I Thought We Were Trying To Build A Better World Here…

Oh Christ. I’m so wrapped up in Sunshine that this week has passed me by. I vaguely heard the whole ‘Death Threats In The Blogosphere’ thing – in the way that I tend to get my news from the newpaper boards outside newsagents- but only today took the time to look into it after an […]

Home From Geneva

I had a wonderful time at LIFT again this year. I saw Henriette, Sig and Maryam and finally met Stephanie— and, in fact, many more people whose cards are in my bag, but I’m in bed and don’t have the energy to go downstairs to get them… :-/ Brian, a couple of his CERN colleagues […]

Scoble Is Pissed Off At Me

Yep, totally pissed off at me. Not Robert, but Maryam Scoble. Last night I saw a fun video on Gia’s blog (I am not going to link to her blog again, because apparently that doesn’t matter), and linked to it, because it was really funny. Then Robert saw that on my blog and linked to […]