• muscles

    Strong, not skinny.

    This morning I woke up to see yet another woman being attacked with horrendous abuse and rape threats on Twitter. My first reaction was despair. “Not again. Will this never stop?” Before I made myself feel defeated by ignorant morons, I got down on my floor and did some push-ups. I ended up doing 100, […]

  • Unknown Pleasures

    Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s discovery of pulsars in the Great British Innovation vote. She came #4. Amazing! Several weeks ago Roger Highfield from the London Science Museum got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to take part in the Great British Innovation vote. He sent me […]

  • Catching Sunshine

    Finding The Positive

    There seems to be something very exciting in the zeitgeist at the moment. Lots of different people from different areas seem to be thinking the same things. People are tired of the “cynicism” “pessimism” “criticising” and instead are calling for more “creativity” “art” or simply asking others just to “do something“. 2013 is clearly about […]

  • featured2

    Translating Peter Rabbit (hieroglyph edition)

    Skip ahead to the translation here. I’ve added some notes about this to my Posterous I’ve been learning Egyptian hierogylphs for nearly a year now at the Egypt Exploration Society in London. So far I’ve only translated texts provided by my course tutor that have been either texts from monuments or specially written texts to […]

  • softcircuits

    Soft Circuit

    I’m starting to explore the world of soft circuits – the fusion of electronics and fabrics. The other day I got a Lilypad Protosnap development board. The Lilypad Arduino is a microcontroller designed to be sewn into clothing. I’d seen quite a few things done with the Lilypad Arduino before, but as I don’t have […]

  • mileva

    Ada Lovelace Day 2010

    This Ada Lovelace Day post was actually written a few years ago when I was trying to get a documentary about the following woman commissioned. These are the ‘notes’ I wrote about her as reference for the proposal. It’s not written with flair (I’m full-time mummying a 10 month old at the moment!), but the […]


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My 2007

On first thought, I’d say that 2007 was fairly uneventful. My past few months have consisted of me being ill and feeling like I’ve done very little other than try and get healthy again… Then, when I properly think about it, I realise that the whole year has been MENTAL! January Me and Charlie Brooker […]

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Like probably every single American my age, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas‘ was not only the best Peanuts show, but the best Christmas show as well. And that’s saying something when there was also Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer on every year as well. Well, just this morning Brian phoned whilst he was out looking for […]

I’m Moving

To Halifax

Chris De Burgh In ‘Random News Story’

This morning Brian and I woke up and read BBC News. One of the first stories we noticed was De Burgh ‘will play gig in Iran’: Lady In Red star Chris De Burgh will be the first Western artist to play a concert in Iran since the country’s 1979 revolution, according to reports. Brian said, […]

Ageing, the World Service and 70s Cops

Phew! Once again I’ve been running on adrenaline for the past few weeks. No good. No good at all. After I got over about 6 weeks of illness earlier this autumn, I’m once again on the verge of illness – some annoying flu-thing. Grrrrr. I’ve been up to some interesting things, including working on a […]

Brian on Heroes Unmasked

I forgot about this until Vinnie put it up on my Facebook Superwall. :)

Tory MP Steals Bandwidth Shock

I started following this yesterday, assuming that it would be very short-lived albeit hilarious… But it’s still happening, so figure I should let you know about it. A while ago a guy decided to test the macro function on his new camera by taking an extreme close-up of a pound coin. (click for larger) Fine. […]