I’ve been getting a ton of hits here this week because Brian’s Wonders of the Universe starts tonight.

I don’t really blog much anymore because I’m far too busy with life. I’m on Twitter, so is Brian, though my Twitter is far more interesting than his. For example, his last tweet was about how he’s flying to Chicago today. *yawn* My last Tweet was about how my chance to shag David Tennant was foiled by Paul McCartney sleeping on my hotel room floor. See? OK. It was a dream. But if Brian Tweeted his dreams they’d just be about carrying the groceries in from the car or putting some envelopes in the bin. Yea. Those are the kinds of dreams he has. He doesn’t have dreams where he’s about to shag Doctor Who, but a Beatle messes it up. Even if he did, he wouldn’t Tweet about them…

My Dream

Anyway, if you’re looking for more Brian-related stuff I’ve got some photos on my Flickr and some videos on my YouTube channel (also look through my favourites for some more). You can also go through my archives here under either the Professor Brian Cox or the Dr. Brian Cox categories. The latter category goes back further.

And if you’re not at all interested in watching Brian’s programmes on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC2, I’ll be on BBC4 at exactly the same time in a repeat of Electric Dreams. ;)

One Response to “Hello”
  1. Pam says:

    Hi gia, just read your invisible wife article- loved it . I only looked you up because the main thing I was worried about while watching Brian stand on the top of yet another mountain was how long is he away from his family when he gets to go to all these far flung places . Don’t get me wrong I love the science progs – am married to an M Sc. I am now taping your programme on BBC 4 and will follow your future work with interest. I expect it will get to the point a bit quicker!! Xxx p