The Divine David

I went again. Tonight’s theme was ‘Mental Health’…This time I got proof. And a video of the wonderful David singing a Liza song.


Please read my previous post entitled UK Mobile Scam… I’ve been getting several hits a day from people searching for OneGoalLimited. Clearly, a lot of people are being scammed by this company. In the comments section of my previous post I’ve included information I’ve got from a WHOIS search, including the name, email address, work […]

UK Mobile Scam?

Note: update on this post here. Note 2/6/07: Grumble Text or 07text0spam might be able to help From a friend: There I am this morning, minding my own business, when I receive some sort of ‘Service Update’ text thing on my mobile. Thinking it’s from Orange, I open up the message, which straight-away opens up […]

You Always Knew It Was True

Attention TV Professionals

You are no longer needed. This is better than anything on ITV. Pack your bags. Goodbye. **edit** This post has made Scoble Pissed Off With Me **edit**

How Much Do I Love Him?

Let Me Introduce To You…

My new baby, Crouching Tiger… :) Click for video… Watch Video

“Why Didn’t You Invent YouTube?”

The alarm went off just after 7. ‘The Today Programme’ popped on. I decided to listen to the news for a bit like I normally do when Brian isn’t around (when he’s here I tend to turn it off right away to let him sleep)… The story about Google buying YouTube came on. From under […]

Which Channels Are You Watching?

I’m spending more and more time on YouTube. I thought I’d share some of my recent favourites. Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe fame. His Tiny TV Boss is not only very funny, but an accurate protrayal of British Television Executives. Film Maker Dot Com is the YouTube presence of The Media Lounge. You might […]


I haven’t been posting while we’ve been in Singapore mainly because I’ve been making this: Click to Watch Made with a Sanyo Xacti C6 and iMovie…

Sky Blogger

I’m in the sky… somewhere over Russia or the Middle East or India or something like that. I’m not exactly sure because I can’t be bothered to turn on my telly thing to find out… Everyone’s asleep. It’s 1.45am my time… I should sleep, too… lying flat…. and wake up in Singapore… Click to watch

Spammers Suck

I’ve got my old Blogger blog back from the spammers. I wouldn’t go looking through the archives though. I’ve removed my nasty files, but they had inserted an image on the front page from this site it’s probably best that you don’t go there… But the registrant’s details are: Registrant: N/A Alexey Polyakov **** […]

I’m Back

Fucking DNS issues. Ugh. My Blogger blog is still hijacked, but Blogger has said they are onto it. Please don’t go there and start looking through the archives. I’ve replaced images on every archive page with a little bugger of a Tardis-like file that will crash your browser at least, crash your computer at most. […]


**this post has been edited* A spammer has hijacked my old blog. I’m fairly sure that my profile was hacked into as I wasn’t able to log in for a while at all and when I finally got in all of my blogs associated with that username were missing. My old blog is now in […]

Dictionary II

The lovely Dog of Dirk who created the Associative Dictionary on my sidebar has taken Mark’s suggestion from the comments and made a new version which starts with a random word from the database every time you load the page… and it’s excellent… If you find a word that isn’t defined it’s up to you […]


I’ve add another widget to the sidebar – an Associative Dictionary– a dictionary where you define the words. Each one of the words in a definition then has to be defined, you can then travel through the words reading and adding definitions as you go… If you want. I started it off with ‘Love’ last […]