Am I Green Enough?

I’ve been pinged for a ‘green meme’ in a blog post entitled ‘The Greenscam Part II’. I’m supposed to “write about the ways in which [I’m] consciously “green”, and also the things [I] know [I] should do in a more ecologically friendly way but don’t.” First, what I find interesting is how being green has […]

Sensible Environmentalism

I’m watching at least one TED talk a day as Brian and I are off to TED at the end of next week (he’s talking :). I saw an interesting one this morning by Amory Lovins. It’s about weaning the US off oil by 2040, yet he talks about building more cars, not less and […]

End Of The World As We Know It

I want to explain why I think many proponents of Global Warming are ‘fundamentalist’ in their beliefs and behaviour. This is prompted by my previous post and the conversation with Christian X Burnham in the comments.

I started recycling before it was fashionable. I used to walk carrying bags filled with glass, paper and cans to the nearest recycling containers. Then I used to ride my bike with all the recycling. I did this for well over 10 years before my council started home collections.

Nuclear Power in the UK

It seems that everyone’s going mental about the fact that we’re going to get some new nuclear power plants built in the UK. Apart from believing the inaccurate information relayed by the media, I suspect the reason some people are against nuclear power is that they don’t understand things like risk or radiation. I thought […]

More Fundies

I’m getting a bit tired of the so-called ‘Environmentalists’. They’ve become blinkered, dogmatic and mindless. Somewhere along the way they got confused and are now no different to me than the people who blow themselves up in the name of religion. Enviro-Fundamentalists. Like all Fundamentalists, the Enviro-Fundies seem to want to send us back to […]