Let Me Introduce To You

As you may have read, one of our cats died the other week. Our other cat’s breeder happened to have a kitten available as the person wanting to buy her had backed out at the last minute. She is our cat Rocky’s half sister – they have the same mother (her great-great grandfather on her father’s side is Rocky’s father).

We’ve now got her home and she’s amazing.

This is Herschel. Brian named her after William and I named her after Caroline. ;)


So far Rocky has been a bit interested in her, but not entirely convinced. There has been the odd hiss and a bit of growling. I’ve been keeping them apart for most of the time and occasionally getting them in the same room for a bit so he can get a good smell of her… It took Rocky three days to take a positive interest in Tiger, so we’re not doing too badly.

She’s 12 weeks’ old today and still has blue eyes. She’s got ancestors with pointed colouring on both sides, so we’re hoping the blue eyes stay. It’d be pretty late for them to change now; her brother’s have already changed.

She’s also got something interesting going on with the fur on her back. It looks like she’s got a kind of dorsal line dividing the colours.


Not quite as striking as Venus, the Two-Faced Cat, but it’s still pretty cool and it will be interesting to see how it develops as she gets older and her colouring matures.

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