Me and Brian

Brian and I have been busy lately. Here are a couple examples of what we’ve been doing.

Spread The Virus

It’s up at HMV Oxford Street.

Code Red

Save the image to your computer (right-click/save as; on a Mac ctrl-click/save image as). Then go to this page where you can decode it (you can also encode your own messages and send them to your friends). In the decoded message is the url for a page you can only find by decoding the above […]

QR Code Hits The UK

Yes! My first 28 Weeks Later billboard is up!! Thanks to Iain at CrackUnit for the photo and the post, and thanks to John Dodds for telling me about it. OK, kids, I’ve introduced QR Codes publicly into the UK (and you’ll, no doubt, be hearing more about it in the coming weeks), it’s now […]

Spend Your Days In The Sunshiiiine

Well, today Sunshine was released on DVD. I thought I’d take this chance to just share some of my Sunshine memories (well the ones which come with photographs which I can more or less make public) from the past two years… During filming at 3 Mills Studios, I carried my ‘office’ with me to and […]

Jonathan Ross On Facebook

*update 23/11/08: Jonathan is back on Facebook now! *update* 29/10/08: To leave messages of support which will be sent directly to Jonathan, please click here **EDIT** 16 January: Jonathan Ross has now left Facebook. There’s been a lot of Jonathan Ross here recently. It went from me criticising his company’s YouTube policy, to him emailing […]

Lovely Widget

I’m just seeing how this looks and works here. I’ve sent it out via Facebook already, but want to see how it looks here…

John Barrowman Does CERN

Stephen Fry Facebook Sensation

So, the other day I became Stephen Fry’s friend on Facebook. I don’t know why I requested a friendship… I mean, I’ve been denying friendships to people I don’t actually know – online or in person – so why I thought he’d approve mine, I don’t know. Still, his approving my friendship is just another […]

My New Favourite Person

In. The. World.

Quite Right

Someone’s got a new toy… heh.

Lost In Sunshine

I’m not going to surface from Sunshine until the film is released. I’ve now seen Sunshine three times – the first time with Brian, Phil and Damien, all of whom worked on the film, the second time with a group of film journalists, the final time with, well, just normal people who knew nothing more […]


In case you missed it, here’s me on Screenwipe. I’ve nicked this off someone who uploaded it to YouTube…. Converted the YouTube FLV to a MOV with Vixy…. Edited the MOV down with Quicktime Pro…Exported it using 3ivx…Uploaded it using Cyberduck…Generated the ‘video playing in place’ code with vPip… et voila! Watch Video

Home From Geneva

I had a wonderful time at LIFT again this year. I saw Henriette, Sig and Maryam and finally met Stephanie— and, in fact, many more people whose cards are in my bag, but I’m in bed and don’t have the energy to go downstairs to get them… :-/ Brian, a couple of his CERN colleagues […]


I’m off to LIFT tomorrow morning. Fondue tomorrow night. Drinks Friday night. Back on Saturday… Hopefully, this year I won’t get into a big argument with a model and hopefully I will get to see Maryam and Henriette. In the meantime, read the Amazon reviews for the Bible… they made me chuckle. And this scared […]

Sunshine Trailer

This isn’t supposed to be released until tomorrow’s big-huge-worldwide-massive surely-everyone-is-going-to-explode-with-excitement launch of the international trailer on loads and loads of international websites. It’s all so secretive that even *I* haven’t been told what all those sites are… And then a Sunshine reader goes and finds it on a video sharing site… in the Searchlight account. […]