIE says:

    What a load of old cobblers. It’s a sad reflection of the over-controlled, politically correct society we live in.

    I’m very sad that Russell Brand has felt the need to leave the BBC and I truly hope that Wossy some how manages to stick around. Both of them are truly fantastic entertainers.

    Stick with it Jonathan and I hope to see you back on Friday Night With and Radio 2 before much longer.

  47. sara says:

    It would be a very sad day if the beeb sacked Jonathan. He is a great entertainer. All this reminds me of when Chris Evans got into bad company all those years ago-fortunately he made a successful (if less edgy) comeback. The full blame lies with the production team at the BBC.I don’t like Brand but he and Jonathan were doing what they get paid to do – comedy. If the team couldn’t be bothered to vet it first its their problem. Also, Andrew Sachs had agreed to appear on the programme and should have known what to expect, especially when he reneged on the deal.We love you Jonathan.
    Sara and Mike

  48. Deborah says:

    I think he it disgusting to see how people are treating ross and brand over a prank
    Everyone makes mistakes so can we forget about this and let them get on with there jobs i lve johnathan show it be a great shame if it went off over this

  49. James says:

    Ridiculous that two great entertainers are suffering for their bosses mistakes. Both Ross and Brand were doing a pre-recorded show, hence in their minds anything goes and would be removed later prior to broadcast. Save the Ross, hes one of the only decent things to come from the BBC and its forced license theft!

    Those complaining should spend their time doing something more constructive.

  50. Vera-Lynn (not a joke) says:

    I have told the BBC in not so short terms what I think of them not protecting their employees from the “decency mob” and for accepting R.Brand’s resignation. JR, I try watching your show whenever I can. It’s fun, it takes me laugh, not all the time but most of the time. And that’s a good thing. Keep your head up, there are people vouching for you! And tell R.Brand he shouldn’t stay in the States. He’s great with his british, always confused act, I love it.

  51. Donz says:

    If BBC stop JR’s shows, I will object strongly to paying TV Licence, his shows about the only ones I watch on “commercial” TV…. totally sick of reality junk and X factor shows being shown, they are dumbing down Britain and music industry with these shows.

    Johnathan Ross is brilliant, he makes me laugh out loud! Brand I am afraid i really dont find funny, he makes me cringe – Sori Russell! JR’s shows superb, great guests, great banter, great bands! If JR goes, then my telly licence gets ripped up. All people who are complaining….. did they get the number mixed up with the voting number for X factor….. get a life, they apologised, the media blowing out of proportion…..again!

  52. Renee says:

    Jonathan Ross is brilliant. He’s real and down to earth not fabricated like a lot of crap that the BBC shows. Any station will welcome him happily so let the BBC sack him. will be there loss for sure.
    Why do we pay the TV licence well only the uptight life has passed them by types get a say in what we watch. Totally disgusting. Love you jonathan!!!

  53. Tim Deery says:

    This whole thing is taking a life of it’s own.
    These thousands of people who have complained are not the silent majority as portrayed but are using this as an excuse to attack the BC and all things modern.
    Ross is a talented man who made a small error – let’s move on and let him get on with his job of entertaining the nation. He is one of the few talents on the TV these days.

  54. Paul, London says:

    Not a fan of Brand.

    Jonathan Ross on the other hand is a talented guy and is entertaining.

    The whole thing has been blown wayyyyyyyyyy out of proportion. Why on earth are MPs and the Prime Minister getting involved in this?

    I’m suren that the publicity given to all of this has done the acting/modelling/presenting career of Ms Baillie no end of good.

    Save our Wossy

  55. Kiera, Derby says:

    Unbelievable media driven hysteria. I could find 30,000 people tomorrow to demand Alan Titchmarsh’s resignation if the Daily Mail were behind me. These complaints are surely just from people who are not fans and therefore don’t watch or listen to JR and RB anyway, so this situation is ridiculous. They did a pretty stupid thing but they made genuine apologies privately and publicly. I’m going to join the Facebook group to show my support and e-mail the BBC so that hopefully they wiil see that there are thousands more people out here who think this is a big fuss over nothing much and then maybe they won’t take the 30,000 odd stupid complaints so seriously.
    Yes I would be pretty upset if someone I slept with rang my Grandad and told him about it but to go this far is nonsense. Clearly it must have been a slow news day, or I don’t know, maybe Max Clifford is Georgina’s agent.

  56. Unbelievable. So sorry that Brand felt he had to go. Stand firm Jonathan.

    Free the Radio 2

  57. Deni says:

    I have never sent a blog before, if this is what this is. but was looking on the net to see if there was a peitition or a voice for the people who can not believe what rubbish is going on. Maybe someone should do a petition on the Govenment PM website as they seem to have involved themselves and let everyone know where they can go to show support for JR and even RB, yes they were wrong to ring up an old man no matter who he was, but i would bet he is under no illusions about his granddaughter. There are millions that watch the JR show every week they should all be now coming forward to support him, I can not comment on Russel Brand as i dont really know much about him. Its the BBC that have let these guys down as they let the content through and therefore supported their actions and now they have turned, they should be the ones that face the music not them. if i was JR i would go to ITV or one of the other channels who i am sure would love to have one of the biggest it not the biggest money earner on the BBC. We all do stupid things in life but to pay for it like this and to listen to a small amount of people who more than likely never watch their shows, is nothing short of crazy. Good luck to them both and “DONT LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN”

  58. Tracy says:

    Total over reaction! Someone will always be offended by some joke or another. We’re all adults, and they should get over it!
    Why isn’t there a fuss like this when programmes are broadcast that can cause genuine harm to vunerable groups like babies?
    Society have their priorities all wrong.

  59. Tracy Weaver says:

    Firstly can I thank you for the opportunity to write this.
    I wanted to lend my support to the media victims of ‘Sachsgate’. I never get involved in this kind of thing but quite frankly I am staggered by the Media over-reaction to this. Do I think it was in bad taste? – yes, a little. HOWEVER, they have apologised and that should be an end to it all.

    I am saddened by the furore and hope the BBC see sense and re-instate both Jonathan and Russell (even though sadly he resigned).

    I adore watching his program on Friday night and this week I am particularly gutted to miss a performance by ‘The Killers’.

    Long may you continue to entertain us and chin up – we love you both :)

  60. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe how badly these men are being treated and really feel for their families because it mustn’t be easy to see your son, father or husband be vilanised for something so silly. They do great work and I have always been happily entertained by them both.

  61. Stephen says:

    I have to say, I thought the calls produced perhaps one of the funniest radio moments I’ve ever heard! Some particular parts of the show may have gone a little over the top, but, when under the knowledge that a show is being pre-recorded and is to undergo editing, I’m sure many presenters would and have said things that are far more offensive and “obscene”.

    Andrew Sachs was not unrightfully upset, but I would have expected a less sensitive reaction from someone who has played such a commendable part in comedy history. I’m sure you and Russell were thinking this during the recording too, and let’s not forget that the three of the calls were made with the intention of apologizing, despite their jesty descent! I’m also certain (along with many others I’m sure) that many of the complaints were media driven and most likely written by people that had not even listened to the show. Obviously if you take quotes from jokes made at the expense of another and put them in a literal context they will sound rather offensive, however well the joke was taken.

    You will always have a huge, loyal fanbase JR, that cannot wait for this furor to be over with, and that I will always be a part of! Don’t let this crush many future years of entertainment!

    Best of luck in overseeing this from a younger member of your fanbase!

  62. J Ro says:

    “dont mention the war, and that you slept with his granddaughter”

    That was slightly funny, and seen as brands love life is in the public arena, and that the satanic sluts are in the public arena, and that sachs was to appear on the show, i see little to nothing wrong with what was said. If you dont want to be made fun of, dont be famous.

    Now, Songs of praise, which supports a view point that is against same sex marriage, and considers 7 out of 10 people in the UK, to be going to hell to be tortured forever when they die, now that i find offensive.

  63. Tracy Weaver says:

    Sorry another post! :s

    Just thought people may be interested in these 2 petitions :)

    ‘Save Ross and Brand!!!!’

    ‘Dont Sack Russell Brand & Johnathon Ross!’

    p.s. Love the solidawitty pics!

  64. Steven says:

    This debate (if it is such a thing) shows the generation gap in this cuntry (intended). Those who complained are the older, Daily Mail reading morons who think Alan Titchmarsh is entertaining and those on the other side are the younger, more accepting audience. It shows that Russ and Ross will still have a career after this, with the BBC or not, because the new generation like them and that’s all that matters.

    Yes it was in bad taste but isn’t that part of comedy? The funniest bit was when they kept calling back to apologise and kept getting it wrong, it was hilarious! The “phone prank” has always been a part of radio, it’s only because the tabloid whipping boys did it that it’s getting this attention.

    Much like the Hutton enquiry the BBC have been made to look weak and foolish and pandering to will of the government and the 30,000 sheep who didn’t even listen to it anyway. The meeja reaction is disgraceful and I’m ashamed to be working within that world.

  65. Steve Mills says:

    I have never done this (posted something etc) and I don’t think I will again. However Mr Ross gives many (happy people) lots of happiness and I feel now he is giving many more a different kind of happiness (sad people). When will England stop been run by the small minded who run the “news” papers. why always look on the black side do they not know how to wright positive news (the houseing market was strong before one of them took a dislike to it, now Mr Ross is in there sights) how far will they take him?

  66. Andy Rainford says:

    Don’t listen to the whingers, Mr Ross!

    The whole sorry thing’s been blown so far out of proportion it’s not even funny. It’s pretty clear a lot of people are using this as an excuse to vent their spleens about the BBC in general and you and Mr Brand have taken the an undeservedly high proportion of rap. Yes it was a little over the mark, but that’s bound to happen now and again when you’re involved in comedy that sails a bit close to the wind. There’s plenty of stuff on the beeb that’s a hell of a lot more unpleasant that your misdemeanor (not least new ‘sitcom’ Coming of Age – absolutely without a single redeeming feature).

    All in all, not only am I saddened by the sanctimonious, puritanical attitute of such a large number of the country, I’m also feeling very let down by the BBC for failing to support yourself and Mr Brand. Please, please, please come out fighting and get back to the usual cut and thrust of cheeky, good natured programming for all our benefits!

  67. Annette Lavelle says:

    I can add no more to what has been said here in support of Jonathan except to say he is a bright light in a cold, grey world.

  68. Simon Jermy says:

    Let the witchhunt end here! Apologies were enough. There was no need for anyone to lose their jobs.

    And why on earth are politicians all wading in on this? Have they nothing better to do?

  69. caroline says:

    surely if anyone is in the wrong its the producer for allowin it to be aired.I’ve recently listened to it and i didnt think it was all that bad.both jonathan & russell are being made scapegoats for this.If they sack jonathan i wont b watching bbc as his programme is the only 1 i watch on bbc.

  70. victor952uk says:

    As an old fart and a long standing fan of JR it’s a load of bollocks and has been blown out of all proportion by the newspapers and TV news.Yes it was a bit tasteless but thats exactly why we love JRs schoolboy humour.
    Carry on regardless and fuck off to everybody else.

  71. Heather Ross says:

    I totally support Jonathan. He’s made a mistake, he’s apologised and that should be an end to it.

    The media circus has turned it into a personality contest – that’s just stupid. Everyone has the right to cock up sometimes.

    (btw I am not a relative of his!)

  72. Jordan says:

    Bring Back Ross !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is wrong with the world, if you ask me there’s way too many goodie goodies with too much time on there hands and very little else to do in there boring existence then to complain about silly things like this. All but one never heard the broadcast until the Newspapers with there twisted minds set about with a lynching mob! rather then concentrating on real news, Surprise surprise !!!!

    Everyone knows what Ross and brand are like and what there comedy style is! so if you don’t like it then don’t watch it! Instead of spoiling if the millions of viewer who do like what they do and forcing people out of there jobs just to please you. So for god sake bring them back and try and tackle more pressing matters than actually making more.

  73. Josh says:

    I agree this has been blown out of all proportion, it seems old farts who want to have a say in something just for the opportunity to have a moan is whats going on here. The apology’s have been made, and as for suspending Jonathan for 12 weeks…*sigh* My support goes out to Jonathan and Russel and i hope to be listening and watching them again soon – come on Britain ffs

  74. Graham Hardiman says:

    This ban is ridiculous. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves, they will water down the principles the BBC is famous around the world for. Contact the BBC Trust and complain in the same way that the moral majority daily mail readers have and show jonny ross some support.

  75. J Ro says:

    Agreed graham, I have sent them an email to show my displeasure.

  76. Rebecca Sanderson says:

    I love Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, I have recently suffered with illness and I must say that this show has given me something to look forward too and has been the highlight of my tv week and has lifted my spirits more than anything else!!! I think he is genius and so funny it’s just brilliant and such a great show!!

    With regards to the latest debacle I just wonder what is wrong with our country yes ok I would agree that what they said was pushing it and really not nice but I’m sure in hindsight they both agree with this, the fact that all the complaints came from people that don’t and didn’t even listen to the show isjust stupid, how can you be offendedby something you didn’t even witness???? These people that have complained need to refocus their energies on things that do affect them like the recession, The Iraq war, council tax??? etc… and as for the media how can they justify this being the number one news item for a week when there are people dying in wars,being persecuted in Africa, earthquakes and bomb attacks in Asia??? and they think they are taking the moral high ground????? A simple apology from Jonathan and Russel and that should have been the end of it if anyone had any common sense! I love Jonathan Ross and am gutted he has been suspended I just beg him not to give up and to host HIS show in the brilliant way he does as soon as possible!! All my friends love him too and will miss him enormously!! Chin up Jonathan, I have complained to the BBC for suspending you and forbowing to public pressure that don’t even listen or watch your excellent shows !!! Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Rebecca, Marlow xxx

  77. Emily says:

    This is such a ridiculous situation. Everyone says things that are possibly a bit stupid when they get carried away. It has all been blown out of proportion, and I cannot believe that it is being discussed in parliament. I honestly don’t think people care either way that things have been said, but like to be part of a sensationalised story.

    I support Ross whole heartedly and hope that he returns to our screens soon – it will be a long 12 weeks without him! And I also agree with Graham – I hope people start contacting the BBC with support rather than complains about Ross.

  78. Ian says:

    What an absolutely ridiculous situation. 30,000 complaints and probably not one of them listened to the actual show. It must be terrible for the page three wannabe, Satanic Slut, although I noticed she wasn’t too upset to take money from The Sun and brag about the details of her romp with RB. A miserable win for the politically correct, whinging brigade. Boo! JR is a huge talent and the BBC, and his fans are the real losers. There are soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan getting limbs blown off for chrissakes.

  79. Craig says:

    It annoys me the way the Daily Mail takes small things and blows them into the air disproportionately! Also I think Channel 4 want Jonathan to get the sack so they can offer him a cheap contract…

    I agree that both Jonathan and Russel are brilliant, modern comics that entertain a wide variety of people. Their comedy is refreshing and Friday nights just wont be the same without the man. Watch the BBC ratings plunge for friday nights…

  80. Amy says:

    Britain has gone insane. What happened to freedom of speech? and why won’t my voice be heard?! every newspaper is against them, yet the supporters, the MILLIONS of people who listen to or watch their shows are being ignored. The future is with the younger generation. No one should dictate what we like, nor should they imply that such comedians lead to ignorant, arrogant, gutter mouthed teens. This is censorship gone insane!

    P.S. LOVE the Solidawity for Wossy!!!!

  81. Amanda says:

    I just want to scream!!!!!! Those 1000’s of complainers would not normally listen to the show, but now they are all to happy to jump on the band wagon. I feel sorry for Andrew Sachs, but an apology has been given they can do no more, if I was Andrew i would be more ashamed of his grand-daughters behaviour than two men who reverted to childhood for a while. Watch any so called alternative comedians routine what you will hear is a millions times more controversial than this call. If you don’t like it you shouldn’t listen!


  82. Paul says:

    The thing I find much more offensive is that the BBC keep making series after series of inane dross, namely ‘My Family’! It is a sad state of affairs when there appears to be more media coverage of this than the murder of John Paul De Menezes!!! I am certain that JR will not suffer the loss of 12 weeks earnings, however his fans who watch him every week and listen to his Radio Show will certainly feel the loss! I don’t suppose there will be any rebate on our TV licence payments next year to compensate for our loss? He is the only thing worth tuning into every week – and all I can say to all the people who have complained then they obviously do not appreciate this type of humour and they can always watch My Family instead. Jonathan – keep smiling.

  83. Chris Purslow says:

    “I’m interested in showing Jonathan that not everyone is a mindless…sheep”

    Then why do you feel the need to shepherd everyone to ways to support your mate. If they want to do it they can do it without your “save my mate” campaign.

    From listening to the radio show (yes 1 of the few who heard it the first time) JR was the mindless sheep as he was shamelessly ‘starstruck’ by Brand and felt the need to do the “look at me” routine and egg him on.

    It was wrong, it happened, take the punishment like a man and move on.

  84. Lal says:

    You’ve got my support! I keep looking over my shoulder thinking someone’s resurrected Mary Whitehouse or something. Even Andrew Sachs himself seems shocked by the hysteria from the Green Ink Brigade that’s blown up over this! And what for? Just a hell of a lot of Daily Heil readers going on about ‘salaries’, it’s just sour grapes, they aren’t offended in any genuine way nor do they feel any genuine sympathy for Sachs, they just want to get their bullyboy boots in. Probably the sorts of people who would tear each other’s hair out to get their hands on a discount sofa at an IKEA store opening! I wonder if they’re sitting at home watching Jim Davidson DVDs and saying “This is propah comedy!”. Probably!
    As for the opinion of older people, my father is in his late 70s and thinks Russell Brand is funny and said these complainers should get a grip of themselves.
    Looking forwards to seeing JR back again soon – I’ve GOT to know what he thinks of Watchmen when that’s out next year! :D

  85. declan says:

    just a bunch of loosers jumping onthe bandwagon with nowt else to do. Katy Perry must be so glad this rubbish has taken over her being photo’d with a flick knife…HELLO, that is more serious than this blown out of proportion rubbish…carry on BBC and loose your best talent to ITV! if ya dare! then I will be signing the petition to stop paying my license fee!


  86. Julie B says:

    Why must the rest of us suffer because of the minority holding a hate campaign. There are a lot of programmes I do not like but we live in a democracy where the BBC provide a variety of entertainers & entertainment to appeal to different sectors of the general public.

  87. Chris says:

    I have just put in a complain to the BBC, who seems to have lost all trace of backbone and/or balls.

    Yes it was stupid, but you know what, apologies have been made, and it is now in the past. By bowing to media pressure and suspending JR, what they have done is buggered up my next 12 friday nights. There isnt much else worth watching on the BBC, and they habe cut thier own nose to spite thier face.

    They shuld show some balls, announce that it has been dealt with and is inthe past, and bring back JR.

    With some much else going on in the world, it is incredible how far out of proportion this has been blown.

    I’d like to start a campaign of boycotting license fees until he is reinstated. They take £18 or something out of my account once a month. If everyone stopped thier Direct debits, they would soon bloody act.

    The BBC belongs to US not the gutter press, and we should make them realise it.

  88. Elliot says:

    The BBC produce some great programs with limited appeal, I thought that was the point of maintaining a public funded broadcasting corporation.

    Suspending people who step over the line on occasionally because of the whining of the Daily Mail readership is imbecilic.

  89. Alex says:

    Here we go again the media being able to make a story out of near nothing whilst there is so much genuine hardship to report on I think this dissprapotionate attention to the Ross/Brand episode is aborate.
    Who are these 30,000 individuals who have complained? Surely this is just a matter of jumping on the band wagon.
    What a huge loss to not only the BBC but comen sence itself if comediens are no longer able to push the boundries.
    Ross and Brand are without a shadow of doubt two of the greatest talents the BBC has and Friday nights and Saturday mornings will be empty with out Wossy.

  90. Richard says:

    I read the above comments with some interest. There are more significant things going on in the world – war, starvation, AIDS etc. And some people are jumping on the bandwagon. And another group venting their dislike of Ross and Brand for their own personal reasons are clearly having a field day of it. That aside, the prank did once again confirm my suspicions – England is a more incivil place than it used to be. Ross and Brand are both highly paid because of their vulgarity, not despite of it. Ross is the perpetual juvenile – at 47. Yet both are supremely talented and often very funny. The show’s listeners are implicated of course – by association. They have both good and bad taste simultaneously. And comedy has a very close relationship to cruelty, nay it relies on an element of cruelty to “work”. Any comedian worth his salt knows this of course and has to manage it, and determine where the boundaries lie. Brand’s apology may indeed be heartfelt, yet we all know it would not have arisen if the nation’s attention had not been so directed to this escapade. The episode is a microcosm of society, a window into the general standard of conduct in this country. The standard is low. It marries up with, in some jagged way, the behaviour of the underclass (incivil and cruel); the working class (s’only a laugh innit); and the middle class, so quick to bleat over the threat to free speech. None of these groups value or promote self-control and restraint. Therein lies the problem.

  91. Adam says:

    a quote from ds online please sign

    Whether you love them or hate them surely the blame should go to TPTB who edit the show and air it.

    How comes they are not being suspended or threatened with the sack?

    Please sign the petition below.

  92. maria says:

    Friday night tv will miss JR! I have been watching and loving JR since Last Resort days and he has always made me laugh and entertained me. This issue was 2 comedians who just got carried away and it shouldn’t have been aired and that would have been the end of that! I cant believe all the hype, just been watching BBC1 Newsnight and it was discussed for 40mins! I think its a ploy to distract from everyones misery due to the credit crunch and the state of the country! Its a poor show that do to that the media and even our members of parliment distract our attention on to a witch hunt over a high spirited silly phone message!
    They have said sorry!!! Chin up Jonathan, I’ll be waiting here for your return!

  93. Dirk (Dutchie) says:

    Jonathan, can’t wait for your return to radio & tv! You always make me laugh and I’ll miss your shows over the next three months.
    By the way, this whole affair is so typically English. You make one mistake (which I think was actually quite funny) and suddenly everyone turns against you…

  94. Bertha says:

    It is profoundly disturbing that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon and taking a moral high ground to point fingers at Ross and Brand at the behest of a tabloid. It is even more disturbing that the BBC is actually bowing to a witch-hunt that is propagated by a tabloid like the Daily Mail. It says more about the society that is so willing to believe every damn thing printed by a tabloid. This is mass hysteria.

    Whatever happened to that British stoicism I heard so much about? Oh wait, it’s all gone to the dogs! People have more concern and respect now for tabloid news than they do about real concerns like the environment or the economy.

  95. jim brosnan says:

    In my opinion it seems that the Daily Rag has done its usual venomous job..I am sure there are some serious employment rights issues here,the BBC claims this is a ‘final warning’,what law are they using??
    sadly this smacks of the envy of success,good luck to JR and his huge earnings,we as a society tolerate this along with those who kick a pigs bladder around a park and earn millions…
    I am more concerned about this censorial nonsense from our ‘media’purporting to represent us…what shal we ban next????

  96. Nigel says:

    OK so Wossy (who is a god) and Brand (whom I don’t like but support over this) did a very ill advised thing, but hey guess what the linchmobs came out of the woods again. Almost all the complaints about this have come long after the program was aired and by the sounds of it the majority of complaints have not been as a result of listening to the show, but as a reaction to the media hype. As Jim Brosnan says the ‘Daily Rags’ have done it again. I don’t sign up to censorship of newspapers, but sometrhing has to be done about the scaremongering and poo stirring dredged up by the so called newspapers. I don’t think I’ve read a piece of ‘real news’ from any of them for an awful long time.

  97. julie frank says:

    I run a support group for Russell & Jonathan on facebook. We’ve got 14,000 supporters for the two already and it’s only been going two days!

    We think the whole thing has been blown massively out of proportion and the two are now victims of a media witch hunt.

    Julie Frank
    ‘Support Russell Brand & Joanthan Ross’

  98. Nicola Collins says:

    Yes it was foolish and rude but Jonathan has accepted that and apologised days ago. He is an excellent broadcaster. I hope he doesn’t resign too. Only 2 people complained on the night, the rest have been whipped up by The Daily Mail, the newspaper that thought Hitler was a good bloke! It wasn’t even Jonathan’s show and he didn’t clear it for broadcast. Its funny how the woman in question is now giving interviews and revealing details of her sex life in the tabloids. Max Clifford is her PR apparently. Hmmmm…..

  99. SL says:


    I am so angry at the BBC… how dare they! Mind-controlling-media company, ruling over the country. This is outrageous.

    They are rich and famous, they can continue working somewhere else.
    Why don’t they tell the BBC to go and FUCK THEMSELVES.?!

    Why on earth is PM G.B. Reacting to this? It’s NONE of his business, seriously! He should have said : Who? What? I don’t have time for this.
    But no, it’s about who you know and how much power you have in the world.

    They don’t deserve to be punished, they don’t deserve to have to resign their job or be ”suspended”.

    I used to love the BBC for being more intellectual ( = thought and reason)
    Take the punishment?! What, is Jonathan Ross 5 years old or something? Are we going to give him a slap on the arse?! Jeez…

    People who were affected by the ”joke” : sit down, have a cup of tea, and shut the fuck up. So immature to make a big deal out of this.
    People are so afraid of what others might say. I have lost respect for the Fawlty Towers legend and his tarty granddaughter. (someone got their 15 mins!)

    These tight arse Britons need to get that big STICK out of their friged arses and accept CHANGE.
    MY country I grew up in, Radio/Tv presenters swear all the time!

    Now BBC lost another viewer , I can’t believe I’d ever say this…but : Channel 4 here I come!

    Johnathan, pack your bags and NEVER return to BBC. Kick ass somewhere else.

  100. Re News at 10, 30th Oct 08.

    Jonathan Ross and Russell brand should just pack up and go, open their own radio station and watch the audiences migrate from BBC2. What a pathetic joke the whole thing is.

    I’m also appalled with the genuinely obscene editorial decision to put this so called ‘obscene phone call’ story as the main headline before the actual obscenities being commited anew in the Congo. The editorial team will no doubt argue public interest and cite 5 newspaper headlines, 18,000 calls yesterday but I guestion the BBC’s editorial integrity on this issue not on whether stupid mistakes have been made in another part of their navel gazing organisation.

    Minor but telling point; where was even 1 vox pop during the phone call item making the above point?

    More interesting, what does it say about our society that this could be headline news before the Congo or even the results of the Stockwell shooting enquiry? Haven’t the BBC got a responsibility here?

  101. Justin says:

    Really hope everything works out well for these two and their careers don’t suffer long term.

    Channel 4 needed a decent Friday night replacement for Graham Norton ( who is soo much worse now he is on the BBC…) Please, PLEASE sign the two of them up Channel 4!

    The BBC show themselves to be incredibly weak willed and having no principals whatsoever in my opinion. You put these two on air together after the watershed and they push the boundaries…. so what!?!

    Good Luck Wossy!

  102. Vincent says:

    Firstly, I don’t think this farce is representative of society’s decline. The only aspect of society this shines a light on is editorial policy within the media. The Daily Mail may have started a witch-hunt, but that doesn’t justify all the other newspapers and TV bulletins deciding that the story should be their lead item.

    I’ll also restate the point someone else made that Gordon Brown probably couldn’t care less about this affair, but made a comment because a journalist asked him. Putting aside the question of whether journalists should be wasting elected officials’ time in this way (and shame on those MPs who’ve been wasting their own time on this matter), the PM’s response was as predictable as the response of the BBC – they have to appease the unreasonably vocal minority, because if they didn’t, they’d become the next target of the outrage.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC’s discussions with Jonathan Ross over his suspension acknowledged that very fact – ‘we’re not really doing this because we think it’s a suitable punishment, but because in the current media climate it’s the most pragmatic solution’.

    That media climate is the problem, not Jonathan Ross or Russell Brand, and so I whole-heartedly support them in this matter, along with Andrew Sachs, who seems to have been understanding and gracious throughout. As for Sachs’ granddaughter, well, I can’t blame her for taking The Sun’s money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that same tabloid runs a story on her sex life in the not too distant future (a story which may or may not be true) that proves just as embarrassing and humiliating to her and her family as the Ross and Brand prank. The sad thing is that this kind of exposé will be deemed okay and ‘in the public interest’.

  103. manmademound says:

    Great post…

    We’ve put more on Ross, Brand, and Sachs here:

  104. Carl says:


    I watch your Friday night show almost religiously – it’s a great way to unwind after a week at work. I think you are genuinely funny and passionate about what you do. I like your self-depreciating brand of humour (do those complainer’s not realise that when you talk about how handsome you are that you are being sarcastic?!!). I love the fact that celeb’s queue to get on your show and admit to watching your show in the states and elsewhere. I do love the way you can make audiences and guests relax in your company and I always come away thinking yep, I enjoyed that.

    Your radio show is consistently excellent and I tune in on most Saturday mornings. It’s entertaining, funny and you play some great music (Bowie every Saturday!). I discovered RL Burnside and Hotchip through listening to and watching your shows…

    And let’s not forget your services to broadcasting and to charity. For those complaining about your salary hear this… Jonathan Ross more then earns his money – and the BBC clearly understand that.

    I have felt recently that some of your tv humour was in danger of falling into the gutter but it was a personal opinion, and it wasn’t enough to complain about – I just put it down to the need to compete with other more crude (though similar) humour on other shows. You needed reigning in a bit. Andrew Sachs did that, you apologised – time to move on…

    But instead you are suffering like this. It’s terrible – and now your supporters are being made to suffer as well by having you removed from our screens. This is complete rubbish – brought on by people who probably never watch/listen to your shows because they’ve already formed a judgement.

    It’s a great shame and it’s a great shame that the BBC are taking this action – especially if they realise how much value you bring to their network. I wish you (and Russell) well and hope you find a work around soon.

  105. Tim Higham says:

    I am furious at the decision to remove Jonathan Ross from our screens. My whole family love what he does both on TV and radio.

    Please overturn this ridiculous decision. It was recorded programme, Jonathan and Russell, may have overstepped the mark slightly, but the editors made the decision to put it out. That is not Jonathan or Russell’s responsibility.

    I think the BBC have been weak and lilly livered in bowing down to the Daily Mail wielding masses, who would have us watch wall to wall soap operas and period dramas, no doubt.

  106. cat says:

    I think it’s a huge shame that it has come to this, that a talented broadcaster should be suspended over a stupid joke that’s been blown out of all proportion by a bunch a right wing miserable gits! Who should be far more concerned with reporting the real issues going on in the world?

    It’s nice to see that Andrew Sach’s granddaughter (up and coming glamour model) is so distraught by all this that she’s sold her soul to The Sun for consolation!

    Friday night’s and Saturday morning’s won’t be the same.

  107. Andy & Claire says:

    Dear Jonathan Ross,

    In difficult times, we need you and your irreverent humour. We support you and have also emailed the BBC to say they are just bending to media pressure. We look forward to seeing you on our screens soon and our best wishes to you and your family.
    Andy & Claire

  108. Simon says:

    I just sent a message to the the BBC as well:

    30,000 complaints by a bunch of band wagon sheep, what a joke, you ban him for 3 months? what a joke, man up and get him back sooner, he is the only thing worth watching on the BBC. SHAME ON YOU ALL

  109. simon says:

    i think all this has been blown well outa shape…… ross and brand have been made an example out of by the bbc and the media bandwagon…………………… its all a load of crap… i reckon its just to keep gordon brown off the front pages as he ruins this country….

  110. cara says:

    what i am wondering is that if ross and brand had said those things to someone who isnt famous (not andrew sachs) would the outcome be the same as it is now. i think not.!!!!!! The person who put it on air was the person who blew this whole thing up and should be dismissed not the two people who bring entertainment to a whole new level. My thoughts are with you both.

  111. J Ro says:

    I wish people would also stop being agist, many people seem to only be concerned that its offensive to a “78” year old.

    Sorry I didnt realise old people was beyond sex and comdey.

    perhaps all old people should be locked up for there own safety if they are that delicate…..


  112. Bianca Janssen Groesbeek says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    This is a sad day. The first friday without you to start my weekend. On your bad days you make me smile; on your best you make me laugh out loud. Yes, you made me smile with your prank call.

    Personally, I don’t think it was about Andrew Sachs at all, nor his granddaughter who acts the injured innocence. It was about you and Russell entering a contest of who could make the biggest fool of himself. And that was funny. I’m very sorry it backfired. I’m pretty sure that the fuzz isn’t really about the bad taste, but envy of your salary. This in itself is hypocritical, because I’m sure that most of the complainers would take the money when offered. The money is irrelevant.

    All that talk about moral decay is irrelevant too. This was a joke, not a malicious act. Quite frankly if I had such messages on my answering machine, I would immediately understand that it was a joke and I would probably not be offended by it. At worst I would just lift my shoulders and sigh. People seem to think that morality is something fixed and needs protecting. Well, it isn’t fixed, it’s something that we all decide upon together and adjust when necessary. And it doesn’t need protection.

    The mention that Mr. Sachs is an elderly person and therefore in need of special consideration is something I would consider offending. People seem to think that when you get older, you’re not to be taken seriously. This is age discrimination. So I find the age of Mr. Sachs irrelevant. As for the privacy of his granddaughter, it was Russell’s story too. Maybe he should have kept it to himself, but they’re both adults so who really cares who’s sleeping with who?

    I feel that a great injustice has been done to both you and Russell. This is a modern version of a hanging party. You weren’t hired as moral police, you were hired to entertain. This is what you tried to do. It was considered funny enough by the BBC to put film clips of the recording on the radio 2 website. And quite rightly so.

    I’m sorry that I will have to miss your voice on Saturday mornings with your funny babble. I’m sorry that I will no longer be guided to interesting films. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to make me happy with your spontaneous and witty presenting style on Friday Night. This show is highly appreciated in the Netherlands; we happen to think that you’re an extremely talented host. I’ve watched you for many years and what I like about your show is the fact that you actually do respect your guests. You always give your guests room to shine. What makes almost all conversations interesting is the fact that you are interested in your guests.Your teasing only adds to the entertainment.

    I sincerely hope that you will remember that you are loved by many for being exactly the way you are. I also hope that when you come back (and please do come back) you will have the courage to show the same wit, honesty, freshness and spontaneity you have always done.

    I just had to tell you this because this hysteria about nothing may suggest that you did something awful. You didn’t, you were silly. And you apologized to the only person that mattered, mr. Sachs.

    I will miss you dearly this coming weeks. I can’t wait for those 12 weeks to be over.

    Lots of love,

  113. Caz says:

    Jonanthan, you are a legend! Whatever you are going through right now my heart goes out to you. You are a very funny man who does not deserve all this media hype which quite frankly, I feel, has been blown out of proportion!
    You really do make my Friday nights! I hope the BBC and everyone else in this ridiculous situation see sense. The day you walk back onto your show I am sure you will only receive support from your fans (and you really do have so many).
    Prank call….well they shouldn’t have aired it if it was going to cause so much ‘offence’. They are simply using you and Russell to make themselves look like a respectable organisation. You cannot take any blame for this one! Carry on being you and making us laugh Jonathan because we all love you!
    Loads of love to you!
    Caroline x

  114. Tebby says:

    Okay may have gone too far, but it has been blown out of proportion by the media (as ever) – the BBC should be working really hard behind the scenes to make sure they dont lose JR – people should be reminded that they can always turn over or change channels – they don’t have to listen / watch if they feel they are likely to be offended, surely that is what choice is all about. Good luck to him over the next few months – he can spend time writing the extra chapter to his book.

  115. Maura Hurley says:

    Everybody makes mistakes and show me anybody who hasnt made one. I like these two blokes. They are great fun and decent at the back of it all. I will now miss my fix of rossi over the next 12 weeks. What can zzzzzzzzzzzz!! What can you say about a fellow who gives a poor old ladybird a second chance!

  116. daz p HULL says:

    totally agree jon should NOT have got 12 weeks even now people are still asking for him to be sacked me thinks hidden agenda jealousy and the media taking the moral high ground esp wen it has transpired that SHE is a dom for £110 an hour !!!!!!!!

  117. Siege says:

    Do not be one of the thousands of narrow-minded boring bumholes that

    sits there in their pullover and beige chords armed with their phone ready

    to hit up OFCOM on the speed dial.

    Stay clear of that bandwagon of media hype!

    Support Wossy!

  118. pat north wales says:

    hi i hope that you are not letting this bullshit get to you. gordon brown and bandwaggoners do not represent the real public who listen and watch your programs, everybody that i have spoken to are more disgusted that the brit media have put this bull ahead of the congo crisis, which proves that they are not a news service but are witch hunters. as far as most people are concerned you and entertainers like russel brand bring smiles and laughter to millions………….do not change, all the very best to you and your family….hope to see and hear you soon.

  119. GM says:

    hi Jonathan, Russell

    Please re-read Bianca’s (from Netherlands) msg above, because she so eloquently says it all.

    The phone calls were hilarious.

    Andrew was gracious.

    Georgina was meeting her top need of significance in the only way she knew how.

    We live in a strange world.

    Hare Krishna you both :))


  120. Ian says:

    we all know it is just jealousy because people want to be like him, but they do not have a job such as Wossy’s.

    At his show they can talk about several random things by which we really get to know a little bit about what sort of person the guest is .

    some are probably saying babbling because it is 78 yrs old manuel.. and not 78 yrs old peter cook

    He was called king of media few weeks before.. and after 3 months he’ll be back or probably sooner

  121. Theresa Brown says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I am really sad that you have been taken off the air just because of some silly mistake made by you and Russell Brand we love you and want you back in your rightful place on the tv making some really great tv. No one should have lost their jobs and I think all of you should be given your jobs back. It was an error of judgement on a prerecorded show that maybe should never have gone out. Now the Daily Mail wants the BBC to be censored calling for shows like Graham Norton and Mock the week to axed I say no all because of these out of touch Daily Mail readers who have nothing better to do than complain about whats on tv. All of those who complained weren’t fans of your or Russells and believe whats written in the Daily Mail. I listened to that show and wasn’t in the least bit offended in fact I found it quite funny.
    Long live the Manuel two. Bring back Jonny Ross (my nick name for you lol) Russell Brand and Lesley Douglas without her radio 2 is dead.

  122. John Silk says:

    This whole media-circus-witch-hunting debacle, is a disgrace to the ‘intelligent’ British public. Again, this event goes to prove that the most powerful & influential people in this country didn’t get voted in; they are called ‘Newspaper Editors’ (controlled by Media Barons). They seem to set their own economic-political driven agendas, voluntarily over-sighted by themselves and then ‘lord it over’ us when it suits (in the guise of of own interests!). It’s a joke on Democracy and an insidious means of controlling the opinions of the ‘idle’ populous. Ironically, these ‘Editors’ are responsible for the written content of their journalists (when you’ve got enough money to sue them) but the ‘Producers’ of this Radio show seem to defer it (or at least remain silent). It seems in these media hyperbolic times that words, if repeated & said long enough, actually change what the reality of things are. How many people, out of the so-called 37,000 complaints, actually listened to the show? More alarmingly, is the majority of people that did listen to the show (and thought it was hilarious) remain in apathetic silence. Johnathan Ross and Russell Brand are true cutting-edge comic stars, it’s their JOB to push the boundaries. When you employ them, you know what your getting!?!! But surely, if people are going to be instantly offended let’s at least know why, as opposed to this trail-by-tabloid? All we seem to be left with is this knee-jerk political arse-covering by the BBC and all concerned. It’s saddening and a true sign-of-our-times.

    “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”- Josef Goebbels

  123. john silk says:

    On a more personal note, I and all my friends (and their friends) all think your a comic-god. All give worship. Everybody, who I know and have talked to, can see through this overhyped bullshit. I have physically forced them, under a deadly arm-lock, to write into the BBC and actually tell them this…..not the ‘deadly arm-lock thing though. They will make there friends do the same. I’m a big believer in the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory & hopefully this might have some effect. Until then, you’ve got to know that there are a huge, huge amount of people already missing you. The airwaves are that much duller without you John. Don’t let the bastards drag you down.

  124. Lucy says:

    For many years I have had a high regard for Jonathan Ross. I have admired his talent, his humour and his passion for films and comics.

    His Friday Night show, film show and radio show are real broadcasting highlights for me. Indeed, these are some of the the very few shows that I return to week after week.

    As a film lover I often find myself disagreeing with the views of certain film critics and yet it is very rare that I find myself disagreeing with Jonathan. If Jonathan recommends a film, I know I’ll enjoy it too. He’s that reliable. (And Oscar coverage has never been so much fun since the BBC lost the rights)

    If Jonathan goes off air because of something so silly, I will be very upset and very disillusioned in the BBC.

    My only consolation is that if the BBC is foolish enough to let him go, some other channel will snap him up and then we sane people, in possession of good taste, a sense of humour and common sense can continue to enjoy his talents as we did before.

  125. Steve says:

    When the king returned to his land the multitude there assembled stood in awe of his splendour …………………………………………………..

  126. Andrew Read says:

    Jonathan Ross is an excellent broadcaster and an incredibly funny warm man. I’ve listened to his radio show for years and he is brilliant, yet here he is being treated like a criminal! What was his big crime? A joke that went a bit too far and wasn’t properly edited? I’m genuinely upset that he is off air and has suffered so much and I hope soon that people realise this has all been a gross over reaction.
    Come back soon Jonathan, even if it isn’t on the BBC.

  127. Rod says:

    When the smoke clears I really hope that you will be back with a wicked attitude to all the so called friends that have let you down which will probably give you loads of new very funny material to work with ?
    It doesn’t matter to your real fans as to which station you return on.
    It does matter that Parkinson, Brown and others are trying to get themselves into the public eye on your back which just shows how low celebs,politicians and others can go.I wish you and your family a great break and have a merry chistmas and I know, with your help, we will all have a happy new year!

  128. Emma says:

    I haven’t spoken to one person who thinks that the media interest and reaction is in any way warranted. The apology was adequate.

    Reinstate Ross, Brand and Douglas.

  129. phil says:

    Johnathan ross is an excellent comic talent, yeah he and brand did say these things but they both apologised . They only got suspended because of the tabloids, nothing more. So what, who cares ! At the end of the day andrew sachs didnt appear to be that shocked by it and anyway is his granddaughter an angel !! far from it , if the tabloids could get pics of her would they be bothered about upsetting andrew sachs.. NO .

  130. Philip says:

    Another example of media hyped contoversy fuelling what was simply a stupid lapse in judgement . They were both trying to outdo each other in daring crassness. The fact that it was allowed to be shown, especially after it being rejected by Sachs, was the true “crime”. Thats is precisely why these near hte edge comedians are taped and edited.
    As usual the few real moaners get their way and we all suffer, not being able to see JR making us laugh (albeit cringeing occasionally).
    I hope he moves onto a station which is not controlled by “Mr outraged from Croyden”. Only 2 complaints on the day. Remember what the press did on the Maddie McCann story………witch hunt or what!
    Philip (aged 56 and NOT a radio 1 listener.

  131. Mark says:

    The reaction to this is totally out of proportion and is another example of the way people react to some rather dubious elements of the press. Gone are the days when people made mistakes and said sorry. The ban on Ross will result in a Radio 2 going back twenty years in terms of program output. For the first time in ages I turned off Radio 2 and listed to my local commercial station today between 10 and 12, their program wasn’t great but it was clearly better than what was on offer instead of Ross.

    He should be re-instated.

  132. J Ro says:

    Facebook members who support brand and ross, hits 28.000 members.

  133. Martin says:

    This is the reason I never buy a News Paper, 2 complaints whipped up into a media frenzy, I hate them!

    Maybe people should complain every time the Mail (and other News Papers (what a joke … News !)) print a bunch of lies that causes pain and distress to those they write about. Maybe the Stars should not ignore the lies that are written about them but should react accordingly, until they have to think about what they put to print.

    I’m sure Jonathan will be distressed personally by all of this, he has apologised personally and can do no more. Take some comfort that there are many more people for you, than against you!

  134. Jill from Wilts says:

    Friday nights and Sat mornings are not the same without Jonathan! Lift the ban and bring him back now!

  135. Julie Newbury says:

    Bring back Jonathan, Friday night isn’t the same without him.

  136. Chris Thomas says:

    Dear Jonathan, firstly thanks for so many years of top quality entertainment. Your style has been consistant for all these years and the BBC knows exactly what to expect from you in terms of the more “edgy” material that you do. They have been quite happy to pay you (very) well for this and have been equally happy to take the credit for your continued success.
    This whole fiasco has been a very worrying example of a modern (media) lynch party with the right wing minority press whipping up a campaign of jealosuy and hate against a successful media personality, nothing new here but the BBC have compounded things by not wanting to upset these fools and have buckled to pressure and acted far too swiftly and badly. A twelve week ban will ultimately only hurt the BBC in the long run as they won,t be able to come up with anything to fill the gap by Mr Ross and will loose viewers.
    So Jonathan hope you enjoy this suprise break with the family don’t let these idiots get to you, have a nice Christmas and see/hear you in the new year.
    Love Chris, Loretta, Rourke and Franklin Thomas

  137. Kt. France says:

    Jonathan has made me laugh for years on his Saturday morning show; there was something sadly missing this morning. I don’t believe he has a malicious bone in his body, unlike some of the people making negative comments. The suddenly virtuous UK press would be laughable, if it weren’t so obviously powerful

    I wish you well Jonathan and hope it won’t be too long before I can “tune in” again.

  138. Craig Douglas says:

    A copy of the email I`ve sent to the BBC.

    I would like to complain about the way Messers Ross and Brand have been treated by the BBC

    Okay.. they were bit stupid and got carried away, but the hysteria around this is completely out of proportion. The majority of complaints came more than a week after the event and from people who became aware of it from the Press or TV reports for the first time . In a country of free speech it is farcical to believe that there would be so many complaints AFTER the event.

    For a start, any pre-recorded piece has to go under the scrutiny of several other BBC employees before going to air, so why have Brand & Ross been suspended for the offending show being broadcast?

    It is very unlikely that all the people who have complained to OFCOM have heard the recording, or have even listened to the Russell Brand show before.

    IF someone should be sacked, then so be it. Yes it was awful that it went out on air… but it was pre-recorded. It is not either of their jobs to be editor.

    Do we you want dull, boring tv and radio where no-one can say anything cutting edge in case they get in trouble? I for one dont.

    I think that suspending them is not the way to solve this problem. Although suitable apologies from the two presenters is a good starting point there should be more done to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again, without breaching the boundaries of free speech.

    As for the content of the show.

    Had Andrew Sachs turned up for the interview none of this would have happened.
    Georgina Baillie has since admitted having sexual relations with Brand. No lies told there then.

    Considering she’s in a burlesque group called ‘Satanic Sluts Extreme’, surely, by definition, having sex with a celebrity is a mark of success?

    Now, presumably to help keep things low-key for her “poor old Grandad” she has decided to “tell her story” to the Sun newspaper. It seems to me that she should be thanking Brand, Ross and the BBC for propelling her in to the limelight.

    Get Brand and Ross back on air, those are the presenters I pay my TV Licence for.

  139. LH says:

    Bring back Jonathan and Russell as soon as possible. Surely other broadcasters will snap them both up. Friday nights will not be the same without Jonathan Ross and I can’t believe they have replaced him with Richard Allison, the most boring DJ in the world, on his radio show. As for Russell, thank goodness Ponderland is being shown on Channel 4 – Thursday night’s show was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

    OK they made a huge error of judgement but they are still two of the funniest presenters in this country, and the good work they have done far outweighs this one mistake. In these depressing times, losing such a rich vein of humour just adds to gloom and doom.

  140. Will says:

    Can’t believe Friday night with Jonathan Ross isn’t on:(

    Love Russell too

  141. Jayne says:

    Jonathan & family; It is hard to recognise the perfection of a situation in the darkest hours, but when looking back on this time, you’ll know why it had to happen and how great for yourself and your family this experience has been!

    Alternatively, as we say in Australia – “take a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up.”

    Get through this, never be worn down and we are all waiting for your return into our lives!

    Jayne in Australia, regular podcast listener and Ross YouTube viewer!

  142. Rob Letham says:

    I’ve joined the facebook group and am really pleased there is so much support for Mr Ross, he deserves it and is a truly brilliant and talented individual. The fact that so many ‘outraged’ tools complained after the event suggests that this is nothing more than a media led furore over a raging tempest in a jar – I think some of the enraged pious masses should divert there attention to the Congo, Darfur, Zimbabwe and other places where their outraged complaints could be genuinely useful to give a voice to situations that require such an extreme reaction.
    To put another spin on it, perhaps the Daily Mail and it’s readers should turn their attentions to the entertainment troup ‘Satanic Sluts’ in their campaign for decency?

  143. karen daniels says:

    dear jonathon,thinking of you and family, myself,family and friends (52 people) have stopped watching and listening to bbc programmes until they stop this maddness and get you back doing what you are so good at we all miss you lots,sent with love xxx

  144. John says:

    As a OAP and a supporter of JR and Russell I find myself disappointed at the reaction to this farce.
    I have listened to the broadcast and read all the lies in the press and can now reach my own decision.Not one based on the editorial of the most sued paper for telling lies we have the pleasure of reading( I’m more a Beano fan than the mail(Beano don’t tell lies and have never been sued)
    I hope the complainants and Mail readers who never listen to radio 2 any way but first became aware after reading it then complained are very happy. Perhaps the will get free tickets to see The Satanic Sluts world tour for there help in this matter.Bet the Mail om Sunday will be giving a free video any time soon.
    The readers bring to mind a certain person portrayed by Kenny E.
    two faced.
    All the best to both of the offended in this, hope to see you both on some other channel soon ( hope its not Sky)

  145. John says:

    Oh I forgot lets start a campain to get the Satanic Sluts or at least Georgina Baillie to get to Australia in time for The Jungle. That would boost the rates.Just a thought.

  146. KT. France says:

    PS … In light of all the statistics that are being bandied about, regarding the “supporters” being at the younger end of the spectrum, I should have mentioned I am 60 years young.

  147. Miss Chatelaine says:

    I am 57 and support Jonathan and Russell. I have complained about the witchhunt against them to Ofcam and BBC.

  148. Mick Newbury says:

    The BBC should encourage Mr Ross to return he is great in both his tv and radio show.

  149. Annie says:

    Just to state that I categorically support Ross. He made a mistake and apologised – now let’s just let him get on with what he does well please.
    I would ask the media for some perspective!
    Best wishes to him.

  150. Gareth says:

    Wow what a strange week. You would think we had nothing else to be concerned about eh? Gordon Brown couldn’t manage one straight answer at PM Q’s. Yet had something to say about tabloid driven tripe.

    I would just like to say to Jonathan (and Russell if he should read these) That i fully support them. All my family welcome Jonathan into our homes every week. Friday nights are Jonathan Ross and a chinese take out night! The Crispy beef doesn’t taste the same without you keeping us laughin Jonathan lol. And we all talk about the radio show days later…..Not quite missing Andy’s bizarre quizes just yet lol maybe by next week tho! :-) But you’re there with us on our radios most Saturday mornings. Whether i’m nursing a hang over or if we’re all going out for a ride in the car somewhere. (Love the Bowie tunes) It’s a part of our lives. There is no other show like that for us. So we are left with a big void in terms of what we find entertaining.

    What happened last week was absolout nonsense. I have been fuming over it and arguing with people (and won most btw) Yeah was a lil silly but it wasn’t meant in a malicious way. Anybody who watches/ or listens to Jonathan and Russell will know they aren’t horrible people, far from it! They are endearing, confident, talented broadcasters and so so funny. They were just doing what they do. Got carried away but immediately said sorry. It warrented a slap on the wrist and possibly no hob nobs for a week. But i think judging by their own reaction they felt guilty about it straight away and appologised. Once Andrew Sachs accepted their appology that should have been that…

    Those people who complained a whole week later. Were just reacting to the reaction caused by the press. They did not and obviously never do actually listen to the show. Besides that, you know what you’re getting before you tune in. This goes for any programme. Comedy and entertainment are objective. Everyone pays their licence fee and should be catered for. Most of us – if we dont find something entertaining or offensive – we realise it doesn’t cater to us and will simply turn it over and we do so without ever complaining. Yet there are some who want to dictate what we all watch and are ready to get the knives out at any opportunity.

    Jonathan there is support for you that is growing everyday. And i do believe we will start hearing more support as time goes on. We all want you back doing what you do best as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    ‘Everyone says Hi’

  151. Jay says:

    If I ever had some time to sit down with Jonathan Ross (as a long time fan) I would say the following…

    “Jonathan you are brilliant entertainer, i’ve enjoyed watching your show from way back when you made ‘The incredibly strange film show’ of which i have kept on old dusty VHS tapes. It was brilliant to find an entertainer on the TV (Channel 4 at the time) who had the same love as I had for directors like George Romero and Sam Raimi etc. I like you are also a huge comic book fan and know a fair few comic artists and writers and again it’s been great to hear you over the years big up people like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman to the mainstream public. In some ways you made geeky really cool well before everyone else jumped on the geeky is cool bandwagon.
    I’ve also loved the Japanarama series as i too have lots of Japanese friends and love to visit Tokyo. That series has been a joy!

    Every Saturday morning I work on drawing a comic book whilst listening to your radio show, now that it has been taken off the air drawing that comic just seems somewhat emptier without all the background fun.

    BUT over the past year I have noticed a certain amount of bragging that seems to have crept into your work, even my girlfriend who is a fan has stated she had begun to get a little tired of hearing about the house, holidays etc. I’ve also started to get a little worried that you’ve been taking your success for granted whilst the rest of us struggle to be able to take holiday never mind 6 week long ones. Your humour too as much as i like it has also started to sound a little too cruel and at times i wish you would engage more your guests. But hey i would still defend you a gem.

    So if I was a friend I might have said, “Hey Jonathan you’re a great guy but just be careful to tone it down now and again because you know what there will be a lot of jealous people out there who don’t like flamboyant people seemingly lording it over them, if you make a mistake they’ll pounce on you. To a certain extent i’ve had a bit of this happen in my own life and it’s not fun – something cheeky can be taken the other way and get you in trouble.”

    Obviously I couldn’t say this but I would have if I was in his circle.

    What you said was wrong in many ways, if anything it’s just a bit embarassing, but hey who’s perfect? If anything good comes from this then it should be a warning shot that you have to keep it in check sometimes. You’re a funny guy without this kind of ‘humour’ and you have to remember that your words are going out to a lot of people.

    The witch hunt has been totally totally over the top.

    Please don’t get depressed and keep up the good work! I always enjoy your shows and hope to see you back in joyful action again soon!

    Best regards! Sorry for the long message! :)

  152. Jen Johnson says:

    I just want to say. I listened to that whole show and I thought the phone message was hilarious! Jonathan and Russell together are seriously funny and I believe in years to come this will be a comedy classic. Yeah, okay maybe they went just a tad too far but they got caught up in the moment. The reason this got picked up was purely to do with the hatred drummed up by the right wing press and the BBC’s lack of spine. The BBC should have supported its staff and focused on the public apologies. Okay, perhaps taking the shows off air for a couple of weeks would have been appropriate in order to ensure the right wing press and the blue rinse brigade didn’t have as much to whinge about. But Jonathan and Russell did not deserve any of this. I feel so sorry for them, particularly Jonathan because Russel’s gone off to LA now and has already had loads of offers. Jonathan on the other hand is having to sit out a three month suspension whilst, it seems, he gets blamed for everything.

    I love these guys.

    And as for Terry Wogan and Paul Gamberchini, what can I say!!!!! Shame on you both.

  153. Cheryl says:

    I am in the US and listen to the podcasts and I will really miss Russell and Jonathan. I heard the controversial podcast and that was actually the first time I ever heard Jonathan so relaxed and silly – it was good. I hope the BBC brings Jonathan back SOON! (BTW I am 47)

  154. jack says:

    I support Jonathan Ross. He is a talented and polished performer and is of my generation. He is a cheeky chappie and folk may be offended by his style, however this is what has made him so successful for 20 years or so. I wonder if the BBC deserve him now? Good luck Jonathan, you are a favourite in my house.

  155. Miss Chatelaine says:

    30,000 complained. Russell’s show attracted 2 million listeners so 1,970,000 did not complain. What has happened to democracy – there is none!

  156. Joanna says:

    Me and my husband are HUGE fans of Jonathan, and since coming to China a few months ago we have been deprived. If the media hadn’t turned this into a fiasco we probably would never have listened to the radio show on youtube. I have to say, we were rolling on the floor laughing.

    I do think it was rather wrong of them, but surely it should’ve just been edited out? The producer has the final say, no?

    I was very cross that it ruined Johnathan’s Hallowe’en! And, we both fully support Johnathan and want him to know that whatever he does – we’ll watch/listen and enjoy.

    PS WE WANT MORE JAPANORAMA! We’re going to Japan in Jan and can’t wait to visit some of the places/see some of the things Jonathan discussed :D

  157. Kt. France says:

    In my continuing support for Jonathan I have just ordered his recently published book “Why Do I say These Things” … I’ve actually ordered the Audio edition so that I can still listen to him !!

  158. C and D says:

    Both Jonathan and Russell had the authorisation/consent/permission/green light to go ahead with the prank from their producer who is the only person accountable for the whole show, because the producer was the only person with the authority to give Jonathan and Russell the permission/authority/green light to do the prank.

    It was the channels choice to pay Jonathan a large sum just like they do numerous other employees. No one in their right mind would turn down getting paid that wage, so you can’t blame Jonathan for that.

    Gordon Brown and the rest of his cronies want to get their priorities right and focus their attention (cuz that is their jobs) on the credit crunch and all the people who are losing their savings/homes/livelihoods every day, that need help, instead of ticking off TV presenters (who by the way are human….humans do make mistakes which is acceptable as long as they go out of their way to rectify the situation = which they have).

    3 key things to remember if this goes further (ie court) No.1 the producer was the only one accountable/liable for the show and therefore the only person to be punished. And no.2 Jonathan and Russell had permission from producer which proves he’s accountable and Jonathan and Russell are not. no.3 You are human, humans do make mistakes which is acceptable as long as they go out of their way to rectify the situation, you can tick that one off your list.

    I’ve changed my mind about saying good luck because whatever the outcome, if you leave the BBC it could be the best thing that ever happened to you….(ie not being around those type of people)everything happens for a reason.

    C and D x x x

  159. Canon Alberic says:

    As you say extraordinary that the BBC made its own editorial incompetence its own lead story when there is a huge real news agenda that it seems incapable of reporting in an intelligent way. And that a story that, if its about anything, is about sexist bullying (and how “funny” it is especially in the hands, ahem, of brilliant superannuated superemunerated teenagers) should end with the sacrifice of one of the most highly regarded women in the media. There is a moral to be drawn here – but making Jonathan Ross into a victim of this is not the right one.

  160. David Sim says:

    I do think the story has been blown out of proportion.

    But let’s be clear: it was not just the producer that was responsible. Two very well paid presenters chose to leave offensive messages on someone’s answerphone. That may be illegal, and you can’t blame anyone else for that action.

    Of course, it shouldn’t have been broadcast either – hence the controller’s resignation for failure to put in place controls and properly assessing risk, but that wouldn’t have changed the fact that the incident happened.

    Having a programme on Radio 2 and taking a salary from the license fee comes with responsibility – full stop. Using some relatively junior member of production staff as a scapegoat doesn’t wash.

  161. Daisy Morgan says:


    Thank you for writing so eloquently and expressing just about everything I’ve been feeling since this whole stupid mess blew up.

    I’ve been quietly apoplexic but as Gia pointed out, there are far, far more important issues in the world right now and I’ve tried to ignore the growing storm. Helped, I must admit, by celebrating Barack Obama’s success in the US elections :-)

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never watched or listened to Russell Brand before this incident (being a rapidly ageing boring old fart) (is long, scruffy hair really back in fashion?) but I do have a soft spot for the middle-aged buffoon that Jonathan Ross chooses to play during his television and radio shows (Film 2008 excepted) – given the paucity of anything resembling entertainment on British television these days it would be a huge shame to lose that talent because of some shit-stirring [expletives deleted] with their own agenda(s).

    Before making any judgements about the BBC staff involved, all we need to know about this is that Ms Baillie had (a) hired the services of Max Clifford; (b) Ms Bailie wants to “write a book” (please!) and (c) wants to be “an actess” (oh sweet Jesus!). Oh and that the Daily Mail are involved (see Charlie Brooker’s article )

    So there you go. But I do wholeheartedly support Jonathan Ross and am bitterly disappionted in the BBC and his Radio 2 colleagues.

    Sorry that this is a bit rambling and incoherent, have been up all night cheering on the Obamas (plus puppy!) on their journey to the White House.

  162. Thor says:

    Dear Johnathon (and Russell), as a licence fee payer and a british citizen (no capital letter due to shame at my “Nation” at present) I am appalled and ashamed at the “national” and “media” response to the incident with your phone prank. You are both very talented, funny guys and I and my wife will stay up late for only three TV programs, Wossy on a Fri night, Spooks and anything with Russell in it! ;-)

    I am a free speech advocate (hence my annual ‘free speech Playwright Competition’ which will probably get me killed for my passion ;-( ) and a passionate supporter of democracy, we are seeing neither in action in uk at present – as for Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s comments: pathetic, go deal with the 2 ridiculous wars you democratic politicians have embroiled us in you pricks!

    Freedom of speech means freedom to offend. Remember “behzhti”? RIP 2004 and the artistic community did f all to stop it. now we are reaping the whirlwind.
    Best regards to both of you.

  163. Steve says:

    And dont forget Jeremy Clarkson

  164. Dawn Cobe says:


    Thanks to the complainers about programmes they don’t even watch in the first place, for making my life duller:( I agree with all the supportive comments above. As the Channel 5 programme said last night the only real victims in this debacle is Jonathon Ross and his family, I’m sure he knows that and I think that is punishment enough.

  165. Matt Neigel says:

    As an American I’m forced to listen to Jonathan Ross over the BBC’s internet radio player and to watch his Friday Night Show on YouTube. I think he is such a talented performer and I look forward to all Jonathan Ross material I can get. He should be treated as a National Treasure in England. Shame on the tabloid media for blowing the situation way out of proportion. It’s too bad that the BBC has been forced into disciplining him by people that love to see misery come to people. A 12 week suspension is an outrageous punishment. Put Jonathan Ross back on the airwaves ASAP!

  166. Daisy says:

    It would be hilarious if it weren’t so bloody infuriating:

    “The BBC has been forced to change the wording of an apology broadcast on Radio 2 after Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs complained.”

    [blah blah]

    “The apology said: “The BBC would like to apologise unreservedly to Mr Sachs, Ms Baillie and to our audiences as licence fee payers.”

    But Mr Sachs contacted the BBC to say the apology should also be directed to his wife and family.

    The second on-air apology was amended and broadcast just after 9pm, when Brand, who resigned as a result of the fallout from the broadcast made on his own Saturday night show, would usually be on the airwaves.”

  167. hyfynants says:

    All so much, much of a muchness(!). If I took the time to compose a defense of Jonathan Ross equal to the value at which I regard his talent, I would be here typing for days and it would never be eloquent enough. Add yet another angry and indignant Yank to the legion of Ross supporters. I would have said “bemused” except that his treatment has been deplorable. I am a fairly frequent visitor to the UK who will gladly forsake a Friday night’s socializing to spend that time enjoying Ross’ show. And back home in the US, a Saturday morning enjoying his broadcast via the internet makes my weekend (all the better when the Villa win).

    The more I read about this, the angrier I become, because I have only ever come away from listening to a Jonathan Ross broadcast with my cheeks aching from laughing so much (with the occasional groan at the really bad jokes) and with great admiration for his talent.

    Ross is a UK national treasure and this episode only adds evidence to the British penchant for knocking idols off of pedestals. I will weigh in on the details only enough to say that Andrew Sachs (an amazing talent in his own right) graciously accepted Ross’ apology early on and that should be that. I haven’t a clue who this Georgina Baillie is other than to state that she doesn’t appear to conduct herself with the same largesse and class as does her grandfather. At any rate, she’s certainly shown herself to hail from the dull and humourless side of the Sachs family. (Might I add, with respect, that Fawlty Towers was a controversial show in its day?)

    Jonathan Ross is a brilliant talent and anyone with even a nuance of character discernment should be able to tell that his ascerbic wit only just conceals an affable, charming and sensitive personality. As a Yank, I can (complain to and) live without the BBC. But not without Jonathan Ross! Shame on the beeb.

  168. Bianca Janssen Groesbeek says:

    The power of words

    As the days pass, the petition to support Jonathan and Russell is creeping towards 8000. From many places in the world words of protest pile up. They seem to go unnoticed. The protest of a newspaper and its readers had more power.
    Fascinating how much some words mean, how little others. Apparently Jonathan’s words meant a lot. Not the content but the choice of words. Funny really how some words are considered offensive while their synonyms are regarded merely descriptive. Russell’s words meant a lot too. Again, not the content which turned out to be true. In this case it was the time and place of utterance that mattered. Wrong time, wrong place.
    But it gets even more interesting. Why for instance are words considered offensive more important than words of apologies? People would want apologetic words to be sincere but in this case sincerity doesn’t seem to be the issue. Because the apologies were sincere whereas the silly prank was not. And while we’re on the subject of apologies, how come that the following words of mr. Sachs “I’m not collecting apologies” turned out to be meaningless? If they were to be taken seriously, surely the BBC wouldn’t have had to re-word their apology. Or am I to understand that although mr. Sachs isn’t collecting apologies, his family is?
    Funny things…words.

    Still missing you, Jonathan.

  169. License fee payer says:

    Save Jonathan from what ? he’s been suspended, not shot ? He’ll be back on our screens soon enough.

    In my opinion most of the backlash aimed at Ross has been about the money he gets paid. The BBC has been making cuts left right and centre and churning out some really poor stuff lately. Which the BBC will put down to lack of cash. Months before this little storm in a tea cup, the beeb and Ross had been getting stick about his wages, how do they justify his £18m contract ? I personally like Ross, but I think people expect a little more than playground humour for their £18m

    I think the only thing he’s guilty of, is being naive, to how fast you can tumble if you get on the wrong side of the British public. As for all my foreign friends living outside the UK, I assume you all post your £139.50 direct to the BBC for the wonderful entertainer you love and enjoy so much ? or you live in such wonderful countries, where this is all you’ve got to worry about ?

    and as for THOR and his free speech, wasn’t the people complaining exercising just that ?

  170. hyfynants says:

    in the words of the sainted Rodney King: can’t we all just get along? i’d been wondering when a xenophobic “we PAY for OUR telly privileges!” rant might occur. mr license fee payer dude, i pay over-inflated prices for all sorts of rubbish when i visit the UK, and gladly, because i happen to enjoy holidays on your fair isle enough to make it worth my support of your currency. free speech be damned (!), surely the cost of my $12.00 coke in an M6 little chef on the way to macclesfield garners me, brazen BBC entertainment freeloader that i am, the small privilege of weighing in on this issue with a note of encouragement to J Ross? after all, the originally stated purpose of this post was to solicit comments of support for same, was it not? if it had been to discuss the imminent war in Congo, or Michelle Obama’s unfortunate choice of attire on election night (see? i DO have other things to worry about!), i would have framed my comments accordingly. but i digress.


  171. License fee payer says:

    Thats the whole point my American friend, there’s nothing “free” about Mr Woss, it’s 18 Million QUID

    ps save the $12.00 you spend on coke and buy a better map of the UK if your present one tells you to head up the M6 to Macclesfield

  172. hyfynants says:

    among those whom i like or admire, i can find no common denominator, but among those whom i love, i can: all of them make me laugh.
    –w.h. auden

    by that definition, j ross is a deal at twice the price.

    the map coke macclesfield dig was woefully predictable and this has all gotten very silly. so good evening to you, my UK friend. the parting shot is yours with my compliments.

  173. License fee payer says:

    bye x

  174. jori says:

    I miss him, now ive got an empty dark hole on my friday night..and a worried heart :(

    PLUS what everyone else on here said <3_<3

    GoGo Wossy~!!

  175. :) We love you!! says:

    well…i deeply hope he will come back, but at what cost, maybe his reputation got shatterd, maybe his believes in the uk got smashed…well i for one think not, although nevertheless im worried ofcourse…but then come to think…great great great legendary stars are standing in line to be on his show, and on his show even tell him they watch his show every week somewhat..
    i hope he will be ok, media can be a cruel relentless leech that wont let go, i hope one of my heros whom i look up to can shake this leech off :D

    GoGo Poow wossy

    A fwiend <3

  176. neuro says:

    2007 revenue from the licence fee: £3.4bn
    Wossy’s purported contract value: £18m, or 0.52%

    Perspective, people.

  177. Nick Tann says:

    I fail to see the relevance of how much Jonathan is paid.
    Pure avarice

  178. gia says:

    I agree. I don’t think what anyone earns has anything to do with anything. The BBC wanted him, other channels were actually willing to pay CONSIDERABLY more, but Jonathan chose the BBC. They paid what they needed to to get him. End of.

    There is an incredible amount of deep-seated jealousy within the British psyche that pops up again and again yet it never fails to shock me. Morrissey said it best, “We hate it when our friends become successful.”

    It’s pathetic.

  179. neuro says:

    Sorry, my point was to show how relatively little licence fee payers actually pay for Wossy.

    Some more perspective: Jonathan Ross costs each licence fee payers approximately 74 pence. A year. Russell Brand’s supposed £200K salary cost each licence fee payer approximately eight tenths of a penny a year. Buying the Mail for a year would cost approximately £130 (weekdays) + £41 (Saturdays) + £78 (Sundays) = £249, over one and three quarter times the cost of the TV Licence.

  180. Bianca Janssen Groesbeek says:

    Happy birthday, Jonathan! I know, it’s almost over but I’m sure you didn’t expect my birthday wishes anyway. And the lateness is your fault really. You see I was reading your chapter on fame and I just couldn´t put it down. I must now because I still have some work to do. Anyway, enjoy the remainder of this day.

  181. bazza says:

    Cant beleive they are hanging this genuinely funny guy out to dry, bwring back wossy, maybe they need radio 4 hmmmmmm

  182. Peter Loxley says:

    I am getting fed up with these idiots who say they are going to refuse to pay the licence fee if Ross returns. How selfish of them. I pay my licence fee and i want Jonathan Ross to return.
    The thing i have missed the most is his radio show. It’s what a radio show should be great music, guests and a good laugh.
    I am dissapointed at what wimps the BBC have been and allowed The Daily Mail to bully them into watering there programmes down. How can they find his interview with Gwenith Paltrow offensive? If they watched it properly they would know it was a very respectful interview and Gwenith was obviously not offended herself and was very funny.
    What i fear is that if Jonathan does return his shows will be so watered down just to keep Daily Mail readers happy.
    By the way does anybody know how Mr. Pickle is doing?

  183. giagia says:

    Peter, if you’re on Facebook make sure to friend Jonathan. He’s got a photo of Mr. Pickle up there. :)

  184. Bianca Janssen Groesbeek says:

    Mixed Feelings

    Sorry this is going to be another lenghty one. I just need to vent my opinion somewhere. I feel quite powerless in this matter. The only thing I can do, is write what I think and hope that Jonathan may feel slightly better. So thanks Gia, for the opportunity.
    Well, here it comes. I didn’t expect the BBC trust to have a milder view on the matter, but I’m still unhappy with their position. My problem with the trust is that they seem to want to show their importance. Apparently this means showing muscles. Before their conclusion they hinted that Jonathan might not keep his job, which worried me. So when the statement came, I expected them to talk about his conduct. They didn’t. According to the trust there were three main failures: exercising editorial control, following established compliance systems and failure of judgement in taking editorial decisions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these failures are not about the phonecalls, but about them being broadcasted. So how is it an appropriate response to suspend Jonathan? This doesn’t sound like the ‘right action’ at all. Furthermore, the trust said that its job was not to decide on terms, conditions or sanctions of performers; not even to direct the BBC in hiring and firing. So why did the trust suggest that Jonathan might lose his job? Was this just forceful language? And why was this necessary? If the trust really had wanted to be brave, it might have concluded something else entirely. It would not have said that the broadcast was ‘grossly offensive’. Instead it would have stated that although the broadcast was unfortunate and the phonecalls were regarded offensive by the receiver, the sanction was too harsh and Russell Brand and Lesley Douglas leaving was unnecessary and a loss for the BBC. It would have said that from the fact that many people complain about a show, it doesn’t follow that the show will have to go. After all democracy isn’t about doing whatever the majority wants. It is about listening to everyone and by doing so giving the minority the opportunity to be heard. Well, I don’t know whether a majority or a minority was offended. But I do know that high quality television is not avoiding ‘high-risk’ programmes and playing safe. It is showing diversity and having the courage to kick against taboos (like sex and certain words) every once in a while. We learn by being challenged to re-evaluate our strong held convictions. The BBC should acknowledge that.
    Had the trust said anything like this, they would have shown courage and independence of thought.

    Again, sorry for this lengthy comment.
    love, Bianca

    On a more cheerful note, two of my students are going to write a paper on the X-men. One with regard to ethics, the other with regard to evolution. If it’s any good, I may tell you about it.

  185. giagia says:

    Bianca, Brilliant comment! I agree totally. The whole thing is a farce…

  186. tracy read says:

    I can’t believe that so much support for Jonathan has not even been mentioned in the press. I love jonathan and his brilliant wit, possibly shaped by his good old working class roots. Don’t let the middle classed tossers (BBC) get you down, yes you made a mistake and have well and truly paid for it but lets not forget about all great stuff you do in entertaining us millions that love you on a friday night and saturday morning. They need you more than you need them! Looking forward to your return.
    Cheers Tracy

  187. Constantine says:

    Friday night TV is dead bring Jonathan back now and save us all from the dross. PS Dear Jonathan, after your time is up leave for ITV or something for more money and let them stew in their own vomitous scheduling

  188. KT. France says:

    There is a void on Friday night BBC 1 which can’t be filled by stand up comedy. I switch off at 10.35pm. Saturday morning too lacks the light-hearted, zany conversations between Jonathan and Andy Davis, entertaining interviews and some good music.

    Looking forward to normal service being resumed !

    Take care Jonathan. xx KT.

  189. Helen says:

    I am in serious withdrawal. Stayed up listening to Mark Lamarr’s show on Friday night/Saturday morning (good stuff!) as there was nothing to wake up to on Saturday at 10 am. Particularly missing the chats with the guests. Has anyone got a date for the return of the fabulous Mr Ross?

  190. ANA says:

    i don’t live in uk and i have only watched jonathan’s show on youtube, everything i could find there,and he’s absolutely great.perhaps now this is finished story but i just wanted to say that i support him.cheers;))))

  191. kenny miller says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Pse pass this message on.

    Jonathan, Kenny from Cajun ‘Kenny’s’ Hampstead here. Keep your pecker up mate. Hope the family are well.

    Cheers buddy.

    **edited** to remove private information.

  192. Jim Herd says:

    Sorry I’m so late to the party. Bwing back Wossy!

    One of my favourite shows, I only every missed it if I cocked up my recording.

    Fwee the Wossy One! Wewease Wossy too while you’re at it!

    I hate sanctimonious tosspots who do things like phone OFCOM to complain about stuff they didn’t even see. I thought we’d buried Mary Whitehouse:(.


  193. jim jam says:

    I’m so looking forward to Wossy’s return – we miss him.

  194. KT France says:

    Not long now !!

  195. Tracy says:

    Nope, in fact…..tonight! w00t :D

  196. Greg says:

    So… does this mean we saved him…?

    I really cant wait for tonights show, maybe we will see gia and Brian but definately Mr Fry and Jonathan talking Twitter :D


  197. janey says:

    Poor Jonny Ross. The middle class just won’t leave him be and entertain, ffs!

  198. Peter Loxley says:

    They still won’t leave him alone. Ross’s Saturday radio show is now going to be recorded. It’s just not going to be the same.
    When seeing the article in The Observer with Mark Thompson saying the BBC must continue to take risks and not worry about offending people, I really thought the management had grown some balls at last but it appears they still haven’t.

  199. May says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Peter. Running scared at the BBC – who would have thought it! Allowing smug self satisfied creeps who complain at every turn to dictate to them. Unbelievable! Jonathan must be well and truly fed up with it all. He should take himself off to some other Radio station where he’ll be appreciated. Shame on BBC.