My 2007

On first thought, I’d say that 2007 was fairly uneventful. My past few months have consisted of me being ill and feeling like I’ve done very little other than try and get healthy again… Then, when I properly think about it, I realise that the whole year has been MENTAL! January Me and Charlie Brooker […]

Yes. I Am Still Alive.

This is short and sweet. I’ve been very busy lately, mainly with stuff that I can’t really write about… and the stuff I *can* write about is so tedious that it’s not worth the effort. Luckily, I’ve just joined Twitter for that kinda stuff. Heh. I must point out that QR Code is featured in […]

Brian and Gia on the Radio

Brian and I have been on the radio this week. Brian was on The Music Group on Radio 4 today. The other guests with him were Caitlin Moran and Craig Brown. (about 30 minutes long) [audio:music_group.mp3] I was on Digital Planet on the World Service, talking about QR Codes. Bill Thompson was on briefly, too, […]

Me and Brian

Brian and I have been busy lately. Here are a couple examples of what we’ve been doing.

Spread The Virus

It’s up at HMV Oxford Street.

Code Red

Save the image to your computer (right-click/save as; on a Mac ctrl-click/save image as). Then go to this page where you can decode it (you can also encode your own messages and send them to your friends). In the decoded message is the url for a page you can only find by decoding the above […]

QR Code Hits The UK

Yes! My first 28 Weeks Later billboard is up!! Thanks to Iain at CrackUnit for the photo and the post, and thanks to John Dodds for telling me about it. OK, kids, I’ve introduced QR Codes publicly into the UK (and you’ll, no doubt, be hearing more about it in the coming weeks), it’s now […]

Spend Your Days In The Sunshiiiine

Well, today Sunshine was released on DVD. I thought I’d take this chance to just share some of my Sunshine memories (well the ones which come with photographs which I can more or less make public) from the past two years… During filming at 3 Mills Studios, I carried my ‘office’ with me to and […]

Quite Right

Someone’s got a new toy… heh.