X-Files UFO Sighting

Apparently, UFOs have been sighted in Merseyside. Nice to hear the X-Files theme tune used for that!

Brian’s On Facebook

Yes, he’s now on Facebook. I’m sure it’ll just end up being me updating it all the time for him, but if you want to stay in touch w what he’s up to, then friend him!

My Fabulous Husband

Brian wrote an excellent article for the Mail on Sunday magazine. It contains what, I think, is my favourite thing he’s ever written: “The particles of your body have been around for the entire life of the Universe. They are spending the blink of an eye in the pattern known as You.”

New X-Files Movie Uses Real Aliens

I can’t break my NDA at all, but I can link to a webpage. Can’t I?

YouTube Response

If you’ve not seen this hilarious response to my X-Files script unboxing video, you must, you must, you must!

My Favourite New Podcast

Wow. You Look Nice Today is kind of the funniest thing I’ve heard in a very long while. Subscribed.

X-Files Social Network

Frank Spotnitz, producer of the X-Files, has started up a social network at his production company today. If you want to stay in touch with X-Files other fans and hear firsthand news about the new film join the network.

Chris Morris at CERN

Chris came out to Geneva with us recently and recorded a podcast. Have a listen.

Take Better Photos

Some good tips for improving the quality of your photos here.

ODed On Cute

The day scientists genetically modify cats to remain kittens their whole life will be a grand day indeed. These little ones are too cute.


Katie Lee posted her fave women’s sites and mentioned the rampant misogyny at sites like Fark. Now, Farkers are behaving like extremist Islamists who bomb embassies and threaten everyone with beheading when someone says, ‘You guys are just a bit too reactionary and violent’ by posting endless streams of unfunny anti-women comments and threats aimed […]

Brian On Pangea Day

Hey! I just found this video of Brian. He recorded it at TED for Pangea Day… Isn’t he lovely?

Opinions Are Like…

You know when both Scoble and The Bad Astronomer link to you on the same day? Well, d’ja ever notice how the number of whackos emailing you goes up, too?

Top 5 Made-Up Words of Web 2.0

John’s post makes me realise how much BS I speak, even when I don’t intend to.

Brian in Wired

The Wired interview with Brian’s online here.