Brian Cox- Horizon What Time Is It?

The teaser for Brian’s new Horizon is out.

Remember: Horizon, December 2, BBC2, 9pm.

More here.

24 Responses to “Brian Cox- Horizon What Time Is It?”
  1. M.A. says:

    That seems interesting, I’d like to watch it ! Will there be any way to watch on the Internet from France ? I mean, will BBC2 put it online after the airing ?

  2. giagia says:

    I doubt it, MA. It’ll be on the ipLayer, but you need to be in the UK for that. They do sell it to other countries though so maybe it’ll be picked up by a network there.

  3. M.A. says:

    Yes, french channels often air shows from BBC, so maybe I could watch it then. I hope. :)

  4. Dave Pearson says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this, what with all the little snippets you’ve pointed to from twitter.

    However…. is that another “it’s the Big Bang, must show a CGI explosion” Horizon moment I see in there? Please! No! No more of them! ;-)

  5. Penny says:

    Looks interesting! Would it be coming on BBCAmerica?

    Sean Carroll did an interesting article on the flow of time in Sci Am a couple of months ago. Ask Brian about the theory of causal dynamical triangulation. From what I understand of the theory from Sci Am, it is an alternate theory of gravitation, where the flow of time is, by necessity, built into the fundamental structure of the universe in order to produce the apparent shape of the universe we are in. I’ve explained that very badly, but that seems to be the general idea as I understand it. I may have it wrong in bits.

  6. giagia says:

    Penny, it may be on Discover or the Science Channel – one of them has already bought it, but I can’t remember which. I’ll try and remember to ask Brian when he’s home from filming his third one!

  7. Steve Berry says:

    Subtle use of some of Murray Gold’s music from Dr Who in there, eh? Or is Brian angling to take on the role of telly’s favourite Time Lord?

  8. bruce hood says:

    Brian Cox for Professor Who!

    What an inspired idea Steve!

  9. Geoff Coupe says:

    May I just say congratulations to all concerned (and of course, Brian in particular) for a classic Horizon.

    Engrossing, mind-expanding, and yet clearly set out, it made a welcome change from the dumbed-down or needlessly sexed-up portrayals of science that characterises so many recent episodes of what was once the proud flagship of the BBC’s science programming.

    Well done!

  10. giagia says:

    Geoff- Thank you! I’ll pass the message on… The main cricitism of this programme has been that is was a bit too difficult. In my book, that’s no bad thing at all!

  11. John Gerrard says:

    A truly awe-inspiring programme presented by someone so clearly full of joyful enthusiasm for his subject and keen to share his knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.Genuinely uplifting and absolute treat to watch.

  12. JK says:

    woah, string theory….that program was the work of the devil – much easier just to go to church…;-)

  13. giagia says:

    JK, ha! Science does get pretty fierce at a certain point. And it’s not easy. And sometimes it makes your head hurt. But comfort comes in knowing that, some of it at least (ie *not* String Theory), is ‘reality’.

    There are some theories which are attempting to explain quantum mechanics or unification that make me GENUINELY angry. String Theory is fun. The Many Universes Interpretation, however, caused me to argue with Brian for 3 days. I *hate* it.

    It *is* easier to just go to church. But ‘easy’ is for wussies. ;)

  14. Dipika says:

    Loved the show…everything he does is great!

    What is the title of the frank sinatra song at the end?

  15. giagia says:

    Dipika- Just In Time. :) There’s a behind-the-scenes video of Brian lip-syncing to more songs on YouTube. Worryingly, he knows far too many words to the Cher song for my comfort… ;)

  16. JK says:

    GiaGia – just joshing with you – am a confirmed atheist, but must confess to not being much of a physicist also. I have a girlfriend who is one of the new age quantum-theory-is-all-connected-to-conciousness tripe types which really does get my goat – find something you have no hope of understanding, chuck in the words “quantum” and “conciousness” and hey presto the whole universe explained in the most reductionist simplistic answer any idiot could possibly hope for.
    last nights program was mind bending to say the least, but great fun too

  17. giagia says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, JK. It’s nice to have your mind bent once in a while!

  18. Gary Meehan says:

    Hi Brian, what a fantastic programme (even though it gave me a sleepless night trying to get my head round, all the theories and the question what is time.) Thank you for making such a profound subject open to the layman. Please forgive my arrogance by even thinking I could have come up with a theory that hasn’t ever been considered before. But I have come up with one which I would like your views on.
    However, since I am no physicist and have limited accademic qualifications I think it would be really difficult and time consuming to put it down on paper. I would therefore appreciate it if you would at least give prior agreement to read my idea and let me know your opinion, if I go to the effort of trying to put it into words?
    I have even given it a name (Pom Pom theory), and it involves time being one of 5 dimensions used to plot the exact position of any given partictle in space and time. I believe it could also link Einstiens line theory and the granular theory also discussed in the programme.
    If you would be able to spare time to read my idea, please come back to me and I will put my thoughts down. You will have to bear with me though if I seem to over simplify things.

    Kind regards


  19. Dipika says:

    Thanks Gia……………..will check it out!

    What’s your (and Brian’s) opinion of the Big Bang Theory (American Tv Show)! Not the CGI explosion that happened 13.7 billion yrs ago.

    Also think Brian would make a “fantastic” Dr WHO!


  20. giagia says:

    Dipika- I know that Brian doesn’t watch it, though my son LOVES it. :) He might make a great Dr. Who… if he could act. ;)

  21. John Allsopp says:

    Hello Prof.

    Very interesting programme. I often wonder where time comes from, Thoughts I wonder the same. An answer or suggestion for further research into the latter, if all of space is jigling away all the time? space is air, which is made up including oxygen atoms etc, are thoughts some how induced into our brains from something we have not found to date?, a bit like inducing a voltage from one inductor to the other.

    Thankyou Prof Brian Cox for a most interesting programme.
    John Allsopp G4YDM

  22. Simon Morley says:

    Oops, time moves on, but better late than never! What I dont get it this. Surely time is simply a calibration of change (and relative or differential change). Time happens because we measure change. Change is always happening (universe is moving outward, sub-atomic particles appear/disappear, move, oscillate etc etc).

    Without change, there is no time. We just calibrate/measure change in convenient things called time periods (seconds, days, millenium etc). So, where there’s no change (ie say before big bang) then there’s nothing to measure, hence no time.
    Flow of time? No. Flow of change, surely.

  23. Debi Schafer says:

    Loved the show, excited to see more from Prof Cox. Not being versed in quantum mechanics, he made it understandable and made you want to learn more. Thanks! And please make more shows.