Professor Brian Cox Wonders of the Solar System

‘Wonders of the Solar System’ started today in the US on the Science Channel. As my blog inevitably gets quite a lot of traffic after Brian’s been on TV, I thought I’d put up some extra photos and information.

Brian’s Twitter
Facebook group
Twitpic (where you can see photos from the filming of both ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’ which is currently being filmed)

Some photos from the eclipse in Varanasi….

First day of filming:

Ice cave in Iceland:

At Erte Alle:

Namib Desert:

Sahara Desert:

Mauna Kea:

Grand Canyon:

In the English Electric Lightning:

Recording the voiceover:

3 Responses to “Professor Brian Cox Wonders of the Solar System”
  1. Zhaox says:

    I love these photos.

  2. Glenys Chance says:

    After watching Wonders of the Universe and most recently Stargazer I am truly in awe of Brian Cox and his lyrical and easy to understand language which makes physics and the heavens available in a way that even a 56 year old grannie of 4 can understand. Brilliant, mesmersing and a wonder in himself

  3. Emma G-H says:

    I love these pics too. Gia, I know you already know this but you are a very lucky lady!!