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    ——– I’m not a woman I’m not a man I am something that you’ll never understand. ——– Prince shaped me in more intimate ways than any other cultural icon. While my junior high school friends Karen K., Jenny A. and I were public, excited, squealing Duranies, complete with kissing the television whenever they came on […]

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    Film Costume Nerdery 2

    Visit my RHPS-based costume blog here. When I was a teenager, I loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In high school, my friends and I would turn up at the cinema, Saturday night at midnight, sometimes dressed up, sometimes not, sometimes with our rice and water pistols, sometimes not, always ready to dance and sing […]

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    Film Costume Nerdery

    Visit my RHPS-based costume blog here. Several months ago I started a few projects making outfits or items of clothing that I could wear that were replicas of or inspired by costumes from films. I’ve got one full “inspired by” outfit and three ‘replica’ items I’m working on, from three different films. So far. I […]

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    I Punch First

    The night of the 22nd of May, I’d gone out with some friends in the evening, only had a couple drinks and got home early. I was in bed by 11pm. At just after 5 the next morning, I heard one of our cats jump down from my little son’s bed in his room right […]

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    Hatshepsut was pharaoh from 1479–1458 BCE during the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt and arguably the first great female ruler in recorded history. Though there were female rulers before Hatshepsut, it isn’t always entirely clear whether some ruled in their own right, whether they acted as co-regent with their father, husband or son or whether […]

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    Strong, not skinny.

    This morning I woke up to see yet another woman being attacked with horrendous abuse and rape threats on Twitter. My first reaction was despair. “Not again. Will this never stop?” Before I made myself feel defeated by ignorant morons, I got down on my floor and did some push-ups. I ended up doing 100, […]


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Gia's a Twitter addict, a TV presenter, enjoys taking photos, is married to physicist Professor Brian Cox and thinks writing about herself in the third person is "cool".

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Global Warming Y2K Bug?!

Wow. If this is true this might be a really big deal: 1998 is no longer the hottest year of last century. Fram Daily Tech: While inspecting historical temperature graphs, Steve McIntyre, (climateaudit.org) noticed a strange discontinuity, or “jump” in many locations, all occurring around the time of January, 2000. These graphs were created by […]


I’ve been buried under a mound consisting of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and even, yes, Flash. I’m doing four different jobs at the moment and it’s incredibly difficult to juggle them all… Ugh. Anyone have any tips on how to actually do this many jobs at once and actually dedicate enough time to each of them? […]


I think this clip puts the whole ‘editing for dramatic purposes’ thing at the BBC into perspective. The people driving the cars in this clip are *amateur members of the public*…

It’s A Witch Hunt

This whole BBC/Queen/Fakery/Blahblahblah thing… From Broadcast Blogs: Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned It’s been a long time since my last confession but I fear my editorial judgement might have lapsed. I have, on more than one occasion, used cut-aways that misrepresented the facts. I’ve included shots of presenters looking interested when they evidently […]

Movie Mash-up

Yesterday the winner of MySpace’s MovieMash-up competition was announced- Vito Rocco. He’s won the chance to direct a feature film. His winning film is here. Two people I’ve been working with for the past couple years were part of the judging panel. Andrew Macdonald was the producer of ‘Sunshine’ and one of my very favourite […]

They Say It’s Your Birthday

Mark Neonbubble just reminded me of a year ago tomorrow when I asked for my Wikipedia page to be first created, then defiled as a birthday pressie. At one point it read: Gia (born July 11) is neither Italian, Serbian or English – she’s a Minnesotan (short in stature, but loud, very loud) who came […]

Official: Redheads Have More Fun

I first coloured my hair when I was 13 years old, because I desperately wanted to be a redhead. Since then my hair has been every shade of red imaginable… Copper: Auburn: Tangerine: Tangerine 2: Rustic Red: Pillarbox: Coloured red hair requires a lot of upkeep as it fades very quickly. During my ‘tangerine’ phase […]