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    Film Costume Nerdery 2

    See my previous Film Costume Nerdery post here. When I was a teenager, I loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In high school, my friends and I would turn up at the cinema, Saturday night at midnight, sometimes dressed up, sometimes not, sometimes with our rice and water pistols, sometimes not, always ready to dance […]

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    Film Costume Nerdery

    Film Costume Nerdery 2 is here. Several months ago I started a few projects making outfits or items of clothing that I could wear that were replicas of or inspired by costumes from films. I’ve got one full “inspired by” outfit and three ‘replica’ items I’m working on, from three different films. So far. I […]

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    I Punch First

    The night of the 22nd of May, I’d gone out with some friends in the evening, only had a couple drinks and got home early. I was in bed by 11pm. At just after 5 the next morning, I heard one of our cats jump down from my little son’s bed in his room right […]

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    Hatshepsut was pharaoh from 1479–1458 BCE during the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt and arguably the first great female ruler in recorded history. Though there were female rulers before Hatshepsut, it isn’t always entirely clear whether some ruled in their own right, whether they acted as co-regent with their father, husband or son or whether […]

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    Strong, not skinny.

    This morning I woke up to see yet another woman being attacked with horrendous abuse and rape threats on Twitter. My first reaction was despair. “Not again. Will this never stop?” Before I made myself feel defeated by ignorant morons, I got down on my floor and did some push-ups. I ended up doing 100, […]

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    Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s discovery of pulsars in the Great British Innovation vote. She came #4. Amazing! Several weeks ago Roger Highfield from the London Science Museum got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to take part in the Great British Innovation vote. He sent me […]


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Gia's a Twitter addict, a TV presenter, enjoys taking photos, is married to physicist Professor Brian Cox and thinks writing about herself in the third person is "cool".

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The Eye Of God

I’ve been going through some of the stuff I wrote for Sunshine. It’s been a while since I visited the site and was surprised and delighted by what I read. I wrote that? Here’s a short one which was pretty cool.

People Believe Weird Things

I’m watching loads of TED Talks as Brian and I are off to TED in a few weeks (look at Friday’s speakers *ahem*). There’s just so very many excellent talks… I saw this one this morning and thought at least a few people here would be interested in it.

The Presumptions Of Idiots

Whenever Brian is on telly he gets inundated with emails from every type of whackjob imaginable. There are the people with bizarre theories about some scientific topic or another – they are never scientists, just people with bizarre theories. Then there are the typical anti-science or religious people who scream at him that he’s evil […]

More Horizon Outtakes

Paul Olding, the director of ‘What On Earth Is Wrong With Gravity?’, has put up some unused clips from the programme. Dr. Brian Cox explains the Holographic Principle in a very nice vineyard in California. Brian and Leonard Susskind on String Theory Brian talks with Leonard Susskind about Extra Dimensions.


The Honesty Of Cluelessness

I was talking to Brian last night about my thoughts about ‘truth’. I’ve realised that we most often use or hear the word ‘truth’ when talking about ‘non-facts’. For example, “The Truth About the Moon Landings” is inevitably about some ridiculous conspiracy which ends up talking about UFOs or the Illuminati or both. As Brian […]

Jonathan Ross Has Left The Building

*update 23/11/08: Jonathan is back on Facebook now! *update* 29/10/08: To leave messages of support which will be sent directly to Jonathan, please click here Johnathan Stephen Ross, your Facebook friend and mine, has left Facebook. Yesterday his status said something like ‘I am thinking of leaving Facebook because everyone seems to be bugging my […]

Juno Fucking Rocks

Before Christmas, Sizemore and I helped Think Jam organise the Bloggers/Twitter/Seesmic screening of Juno. The whole blogang was there plus a bunch of Twitterpeeps I’d never met. The film was written by Cody Diablo who some of you may know from her blog Pussy Ranch. She was writing Pussy Ranch when she lived in Minneapolis […]