• muscles

    Strong, not skinny.

    This morning I woke up to see yet another woman being attacked with horrendous abuse and rape threats on Twitter. My first reaction was despair. “Not again. Will this never stop?” Before I made myself feel defeated by ignorant morons, I got down on my floor and did some push-ups. I ended up doing 100, […]

  • Unknown Pleasures

    Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s discovery of pulsars in the Great British Innovation vote. She came #4. Amazing! Several weeks ago Roger Highfield from the London Science Museum got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to take part in the Great British Innovation vote. He sent me […]

  • Catching Sunshine

    Finding The Positive

    There seems to be something very exciting in the zeitgeist at the moment. Lots of different people from different areas seem to be thinking the same things. People are tired of the “cynicism” “pessimism” “criticising” and instead are calling for more “creativity” “art” or simply asking others just to “do something“. 2013 is clearly about […]

  • featured2

    Translating Peter Rabbit (hieroglyph edition)

    Skip ahead to the translation here. I’ve added some notes about this to my Posterous I’ve been learning Egyptian hierogylphs for nearly a year now at the Egypt Exploration Society in London. So far I’ve only translated texts provided by my course tutor that have been either texts from monuments or specially written texts to […]

  • softcircuits

    Soft Circuit

    I’m starting to explore the world of soft circuits – the fusion of electronics and fabrics. The other day I got a Lilypad Protosnap development board. The Lilypad Arduino is a microcontroller designed to be sewn into clothing. I’d seen quite a few things done with the Lilypad Arduino before, but as I don’t have […]

  • mileva

    Ada Lovelace Day 2010

    This Ada Lovelace Day post was actually written a few years ago when I was trying to get a documentary about the following woman commissioned. These are the ‘notes’ I wrote about her as reference for the proposal. It’s not written with flair (I’m full-time mummying a 10 month old at the moment!), but the […]


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Skeptics and Robots and CERN. Oh My!

What a great time I’ve had over the past five days! As you will have already known, Phil Plait was over in the UK to visit CERN with us over the weekend. You can read about it on his site and, of course, the podcast he and Brian did will be going live soon, too. […]

New Blog Design

So, after redesigning Brian’s site and after redesigning CERNPodcast, I figured I should update my site. I hope it’s working OK for everyone. Please, let me know if it’s not. Tomorrow, Phil Plait arrives in the UK! Weeeeee! He’s coming over to visit CERN with Brian and me. We’re visiting both ATLAS and CMS and […]

I’m A Tory

OK, well, not quite. Firstly, because I am a foreign national in the UK and can’t vote. Secondly, because I’m a Democrat (American, like), I still equate ‘rightwing’ with ‘neocon’ and it makes me fume and get all angry and want to argue with Bush-loving Fundamentalist Christian Military Housewives. Saying that… Brian and I just […]


Clay Tobacco Pipes

My son and I really enjoy beach-combing. We have spent hours at a time on beaches finding stones, shells, old pottery, worn glass… We have several carrier bags full of stuff we’ve found on beaches. One day, we’ll do something with it all. One of our very favourite places to go is the beach along […]


Light, Love and The Lifecycle of a Star

Another post I did for the Sunshine blog. In the beginning, it was hot. Really, really hot. You know how hot the inside of your oven is? Well, that is a relative walk in the park compared to how unfathomably hot it was at the Big Bang. It was so hot that Time, Space, Matter […]


The Eye Of God

I’ve been going through some of the stuff I wrote for Sunshine. It’s been a while since I visited the site and was surprised and delighted by what I read. I wrote that? Here’s a short one which was pretty cool.

People Believe Weird Things

I’m watching loads of TED Talks as Brian and I are off to TED in a few weeks (look at Friday’s speakers *ahem*). There’s just so very many excellent talks… I saw this one this morning and thought at least a few people here would be interested in it.