I’m Having A Girl!

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Last week, Tiger, one of our cats, died suddenly.


He had gone to the vet for a routine dental clean and never woke up…The interim post-mortem report came through today and it looks like it was heart disease.

So, we’ve all been very sad this week… Well, George doesn’t quite understand and has been asking all kinds of questions “Did a baddie shoot him?” “Is Tiger all in pieces now?” “Can I see him?”

I contacted our other cat’s breeder to ask her some questions as he’d started to call out at night. I wanted to find out if she thought he might be getting anxious and if it would be better to get another kitten so he had a friend.

It turned out that his breeder (unexpectedly) had a kitten available. A girl. His half-sister. We met her last weekend and she’s beautiful.


From next week, I will no longer be the only female in the house. She and I are both going to wear our white knee-hi socks and eye patches together and rule the world.

**Update** For those who have asked, they’re Devon Rexes.

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