I want you but I need to let you go

I want you but I need to let you go (website) 🔗
Autumn 2019

– a collaborative exhibition with Elliot Jeffries at Chelsea College of the Arts.

It started as a conversation about feeling overwhelmed by life. Too much information, too many social media accounts to look after, too many unread books on our shelves, too many things- physical and emotional- that we are holding onto.

We decided to look at the things that are weighing us down, think about what they mean to us, ask ourselves why we are holding onto them and confront these feelings or tell these small little stories by writing about them and putting the things on display at Chelsea. Some of the things weighing us down may be small, trivial items, others may have great sentimental value. After one week on display, we will discard each of them.

Every week on a Monday we each brought 5 items that we were holding on to, but needed to let go. We’d photograph them, set them up on a wall at Chelsea with an invitation for others to take what they wanted on Friday, document them on the website (above) and on the Friday afternoon we would take the items down, noting which items had been taken.