Electric Dreams


Electric Dreams starts on the 29th of September, 9pm on BBC4. Here are a few photos I took during filming… My desk (click for larger pics) with Star Wars, Mr T, Scully, Beetlejuice, Pee-Wee Herman figures, a PacMan table top game, a Little Professor and a guy made out of Lego by my son: One […]

7 Wonders Of The Solar System/ Professor Brian Cox


Brian’s in the middle of filming a big new series for the BBC. I decided to do this post now to gather up the info, images and video that are trickling out on the web. First, Brian is Twittering from everywhere he films. He’s also taking loads of photographs. Here are just a few. In […]

George In July


George- after my grandfather Albert- after Brian’s grandfather Eagle- after the first lunar lander.



If you’ve not been following me on Twitter, then you may not have seen that Brian and I had our baby at 1.20am, Tuesday the 26th. His name is George. Other names tbc.

4 Weeks To Go


I’m getting very tired, finding it more difficult to move and am looking forward to the day when I once again have abominal muscles I can actually use. :) This morning I was trapped on the sofa as I was leaning back a bit and our cat, Rocky, decided to sit on my chest. I […]

Ada Lovelace Day

My Ada Lovelace Day post is going to take a slightly different course than perhaps originally intended. I signed the Ada Lovelace Day Pledge– started by Suw Charman– ages ago. It says: “I will publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a woman in technology whom I admire but only if 1,000 other […]


I’ve not been blogging much lately as my life has gone crazy. Along with being pregnant, I’ve sold my house, am looking for a new place to rent (I have to move out by middle of Feb. gulp) and I’ve been filming a new tv programme for BBC4. Along with all of that, I’m still […]

Ada Lovelace Day Pledge

Suw Charman is asking all bloggers to take part in Ada Lovelace Day by blogging about a woman in tech they admire. Sign the pledge!

Jonathan Ross on Twitter

I’ve only just noticed that people are looking for Jonathan Ross’s Twitter stream via my blog, so thought I’d make it easier. He’s here.